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First time Dare-ing, first post

Posted by
Sunday, April 22nd, 2012 1:21 am

Hello everyone, I’m really excited to enter into the compo this time around, as I missed the last two and didn’t know about LD before that. I’m Patrik, usually going by Exorph on the internet. I’ve been making games for about three years now, and this will be my third jam/compo game.

The game is a miniature God Sim. I’m mainly designing it more like a toy than a game at the moment, but I’m hoping to bring more gameplay to it when I have something that’s fun to just play around with. So far I have grass growing and spreading on soil created by the player, and plants growing on grass and spreading by pollination .

The next step is adding animals. I’m either thinking herbivores eating the plants, then carnivores eating the herbivores, or just herbivores that don’t actually destroy the plants but need to be around them and then having humans that destroy both plants and animals. The first option sounds a lot simpler, but I’m also very interested in having the player balance the human civilizations with the plant life.

Anyway, good luck to everyone, I hope to play and rate a lot of cool games when the compo is over!

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