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Hello everyone! Hope your holiday have been nice! Since its the last day to vote, I just wanted to see if you’ve played my puzzle game, The Room in The Ocean yet. Here is a link if you haven’t:



Finished at around ten, this is my first post.

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Sunday, December 11th, 2016 11:16 pm

My game is done, I got it submitted 10 seconds before 10. Oh my god that was close for the compo. It is a puzzle game with lots of music and bright colors. The story is that you are a robot who lost a friend to a giant sea monster, so you have to complete the monster’s quests to get your friend back. If you can get to the end, there is a dance level with your friend, and after that something really exciting… A level editor!! The levels get harder, and the last level-with crates to push- gets really hard. But if you can complete it, you will be rewarded a lot. I really hope you enjoy! Here is the link to play and review on this site:


Also, if you have problems with playing the version on the top, the one embedded in the page, just click on the web link below.

I only slept 17 hours, did other waking time things(other than ludum dare i mean) for 3 hours, and I spent 28 hours on the game. Almost nonstop. I am sooo happy with my game.

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