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  • Ludum Dare 31 begins: in 45 days, 21 hours, 15 minutes, 8 seconds
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    About FredericRP (twitter: @FredericRP)

    Was hardcore gamer, but I've got a wife and a kid now :)
    Game Dev with Unity3D mainly

    Tools for Unity3d :
    A Maze Kit : Generate paths in 3D by drawing or using an algorithm. Replace with prefabs when you're ready ! http://u3d.as/content/equilibre-games/a-maze-kit/4ht
    Align Editor : align, distribute, duplicate objects in the 3D spacehttp://u3d.as/content/equilibre-games/align-editor/1Am
    Chrono Egg : countdown, chronometer and the time right in unity http://u3d.as/content/equilibre-games/chrono-egg/2wn


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    Archive for the ‘LD #23’ Category

    Inside Physics – Where it begins – post mortem

    Posted by (twitter: @FredericRP)
    Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012 12:48 pm

    Hello there ! Even if it was a 6 hours only game jam for me, it was great and I learned some useful things doing it ! I wrote a post mortem on my blog, so if you like to read post mortem or want to know of “Where it begins” works with physic, just go there.

    And it started again and again…

    Posted by (twitter: @FredericRP)
    Wednesday, April 25th, 2012 8:08 am

    Well, my Ludum Dare submission contains the whole message I wanted to send, so I’m happy with it. But it lacks a lot of gameplay and you play only for one minute before reaching the end, that’s obviously to short ! So here’s a release with many levels (in fact, infinite levels) and more challenges. I also added some features as a red flash when you’re hurt, some graphics changes so you can see best your player in the middle of the “cells crowd” and some tiny stuffs around.

    Have a look and try it ! (it’s also accessible from the same link as the official jam release, just click on the “post compo release” on the bottom)

    A special gift

    Posted by (twitter: @FredericRP)
    Sunday, April 22nd, 2012 5:54 pm

    Hello there, I’m proud to announce that I made it ! If you read my previous post, you know that I wasn’t home, and was there only for the last 6 hours, but it’s a special 10th year anniversary, you got to do something, right ?! Not the whole thing I had in mind but something is there, and.. well, I’ll see in the morning if I were not too tired to try this, but I made it in approximately 6 hours, submitted it 16 minutes before the end, and there’s even a title screen and an end ! Here’s the screenshot of the beginning, and the link to my entry. I hope you will enjoy the few moments you’re in it, I now I enjoyed to send the message that’s in it.

    The party went well

    Posted by (twitter: @FredericRP)
    Sunday, April 22nd, 2012 12:05 pm

    Yes, the double birthday surprise party went very well ! But that was far away from home, so… I’m in ! Ahem.. There’s only 6 hours and 21 minute left, I had time to discover the LD48 theme “Tiny World” on saturday evening, and one day almost to think about. So that’s up to me now to do something with it, and mostly create what I’ve got in my mind. Time will tell if I can succeed here. I have one screenshot from the first 5 minutes (yes, there is something to see) :

    And I can share one more thing with you : the title of my game begins with the letter “W”. See you soon ! (very. soon.)

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