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Posted by (twitter: @mcclure111)
Sunday, December 18th, 2011 9:21 pm

So I went into this LD with a specific goal to make a game using Polycode. Instead, I wound up out of the house basically nonstop from the start of the competition until late Saturday night. So Sunday morning I got up, STARTED a project using the framework I used for my previous Ludum Dare entry, and except for a break to go to Burger King did not stop until I was done. Nothing survived from the idea I had when I started this morning except for the sound.

The result is called “My own footsteps”, it took me about seven and a half hours start to finish and it is the first 3D game I have ever made. I hope it amuses people, I very much like the sound.

My Own Footsteps

I’m in! #2

Posted by (twitter: @mcclure111)
Tuesday, December 13th, 2011 8:56 pm

Going to do Ludum Dare this weekend, for the second time! If you’d like to see my previous projects (including my last Ludum Dare game, which was called You Don’t Fit), see here.

My plans: I intend to use Polycode to make my Ludum Dare game this time. I’m really excited about starting to make games with Polycode but I’m still struggling to get past startup issues. I have a Polycode template project I’ve been working on which adds to the basic Polycode template project an SVG loader and an interactive LUA console; I’m hoping I’ll have that working enough to my satisfaction that I can use that as the base code for my game this weekend. If I succeed, I’ll be pulling from this open source repository as a base for LD.

It’s possible that either outstanding bugs with my LUA console, a shortage of time this weekend (I’m only going to get to spend a small part of the weekend on my LD game… I have tickets to see Dntel in Santa Cruz :D), or a really inconvenient theme will mean I have to abandon Plan Polycode, in which case I’ll be using my personal C++ framework that I used for the last LD, and possibly pulling library code from one of the games I’ve previously released as open source.

I am excited about doing LD again, though I hope I can get my time/LUA issues sorted out before the weekend.

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