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    Giant Aliens vs Tiny Humans and their Tiny World!

    Posted by (twitter: @http://twitter.com/davidscolgan)
    Saturday, April 21st, 2012 3:39 pm

    What happens when giant aliens come and invade the tiny in comparison planet earth?  An equally non-tiny hero must come to their rescue!

    Howdy all, I’m David Colgan.  I’ve seen these LD contests many times but always seem to find out about them 12 hours into the competition.  This time though, I’ve made substantial progress and am hoping to finish my game!

    The idea is you are a space giant of some kind, protecting the tiny worlds of earth and the other planets from giant aliens by flying around the solar system and punching ships into each other and into the planets.  This game has involved a lot more math than I had anticipated, and I’ve had to dust off my high school math skills multiple times so far.

    My obligatory battlestation shot showcases the many things that make coding more exciting for me: espresso-laced cereal in a cup, plenty of apples, my programming duck, an Irish tin whistle, trusty Microsoft ergonomic keyboard and optical mouse, SAD lamp for illumination, planning paper, and my development environment of Arch Linux running Gnome terminal, Vim, and Chrome.

    My game is written in Javascript using HTML5 canvas.  I’m pushing changes live anytime I have a working state to lifelessboring.com/ludumdare28.

    And yes, I just realized this is LD 23, not 28.  But, the link is already been published elsewhere.  Close enough!


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