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I’m in. But what toolchain meets my requirements?

Posted by (twitter: @0x17)
Friday, April 20th, 2012 2:44 am

So hello I’m André ‘0x17’ Schnabel from Germany and this is the first time I’m going to participate in Ludum Dare. After hearing about its existence years ago by jlnr (he did Terava, check it out!) I often planned on joining but always pussied out for some reason or another. Anyways since my next university exams are months ahead I now have no excuse.

The question remaining is what language/framework I’m going to use. I initially thought C#/XNA would be nice because I have a MonoTouch license and afterwards I could quickly port it to iOS using MonoGame. But deployment for desktop is not so good with XNA. I hate installers.

Then there’s Java/libgdx which has great deployment options (e.g. self-contained jar and GWT/HTML5) but it allows no iOS port so far.

So now I’m looking for a solution with both good desktop deployment (ideally HTML5 or at least Flash) and iOS support. I know there’s ImpactJS but I find 99$ a bit steep for a product without 3D support. Is there any good JavaScript/WebGL library anyone can recommend? (And yes I know WebGL support is not there yet on iOS but since it’s technically already feasible my hopes are high there) Maybe something else fitting my requirements?

 Update: So okay using an unknown toolchain for Ludum Dare is a bad idea. Still interested in iOS/HTML5 solutions for 2D&3D people had success with.

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