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I guess it’s time to say goodbye? … but see you at #36!

The post-compo version!

OBfu final

The ratings (compo)

Coolness 56%
#12 Innovation 4.31
#25 Theme 4.26
#65 Graphics 4.09
#274 Overall 3.43
#303 Mood 3.16
#406 Humor 2.36
#770 Fun 2.66

Last words

Before I (finally) go, thanks for the amazing feedback you all gave me!

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OBfu – a (tough?) puzzler post-mortem

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Thursday, April 21st, 2016 5:17 am

tldr: probably my best LD so far, but I still have tons to learn, see you in August folks! oh and feel free to give up!

Almost 4 days after the end of the compo, I think it’s time for a (small) post-mortem on my week-end coming up with OBfu.
OBfu logo

What went good

  • The art style, it’s my first game where I actually feel like there is some kind of beauty in it. It’s still super minimalist, and the colors don’t feel right, but I am actually proud … I think?
  • The game ended up with 11 levels, which is 6 more than what I originally planned Saturday morning.
  • It’s my first puzzler, and I loved making it!

What went wrong

  • Again, the lack of time. I was happy to finish the main mechanics super early Saturday. But then, the level creation process hit hard: coming up with ideas is simple, coding them, testing them, tweaking them, replaying them, …. is incredibly time consuming for a puzzler like this.
  • Re-iterating some of the mistakes I made in previous LDs (not using a game engine, not even a rendering library, I directly played with the Web Canvas API which is still quite low-level). Next one, I will probably play with Pixi.js

The stoopid stats section

  • Total time: 14:12:38
  • Line of Code: 1365
  • LoC / min: 1.6

If after reading this blurb you still want to test OBfu, you can go over here. You can also follow me on Twitter: @zowesiouff. I will publish a new version with more levels (and some subtle new mechanics) this week-end.

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