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SS Tiny World

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Sunday, April 22nd, 2012 7:41 pm

Ludum Dare 23 is finished!  I created SS Tiny World, a tile puzzle game set on an intergalactic colony ship that was built out of an asteroid.  You create temporal portals and meet your future self.  Sometimes you find out that your future self has stolen a hat, so you have to steal a hat and jump through a portal, then return the hat to make things right with the world before you move on to the next room.

I  never got time to make a designed level, but random tiles offer a slightly game like experience.  No sound or music, but  I’m happy with my first effort.  Programming is done in Java (netbeans), graphics are Photoshop and the background starfield is mostly just what my scanner scanned when I opened it up and put a blanket over it.

Hello, World!

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Wednesday, April 18th, 2012 5:24 am

Hello, all!

I’m joining to participate in LD23.  I’ve never really made a complete game before, so it is exciting to force myself to complete one.  I’ll probably use Java (NetBeans) or HTML5 (Crimson Editor).  Graphics in whatever… Paint, Photoshop, sketchup, scanned-in watercolors.  Sounds probably recorded from the real world.


Interactive Cellular Automota

Entropy Maze - LD23 Warmup

Here’s a little autointroduction.  I taught myself how to program on a TI82 calculator in high school, and have been programming ever since.  I enjoy building robots and programming applications/tools.  I did make a user adventure for Mr. Robot, and I’ve submitted a warmup game for LD23 also.


My muses: KMFDM, Tool, Minecraft, Starcraft, Edison, Niven, Chicago’s world’s fairs, and many more.

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