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Soliloquy – Walkthrough Video

Posted by (twitter: @RatKingsLair)
Wednesday, December 21st, 2011 7:27 am

I made a video of SOLILOQUY, especially for Linux users which can’t use the Unity3D webplayer plugin.

SOLILOQUY – Post Mortem

Posted by (twitter: @RatKingsLair)
Tuesday, December 20th, 2011 2:45 pm

(This post mortem can also be found on our own blog!)

SOLILOQY – my LD compo game – you can play it and rate it!

Ludum Dare 22 was somehow pretty exhausting for me, and kind of depressing. I don’t exactly know why, but I think that multiple factors brought in.

The weekend before the compo I made a “warm-up game”, even though I planned to do it long before PoV announced this kind of thing. I just wanted to make a game in 48 hours in order to help a friend (a 3D artist), who needed a programmer for his university project. The programming part wasn’t wasting, but the fact that the game didn’t get finished at this weekend (mostly because of my friend :P) left feelings of “incompleteness” inside me, which I hate.

Another thing: I didn’t like the theme “Alone”, and I still don’t think it was the best or even a good theme of the ones in the final voting round. But, as I always have to live up to my own standards I wanted to follow the theme AND make a good game. And this often leads to a status-quo – as long as I don’t have the right ideas I won’t start, and as long as I don’t start I won’t have the right ideas. Or something like that. My mind was blocked and I did other things, like playing Skyrim and chatting on IRC (not in #ludumdare, though, that place was CROWDED). Later, I started Unity3D and tried to play out another idea I had days before, about some time manipulation gameplay. It wasn’t feasible to do it in Unity3D, but due to the fact I did something concrete (game with 3D environment and FPS controls) I could develop another idea in my brain, which became the concept of the final SOLILOQUY.

I still think the best part of my game is this name! I thought of it before I thought of the gameplay (but it didn’t give me any directions,), and I liked it so much, I wanted to use it in any case. I’m quite happy nobody else named his/her game the same, too.

Even though I have some experience by participating at Ludum Dare before, I still don’t really know how to cut back optimally. The concept of SOLILOQUY demands levels, and levels demand content and art and story and design and choosing colours and making 3D models … but I knew this would be hard for me, as it was when I made my Ludum Dare 20 game, “TRI“. So I decided to do NO textures this time, and it didn’t hurt much (on the game’s side), but the benefits weren’t that great either. I mainly put the levels together in Unity3D instead of 3dsmax (in contrast to TRI), but this didn’t help me much, either. Altogether I have six levels now, where I really wanted ten, but at least seven.
The levels don’t look that bad (abstract style for the win), even though I chose the colours quite randomly. On the other side, what I don’t like much, the levels are all tutorial missions only. You just jump around in the first two, learn using your souls in the levels after that, press some buttons and work together with yourself. After this, the real levels should come, but I didn’t have time to do any more content.

I finished the last level three hours before the deadline, and I couldn’t do any more creative stuff. I especially failed in doing sounds or anything like music, unfortunately. I thought about using inudge.net again, but it would sound like my other two Ludum Dare games, so I dropped that idea. At least this frustration encourages me to actually learn how to make simple songs with real tools. (Wish me luck.)
The reason why I couldn’t do more creative work: This time, Unity3D was my enemy. Sometimes I really had to fight the engine, mostly when it came to the text you see in the game (story & hints) – Unity’s GUI system still is awkward to look at, and it has bad effects on the performance. So I used someone’s code which displays bitmap fonts via SpriteManager (the original one), but it didn’t work out of the box with all my bitmap font generator tools (I decided to use “TWL Theme editor”). After those problems were resolved, at the very end of the process, suddenly my white text became gray in the webplayer version. Argh! I needed nearly an hour to find out why that happened – a plane with alpha (the dark overlay) had the same distance to the camera as the text, and somehow the editor sorted it differently than the webplayer. Whyever that is.

After the mixed (or even bad) feelings I had about my own game, I’m really relieved that people actually liked it! The current feedback is mainly positive, and some things that were criticized are fixed in a post-compo version (on Kongregate, for more attention)! Other things, like the jumping height / range being too crass, are somewhat subjective and unfortunately can’t be changed without rearranging some of the levels.
Of course, many people complain about the brain-hurting aspect of the game (gameplay and visuals alike), but that was expected. I could have done the double-soul mechanic with just a picture-in-picture style or something like that, but then the game would lose its uniqueness pretty fast IMHO. Also, as soon as dogbomb does his “I play your game drunk!” video, the whole game visuals will make much more sense, haha.

BTW, if you have a look at the source you will need Unity3D. The indie version should suffice for just reading the C# files and so on, but you need Unity Pro (or its 30 day test version) in order to actually start the game, because I used Render To Texture. Sorry!

Thanks for reading this wall of text, and don’t forget to PLAY THE DARN THING!

Soliloquy – First Test

Posted by (twitter: @RatKingsLair)
Saturday, December 17th, 2011 10:14 am

Day 1 feels like it’s already over, but I have a few more hours. I wasn’t very productive, because I don’t like the theme and it didn’t inspire me. But at least I have some kind of idea now, and did a first test:

You play two souls at the same time which have to find each other by synchronizing. You can play the first test here, it’s Unity3D.


Eating cheap spaghetti right now. FYI.

Presentation in German, and stuff

Posted by (twitter: @RatKingsLair)
Saturday, November 19th, 2011 11:29 am


I gave a talk in October 2011 (at the Devmania, a small-ish Hobby Gamedev Convention in Germany) about the three Ludum Dare games  I made so far, in front of ~80 people. You can watch it here if you happen to speak/understand German or just want to hear some gibberish: http://www.devmania.org/videos (scroll down to “Ludum Dare”). You won’t see my face in the video, as I was hidden behind a monitor, thank God.
Unfortunately the recording started a little bit late, so some stuff about I told about Ludum Dare is missing. But you probably know it anyway.

I’d also like to avail myself of the opportunity of announcing that “I’m in”! I’m not perfectly sure that I will really participate in LD No 22 (as the date is a little bit too near to Christmas), but at least I would like to do it.

Some shameless advertising following: At the Devmania I also created a game (theme: “Pirates”) in ~12 hours, called “Treasure Chest Island”, together with talented artist Björn Grunewald. You can now play an extended version on Kongregate. It is the first game I know of in which you play as a treasure chest, or a chest in general.

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