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Hrothvitnir finished on time!?

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Tuesday, December 15th, 2015 12:40 am

I must admit, on Friday evening I really didn’t think we’d get this done in time — I confused the requirements in terms of content usage with those for the compo, which left us generating all our own content. (I didn’t find out until about an hour before submission that I was mistaken on that, whoops.)  With this being the last week before finals partnered with our relatively green team and ambitious idea, I was feeling pretty apprehensive.

Evidently I need to have more faith!

A successful prototype arose from this weekend, and a determination to take the project past this stage.  With some input from you guys we’re planning to expand and make it more fun to play.

Our team is proud to present Hrothvitnir; we hope you enjoy the game and a well deserved rest after the mad dash this weekend has been.


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