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LD 35. I’m in post

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Sunday, April 17th, 2016 5:06 am

Forgot to post yesterday, but once again my brother and I will be taking part.
We have an idea and some progress, so fingers crossed things keep going well!


LD34 -Post Mortem

Posted by
Thursday, December 17th, 2015 12:52 am

The Jam is over and Ive spent a good deal of time playing and rating other peoples games and I have to say some of them are completely amazing considering the time limitations.
I worked with my brother for the jam and while I wish we had a lot more time to work on our entry I am pretty thrilled that we got it finished in the 3 day limit. We tried really hard to keep the idea as simple and as achievable as possible and in the end settled on the two button controls theme. I think focusing on simplicity really helped us finish in the time limit.


ScreenShotOur game involved using the left or right keys (but actually A and D)  to turn the ship left or right to avoid floating satellite debris.
It was pretty simple concept overall and we wanted to achieve a lot more with it.
We only managed to include a timer that tracks how long you survived for as the only real goal, we had hoped to be able to include a victory condition if you navigated long enough. As it stands now its more of an exercise into your futile navigation into a ever denser field of debris which eventually gets so thick that you can’t squeeze though resulting in your death by a fiery explosion. But at the very least it records how long it took you to get to that eventual death.
We learned a lot from the experience though and I’m already looking forward to April to see how much we can do next time around, especially since next time we will have a lot more experience to build off.




As far as what went well:
I think the biggest thing was getting most of the mechanics we wanted into the game, such as the movement and random spawning of debris, all the while learning a new engine. I think the fact we kept it simple helped here since we really didn’t run into any coding issue that we couldn’t solve or made us want to pull our hair out.
As far as what did not go well:
Time management! We didn’t deal with getting everything together in a orderly fashion and the last few hours of the jam was a pretty mad rush to throw it all together. Aside from time though nothing went truly terrible which I think was pretty lucky for us, we had a few errors to get right in the last few hours, but the extra hour to submit really was a blessing to sort the final bugs out.

If you’re interested you can play our game: HERE!


Posted by
Thursday, December 10th, 2015 8:58 pm

Yep as the title says I’m In.
I’ll be doing the game jam this time around with my brother.

We will be using Unity and Blender.

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