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Team Helmet presents… Void

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Saturday, December 17th, 2011 5:19 pm

We are still going strong…ish, over at Team Helmet HQ. We still have plenty of Tiffin and never tire of Taffin… Anyways, we are going with a space psychological thriller affair, think Moon meets Event Horizon but better. Where we have a survival 2D shooter, Alien Breed-esque, with only a few precious minutes to get to the next available air pocket and your wits to propel you there. Something fishy is going on and you will find out more through a point and click style cutscene effort….blah blah, here are some screen shots!

 The Mars Volta are pretty much the only thing that keep me apart from sleep…

Second LD post for the newly named Team Helmet

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Friday, December 16th, 2011 6:32 pm

We are here and mostly awake (though we have lost an artist) here in Oxford for LD 22. We are having a practise session before heading to bed just after the announcement (you can dream better ideas!) and look forward to sharing all of our tales on the blog

Set up and ready!

Be interesting to see what other Jam teams are out there!

Team Helmet are:

Cap’n Royles – Rocking a MacBook pro, with Flash Builder 4.5, Flixel and a fridge full of tifin.

Ross Vandereux – With his Windows XP (tsk tsk), Flash Builder 4.6, Flixel and GHD’s

Baron Von Johnson – With his Mac Mini (almost too wee!), Graphics Gale (Bootcamp!), Wacom, Photoshop and two monitors that show the same thing

Ian Visnoth 2nd – With a stolen iMac, Illustrator (!!!!???), Photoshop, Wacom, and a terrible South African accent!

First LD for Team Tronic!

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Friday, November 11th, 2011 5:11 am

Hey all,

I am speaking for a team of four, two artists, two code people, three of which are in the same band, one of which is South African and two of which work here:

We are taking part in LD #22 Jam for the first time ever and it is going to be epic. Most of us have never created a game (all sad app/backend developer types, and print designers!) so it is going to be a steep learning curve for us all. I wanted to ask everyone if they had any tips or words of wisdom? Especially if anyone has made the same transition. I am eager to blog along and share all of trials with LD folk so keep an eye out, and good luck to all participants!

PS I have been told that the team name has yet to be agreed, first point of conflict 😛

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