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Present Continious: beyond your expectations?

Sunday, December 18th, 2011 1:09 pm

I’ve GOT to show that to you. I feel pure awesomeness looking at my work. And I wanna share it with you!


Present Continious: actionworking

Sunday, December 18th, 2011 12:22 pm

Making actions for game… What they would look like is secret, which actions they are – secret too. Hope not too many secrets 😀

I’ll had to find some time to make script, responsible for crowd moving, but that’s not a priority now.
And one more thing – I’ll try to record sounds using my cell phone or mp3 player… Weird, but it could work. I’m totally lame at soundmaking, and I really know how game could be transformed with sounds.

The time! I really had to be carefull in feature making – I got to upload sources and game, and it takes noticable ammount of time because of my sloooooow connection.

So, core meks, core meks and core meks again!
Oh, and I also did 2 sprites for actions, but that’s secret 😀
Goals and time:

  1. Actions, 4 of them to do (at least), 1 done = 1 hour;
  2. Crowd script = 1 hour 30 mins;
  3. Improove physics = 15 mins;
  4. Record sounds = 20 mins;
  5. Beginning and ending = 1 hour;
  6. “Arm” = 20 mins;
  7. Uploading = 30 hour.
Well, I think I got chanse to be in time, but I’m so tired – that’s a problem. Coffee doesn’t work for me properly..

Present Continious

Sunday, December 18th, 2011 10:14 am

Here’s sort if “in-progress” post. Hope I’ll finish this in time 😀

Well, I’m not going to cover any major details about gameplay and story, right now I’ll just tell you that Present Continious is first-person and I’ve just finished placing waypoint in about 40% of level:

And that’s supposed to be a “teaser” screenshot 😀

And now I’m going to make some Actions in game. Should add sort of “playability”, and possibly – even “replayability”! Cheers



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