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Comparing ratings of my last 4 LDs

Posted by (twitter: @IcarusTyler)
Monday, May 14th, 2012 10:46 am

So I saw the all the stats-posts and wanted to be cool too.

Here are the ratings of my games during the last 4 LDs, including some general stats.

What’s interesting to see is that the number of games has skyrocketed. 1 year ago there were only 352 games, now it’s 4 times that much.

As a result of this I believe a percentage-score becomes important. Ranking, say, 50th out of 300 is different to ranking 50th out of 1400.

Aside from that I can tell that I have significantly improved after my first LD. Audio has increased steadily and Theme hung around the top ~25 spots. The rest did improve generally, dut did fluctuate.

My worst grades were in Humor, yet even then they were in the top 40%. Cool.

I learn from this that POLISH MATTERS. I always made sure the game is as “complete” as possible, even getting my roommate to play it a few hours before the end to implement the input. The more “stable” and “complete” a game is, the less you may frustrate the player, which will result in a better mood towards your game and thus better ratings.

(Yes I know the coolness-rating has been calculated differently each time, I didn’t take that into account. But I did take extra care to look beyond the coolness-numbers and I did actually come out 1st every time. Does this make me eligible for a lifetime-coolness-award? :P)


More picks (I’m at 336, btw)

Posted by (twitter: @IcarusTyler)
Saturday, May 5th, 2012 3:01 am

Here are some more awesome games. Enjoy.



Beautiful twin-stick-shooter/adventure on several spherical workls.


Angle Isle

Everything is 45°! Also, you’re a bird. Lovely platformer.


Cruel Space

Twin-stick-shooter on multiple planets with leveling-up-mechanics. Beautiful presentation.



Ferry people around town without causing too much collateral damage. Or destroy the city, should you get pissed off.


Trucking the Universe

Rednecks in space. Also, one-button-controlled.



Defend the freedom with 80s action-heroes. Laugh-out-loud funny.


Inside my Radio

Rhythm-bases platformer. It’s beautiful, and sounds great.




300 games down. 902 to go. Here are some picks.

Posted by (twitter: @IcarusTyler)
Thursday, May 3rd, 2012 12:56 am

Hey guys,

Here are some games that I found to be interesting, compiled for your enjoyment.


Atom Planet

A lovely little 2d-sandbox starring a dinosaur. What else do you want.


The Tiny World of Fiorella

Incredibly polished and beautiful dungeon-crawler. It’s positively Zelda-esque (or was that Isaac-ular?)



Oh Boy, oh boy

You rotate a planet trying to land asteroids, plants and wildlife in such a way that they survive, and cultivate an own environment.


Beef War

It’s tower-defense with beef. Also, insane.


Life in a Jar

You control a colony of sentient cubes, build stuff and assign jobs. A lot of parallels to My Little Planetoid.


Enjoy :)


Thoughts on My Little Planetoid

Posted by (twitter: @IcarusTyler)
Monday, April 30th, 2012 1:27 am

Hi guys,

So I created My Little Planetoid in 48 hours. Read on to find out what I thought afterwards (a post-mortem, if you will).


What went right


This is both a science-fiction and city-builder game. The combination itself is rather rare.

Building stuff

It just feels awesome. And I love the “Build now on moon”-gag, which I think is quite good game-design.


According to people this video is “intense”. It might be due to the orchestral music, but probably because my facial expressions during Ludum Dare varies between “frown” and “manic laughter”.


I composed this over the course of the 24 hours. The first idea of the music I had immediately after I decided on the idea, and it grew from there. It has been quite well received, with many people saying they like it and find it relaxing.

Also, the idea of a space-banjo is just awesome.


Having empty space as background meant I was able to concentrate more on the 3d-models in the foreground. And while they could be improved a lot, you’ll notice there’s a lot of detail to be found.


The combination of the somber soundtrack and the space-y visuals worked quite well, which people also remarked positively.


