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Island Tour Racing – complete and failure

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Sunday, April 25th, 2010 4:04 pm

‘Complete’ in the sense it’s vaguely playable and I’ve uploaded it, and I implemented most of the main features¬† – basic movement stuff, randomly generated track (though for now it’ll always load the same one – this is intentional for time trial play, and it’s not like there’s much replayability with different tracks anyway), islands with purchasable repairs and upgrades, and you can find out your time if you complete the three tracks(or losing message if you lose all your health) though you have to go into the log file to see it.

‘Failure’ in that there’s not much gameplay and what’s there just doesn’t have a good feel to it, and there’s next to no presentation/interface or music, and even for programmer art it’s a bit below average,¬† and out of everyone who actually followed the theme I’ve probably set a record for smallest use of islands. Gameplay wise I’d mostly have liked to have added mines and/or opponents and a way to choose tracks.

Anyway, overall I’m pretty happy with it for my first time actually taking part in LD rather than just lurking around, and I’ve surprised myself a bit with what I’ve done here despite failing to prepare as much as I’d have liked. Looking forward to playing the other entries starting tomorrow, considering developing this a bit further though probably in more of a spacy direction, and looking forward to the next LD. :)



Island Tour Racing exclusive preview!

Posted by
Saturday, April 24th, 2010 11:19 pm


square ship! circle walls that overlap horribly and that you can’t crash into yet! no sign of any islands or indeed gameplay yet! closes without any feedback when you pass the last checkpoint! closes sooner when you press ESC! probably crashes in loads of ways I haven’t thought of yet! get it at http://www.shockedfrog.com/misc/itr_test.zip ! JOY!

(sorry about all that. just excited to have actually got something kinda working, even if it’s taken me over a day to do 10 minutes of work.)

Pre-failure-post post

Posted by
Saturday, April 24th, 2010 9:53 am

Totally failed to get my own engine up and running or to set up a good environment for coding, sleep wasted quite a few hours, and I still haven’t decided between a racing game or a golf game nor can I think of any way to avoid the decision by combining the two (at least not one that suits the Islands theme)¬† but I still have 33 hours, and even just starting something for this LD would be a first for me. Possibly going to go the coin toss route with this.

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