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Leaf me Alone Post-Mortem

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Wednesday, December 21st, 2011 6:45 am

I really have to say, I had a great time participating in this Ludum Dare, and first of all, I want to say I’m gonna do it again! LD is such an awesome experience!

I was surprised I did not have much problems during the development. I couldn’t code on saturday, but that was not a problem after all.

This game btw

What went wrong:
– Sound. I planned to make a music and add some sfxr’ed effects, but when I was done with coding, it was already monday here in germany, and I had to write a test this day. All in all I got 3 hours of sleep, and did not feel great that day. But I don’t regret anything. ^^ Anyway, sound is something, I would have liked to include. In the post-compo version, I added it.

What went right:
– Planning: I used 6 hours of saturday to write everything on paper. This of course gave me the opportunity to develop with a full concept of how the game should be, which resulted in enhanced coding speed!
– Discipline: I got up at 7 am in the morning, and coded nearly straigt until midnight. But I drunk way to less, just one and a half pot of tea for the entire day!
– Gameplay: The gameplay developed amazingly nice. I did plan how to make the game, how it would be was unknown, in my opinion, the gameplay is quite nice.

I had a todo-list, which gave me motivation, each time I completed a point.

P.S.: Many thanks to Notch for bringing me here with his timelapse videos! (Metagun!!! Breaking the Tower!!!! Bunny Press!!!)

Leaf me Alone

Just like manual PvZ

I’m in, although late

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Saturday, December 17th, 2011 11:15 pm

Yeah, title says it all. Didn’r have time to participate earlier, had to learn for a test, but at least i now have a 99.9% idea of how my game should be.

I’ll be using:

– Eclipse (Java ftw!!)
– Ulead PhotoImpact 10/Paint.NET
– Audacity for sounds maybe
– My (music) keyboard if this is allowed
– No libraries ^^

Listening to: www.psyradio.fm & www.audionautix.com

My Entry

I know it’s a bit late, but well, this just increases the challenge 😉

GL HF everyone!

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