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Emitter: launch the waves. My Global Gam Jam entry

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Saturday, January 28th, 2017 11:28 am

This year we, for the second time, organized Global Game Jam Ukraine. The theme was really cool – “WAVES”. At night between Saturday and Sunday I managed to cut several hours from my sleep and made a prototype which shows my own theme interpretation.

Within the post-jam week I completed the game and now I’m ready to release it.
Here’s how the gameplay looks like:

You’ll see a pattern on the screen. As you tap, the wave is launched. It must fit the required pattern. To win you’ll need great precision and perfect timing.

You are welcome to get Emitter: launch the waves from PlayMarket, play it and share your suggestions.

Tools used
Flash Develop – IDE
Starling – graphics engine
Enhance – quick ads and analytis integration (it took me 3 minutes to integrate the banner, interlevel ads and retention measuring)
Physics engine is of my own :)

Streaming Game Dev for Beyond Infinity!

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Monday, January 2nd, 2017 12:18 am

Hey guys i’m streaming development for the game i’m working on Beyond Infinity. If anyone’s up for some David Bowie and Unity dev  you can watch here:


Stream Link


When an entry becomes much more

Friday, December 30th, 2016 9:26 am

Hi everyone!

Last summer I made my first Ludum Dare entry, it was in the #36 and the Compo section indeed. It was a great experience and I was amazed by all the feedback I got. And I didn’t want to waste it.

These months I’ve been dedicating some free time to adapt and improve the game and I’ve just proudly pubished it today for Google Play.

I’ll leave you the link to the game and some related stuff.


Thanks for the support and happy holidays :)

I made a game…

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Friday, December 16th, 2016 3:50 pm

It’s the first game that I have made. It took me a lot of effort, since I had no knowledge in programming or design.

But after a lot of youtube tutorials, it’s finally done 😛


Captura_1 Captura_2 Captura_3 Captura_4

Code Red – An insane action platformer

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Wednesday, December 14th, 2016 12:50 pm


Code Red is an action platformer where you take control of an specimen that has escaped out of his containment chamber needing something, nourish yourself with human flesh while your mind is stormed with the need of reaching a room.

We’ve had quite a good reception about the game, our only issue is that some didn’t really felt comfortable about the controls, we would love to have more feedback about the controls, so if anyone is willing to give us some nice feedback we would love that! This was our first Ludum Dare by the way 😀

Here’s the link!

Sorcerer’s Room (Local Multiplayer – Two Players Game)

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Wednesday, December 14th, 2016 12:00 am

Link To The Game – Sorcerer’s Room (Local Multiplayer – Two Players Game)

Welcome to Sorcerer’s Room! This is a two players strategy fighting game. Each player control a sorcerer and take turn to strategies their movement/attack before executing their fight.

Game Rules:
1) Step 1 (1st Player Input): While 1st Player Input, 2nd Player shouldn’t look at what 1st player has input.

2) Step 2 (2nd Player Input): While 2nd Player Input, 1st Player shouldn’t look at what 1st player has input.

3) Step 3 (Execute The Fight): The 1st & 2nd Player Input will be executed together at this moment of time.

4) Repeat over the steps until whichever player’s HP equal to 0 (player has defeated)

5) Right Hand Corner Steps Indicator – (1st round) allow 1 step, (2nd round) allow 2 steps, (3 round and above) allow 3 steps. (Green Indicator – step been input by player, Blue Indicator – awaiting for player input.)

6) Movement – (1)Left, (2)Right, (3)Float

7) CoolDown – (4)Light Ball – no cool down, (5)Fire Ball – ready after 2 turns, (6)Frozen Ball – ready after 1 turn

8) Damage – (Light Ball) minus 10HP, (Fire Ball) minus 30HP, (Frozen Ball) minus 20HP

Hope you enjoy the game with your friend.

Due to limited time for development, there is no LAN versus feature. If there are good feedback and demand on this feature, we’ll consider for further development of this feature.


Kevin Yap & Hugo Fock


Background Music:
Sound Effect:




Nest; Our first Ludum!

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Monday, December 12th, 2016 10:23 pm

Our game, Nest, took all weekend for my buddy programming it, and several hours for me to do the art. In the end we have a playable game! Some parts like the menus are unfinished, and we didn’t have time to implement some animations, but the sound was a pleasant last minute addition!

