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Run Run Robot: Run Run Game Dev

Posted by (twitter: @TyrusPeace)
Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011 8:24 pm


We did it!  Three days, one game.  Hooray!  There were some scary last minute bits due to out of date drivers on a testing machine, but everything came together and Run Run Robot got released.  You can check out our game here or read on for my clumsy summary of the development process.


The Process:

We used LÖVE as our game engine and wrote our game logic in Lua.  I did a lot of art and direction, but the vast majority of code was pumped out by the heroic and capable Brian and Eric.  Art was done in the copy of Photoshop Elements that came with my Wacom.

We used Mercurial and the excellent Bitbucket for our version control.  I’ve previously only used Mercurial for individual projects, but I have to say that having multiple people work on the same project on this time scale meant a lot of merges.  I hope I was doing something wrong, because I don’t want Mercurial to be that hard.

Day 0:

The topic was announced at 7PM our time, so our first day of work was just discussion, design, concept art, sleep.  Designing and talking over IM was a pain in the ass.  We’ll try to meet in person next time, or at least have a shared whiteboard and voice chat online somewhere.

Day 1:

Brian wrote animation loading code, made a random level/enemy spitter-outer and handled our basic collision code in top notch time while Eric wrote most of our weapon/shooting code and added the boss.  I painted all of the level graphics and player animations.  Lame croppings of the original concept art were used for the initial boss and enemy graphics.  Our animation loading code uses individual PNGs instead of strips, which seemed totally worth the performance hit.

Day 2:

Powerups, health, tons of discussion and tweaking to make the game as fun and playable as we could manage while still keeping it a little too hard.  I drew the boss animations and finished up the win/lose screens.  I’m pretty new to 2D animation in general, but this watercolory style of animation was especially new to me.  I enjoyed it.

Eric also took it upon himself to sneak a Jedi mode into the game, which was way too cool to hide behind the Konami code as originally intended :).  The only way to kill the boss is to reflect his own shots back at him with a light saber.  I suck at it.

Day 3:

It was Monday!  We had to go to work :(.  During our lunch breaks and after work we fixed a couple crucial bugs, added more instructions and added a life bar to the boss so the player can know just how close he is to winning.  We also made Jedi mode easier to get to as a rather good last minute decision.

Submission time was mostly composed of Eric screaming at me to redraw the victory screen for Jedi mode to have a light saber in it and me insisting that we just didn’t have the time.  “WHY DID YOU HAVE TO DRAW HIM IN THAT POSE??!” he shouted, fists clenched to heaven.  The cries shall haunt me forever.

The victory screen really does look like he should be holding a light saber.  Sigh.


You can view Run Run Robot’s Ludum Dare page here.

Run Run Robo: Well, I’m bushed.

Posted by (twitter: @TyrusPeace)
Monday, August 22nd, 2011 1:33 am

I got a fun chase animation for our boss going, which was an interesting bit of practice/experimentation for watercolor-style animation.  I’ve been trying to fill in art assets where I can and we’re all buckling down and trying to finish those last bits that really make the thing playable.  Enemies drop weapons and health now, things can die, and there’s a high score screen.  Go team!  I’ve proven less useful in this code than I’d hoped since I sent myself to art-land, but I still poked around in there a bit to make the game end properly when the boss dies.  I’ve written up the todo list of things left before submitting.  It’s bigger than I’d like, but pretty doable.

Good luck everyone!





Run Run Robot: art day 1.

Posted by (twitter: @TyrusPeace)
Sunday, August 21st, 2011 11:35 am

I spent a weird amount of time of my first full LD Jam day in the shop for my car (doodling on my laptop/Wacom with people staring at me like I was making a bomb) or lying around lame/sick, but I did churn out level and player graphics.  I hope I kept the watercolory look of the concept art.

We’re still using crops from my original concept art for the boss and enemies, but progress on the game overall looks pretty encouraging.  We’ve got two types of enemies, one flying and one grounded, that both attack the player and a big bad boss.  I’ll be focusing on making the boss more alive and scary today, both with code and art.  Now, it occasionally shoots red dots now whilst hovering around on the left side of the screen.  While hazardous, that’s not exactly the scale of threat I was hopin’ for :).

Jammin’: Run Run Robot

Posted by (twitter: @TyrusPeace)
Saturday, August 20th, 2011 12:46 am

I agreed to do the jam for Ludum Dare #21 with a couple coworkers, and after hashing out multiple gameplay ideas we arrived at something that sounds like it’ll be pretty doable and fun.  While I usually program in these kinds of things, I’m probably doing mostly art and design for this contest in the interest of time/teamliness.

Good luck, everyone.  It’s really fun to see all the work that’s happening now.


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