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    About howieV (binarygirl)

    musician mainly but coder / 3d stuff ..anything creative .. i really just enjoy making something from nothing :)


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    PostMortem – BLIND (biNARy_gIRL)

    Posted by
    Thursday, December 22nd, 2011 7:25 am

    elo.. :)

    this is my 1st post mortem so i dont really know what to put or start with..

    i DO know that i really enjoyed talking to like minded people for once and being part of the great community :)

    what went right:

    i was quite happy with the overall gfx side of everything.. ideally i would of tried to get some more effects etc in there but time and all.. i was pleased with the droning BGM aswell… just borderline annoying as to still in your head hehe

    what went wrong:

    i spent far too much time trying to get the sound working better as the game should rely heavily on this part but i just couldnt seem to get certain sound libs to perform glitch free and had to spend some time trying to learn others quickly and in the end i just decided on a simpler approach.

    ideally i wanted to have the pitch/pan and gain to reflect how far and which direction to sonar bounced off a wall etc but it was forever crackling and not working properlly (it probably down to me not understanding to libs fully)

    what i learned:

    i had a good few i deas for the theme but quickly realized they would have taken alot longer than i had so had to scrap them and think of a simpler but diff concept. i realized im not that bad of a programmer and if pushed can produce things quick enough gfx/sound especially :) (not in a big headed way just in that normally i constantly put myself down and never think im decent at anything..anyhoot ;p )


    like i said previously i enjoyed it thoroughly (and still am with the community side) and i do like rating games altho i do think it would be better possibly if each entrant was given 20 random(least ranked) entries to rank (not knowing whos game you were ranking) to stop people going straight for their favs ?! maybe after the 20 random then it would open up and let you rank further entries ?

    ahh i duno heh

    well anyhoot thanks to every1 who puts on this comp and to all the ppl ive met since ..until next time my like minded  loons :)




    p.s heres mine if u dare murhahaha






    updated libs (now working for everyone hopefully)

    Posted by
    Monday, December 19th, 2011 10:30 am

    ive updated the zip with some libs that meant some ppl couldnt run it.. it should work for every1 now :)







    BLIND (completed)

    Posted by
    Sunday, December 18th, 2011 4:08 pm

    heres my 1st 48hr contribution :)

    a game where you have to use your ears and mind instead of your eyes!

    10 taxingly blind levels




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