My first idea was basically Smash TV with one room. You control a guy constantly being assaulted by different minions. By the time I had the knight and the monster drawn and animated I realized this probably was about as much as I could do in the time I had (due to other responsibilities over the weekend.) And besides, having enemies teleport in is kind of a lame trope at this point.

So I flipped the idea on its head and turned the room into a monsters lair which the people are assaulting. This gave me an objective, protect the eggs, and allowed me to flesh out my much nicer monster sprite.

Check it out!
Anyway, we both learned a LOT and plan on making more games in the future, using what we learned here. Enjoy!

By Alexzander Stone (Programmer) and Casey Fallon (Artist,

At least! We have finished!

Monday, December 12th, 2016 9:00 pm

We are happy to see we have finished the game idea that we think last saturday morning and make it real in 72 hours. It was our first jam and it was… hard xD We leave the game here and now it’s time to rest!

you can play it here!





Hope you like it!

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Monday, December 12th, 2016 8:14 pm

Try out our first Ludum Dare Jam submission, Annoying Fly!


– Be in a role of a fly which is…well annoying!

– Have fun irritating people, but be careful, they can pack quite a punch!

– Don’t forget to rest a bit, flies are also living beings!


Refuge – Unfinished

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Monday, December 12th, 2016 6:06 pm


Well, we ran out of time so it’s unfinished, but I had a lot of fun. I don’t really know what I’m supposed to say here, but you can try it out for yourself over here. We might finish this at some point and turn it into a proper game.


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Monday, December 12th, 2016 12:54 pm

print jogo 2 print jogo

Game about a mental problems man and him need to remember why stay in asylum.

Made in Rpg maker VX ACE


Arrows – movement

Space – interaction

Use pill to reset sanity

If full bar = death

F12 – quit

Contact link: Prates)

Download link

THE TWO OF US – the game : )

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Monday, December 12th, 2016 8:08 am

Doing my best to finish game for the jam, Filling exhausted and satisfied.  To boost things up and be able to finish in time made  some feature cuts ( npc simulation with moving around house, now your daughter is wounded and sit inside one room )

You need to bring medicine, food in her room. Also it will be getting cold time to time so you must go to the heating room and raise temperature. Of course you should keep eye on monsters. They are cowardly waiting for a perfect time to strike you our your daughter.

The Art of my first Ludum

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Monday, December 12th, 2016 12:43 am

Hello, my programming half is busy plugging away to get things working but, since I unfortunately have run out of time on my end, I thought I’d share the art I’ve done for our game.  You should see it up for judging sometime tomorrow I imagine.

I painted everything from scratch for this game, so all assets were created in a matter of hours since I also had other responsibilities during the weekend. They’re a bit rough but I think, at the small sizes, they get the job done.

I didn’t have any time to do concept art so I just dove right in and developed the yellow knight, which is why his run animation doesn’t work in both directions and he’s a bit more detailed than anything else. I’m not sure if he’ll show up in the final product. Originally this was the player character and you would be in a room with loads of monsters teleporting into the room (the glowy frames) and assaulting you.

Second was the monster, which ended up looking better than I thought it would.

Because of that, and time restrictions, we flipped the game on its head by deciding that the player would be the Spider-thing defending its nest from smashy humans. The humans keep spawning in from the entrances around the ‘cave’ running to kill either you or your eggs. Every few kills you will spawn an egg, and the eggs act as your life. Your only attack is a ‘acid spray’ AOE near-melee range attack. The death frames could be better but I like the goop puddle last one!


Anyway, I hope you enjoy and since this is my first Ludum Dare entry I’ll be looking closely at other games to see how you handled the art!


titlescreen sprites

SpiderMonster_run_hiresroguesprites BumbleKnight_run_hires

Home stretch

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Sunday, December 11th, 2016 2:26 pm


Its a New Day!

Sunday, December 11th, 2016 9:28 am

Well after over sleeping I now find my self a little behind my time schedule, but that is not a problem I can rework things to give myself enough time.

In any case Good Morning everyone!

I find that I have a nice long to do list for today’s development most of which is polishing certain things with my game!

I hope everyone is having fun!

And again I cant wait to see all the finished games!

Making progress on our Game!

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Sunday, December 11th, 2016 9:19 am

Preta has been hard at work!

Here is what we’re working on Right Now!
Some code and some insight on what we're up to!

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