What went alright


This time I actually prepared. I made a list of ideas for every possible theme. Tiny World was the one where I didn’t have anything brilliant ready, so threw in an idea I already had before. After the announcement I developed more of them, but threw them out when I saw others made them first.

Scope in fiction

My Little Planetoid has a somewhat weird range of buildings. You start out with houses and farms, which could position this game anywhere in the past or future. Then you quickly advance to Science-Laboratories and advanced-space-stations. So while it is a progression through technology, I feel it could’ve been more focused.

Scope in design

In design-terms My Little Planetoid is huge.  It has more unique features/elements than any of my previous games. It has multiple complex 3d-models. It has a somewhat extensive GUI. And, most importantly, a huge web of each other influencing resources and variables.

I was even glad when something emergent happened, but there was lot of potential for bugs and unforeseen combinations. Which led to…

Balancing & bug-testing

I literally coded in something 10 minutes before the deadline. There was no time left for dedicated balancing and bug-hunting, only what I noticed during test-plays myself. The resource-balancing now kinda works, but it does feel off sometimes.

In the end the basic resources become abundant, so you aren’t really thinking about them any longer.


I used a basic pixelated diffuse-map on all things. Sadly there was no time to take care of UV-maps, but it doesn’t really show unless you really look.


What went wrong

Failure to realize how bloody huge this project is

This led to a (frankly mental) development-speed in the last hours, and the incomplete balancing.


All in all

This was an awesome and fun gamejam. My Little Planetoid is right now one of the most-played games, and people really enjoy it. The general consensus is that this could be huge if further developed. And so I will 😛

Play | LD-page | Mini-Review (at 9:50) | Review





Space Timelapse! In Space!

Posted by (twitter: @IcarusTyler)
Wednesday, April 25th, 2012 12:59 pm

This is me being in what I call “oh shit”-mode for two days. Surprisingly, I think I even smile one or two times.




Posted by (twitter: @IcarusTyler)
Monday, April 23rd, 2012 1:24 am

“Tiny World” was quite challenging, but I DID IT *fistpump*

I created My Little Planetoid, a city-building-game set on a small planetary body IN SPACE. You can build houses, factories, and launch satellites and rockets.



Play | LD-Entry | Timelapse | Soundtrack


Go check it out, it’s quite fun :)


The voting process

Posted by (twitter: @IcarusTyler)
Monday, April 23rd, 2012 1:03 am

The compo is over, and while there are still some hours left in the jam, we can already begin voting on games. During my first Ludum Dare I was somewhat confused, so I’m detailing here how it works:


1 – List of suggested games. Your personal voting-site displays a set of games unique to you, so that if everyone plays the game on their lists, all games should get a good basic number of votes.

2 – List of games voted on by you – A screenshot and the name is displayed.

3 –  The number of times the game has been voted on. It’s displayed in (brackets) after the name of the game.

4 – Your grades on said game for the compo. You can vote 1-5 stars in the categories overall, innovation, fun, adherence to theme, graphics, audio, humor and mood. Should you feel you can’t give a proper grade, you can also give a N/A.

5 – You grades for the jam. The same rules as above, but concerning games made during the jam. They do not compete directly with compo-games.

6 – A X appears should you have given a text-comment.

Sadly, it appears the coolness– and community-grades are not displayed. I don’t know whether they are permanently removed, or will be reinstated shortly.

I hope this helps :)


That’s no moon

Posted by (twitter: @IcarusTyler)
Saturday, April 21st, 2012 2:23 pm

It’s an older pic actually, from 10+ hours back.


Declaration of bleurgh

Posted by (twitter: @IcarusTyler)
Tuesday, April 17th, 2012 12:57 pm

Hey Guys,
So I’m in. duh

My tools of choice are once again Unity and my trusty guitar. I won’t be using WolframTones again, as it’s results proved too similar too others.

*Frantic Announcer-Voice* How will this Ludum-Dare go? Will Boxy the Space-Cat survive it?! Or will unspeakable things happen to her?!

Tune in next week to find out.



(here’s the game with Boxy, btw)

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