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I be Jammin!

Posted by (twitter: @UncadeGames)
Thursday, April 28th, 2011 3:55 pm
This will be my second ludum dare. I participated in the last one with my entry BEARoNAUT. Like that my previous entry, I hope to keep the level of insanity of game concept high.

My tentative plan is to make a prototype for the game jam, and then make a finished iPhone app for 1MonthGame.com. I’m doing the jam instead of the competition because I’ve already made a bit of generic 2d platformer code, and I’d like a little bit more than 48 hours to make a kick ass prototype. My goal will be to shoehorn the theme into some type of 2(.5?)D platformer, which shouldn’t be too hard. I also want to focus on getting the gameplay right first this time, instead of the graphics.  I spent almost the entire first day last time making the bear model for BEARoNAUT.

Development: Unity, MonoDevelop, C#
Art: Blender, Photoshop Elements, Inkscape, ZBrush
Sound: CFXR, iSequence(iPad app for chiptune goodness)

I’ll be posting progress updates here,
on my blog: http://www.uncade.com/blog
and twitter: http://www.twitter.com/UncadeGames

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