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Game finished

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Monday, April 24th, 2017 8:41 pm

While we’re porting for other platforms (we’ve got just Linux and Windows binaries there so far, but there will be WebGL version before Wednesday) feel free to jump to LDJAM and play our game, it has been finished.

It is here, on LDJAM website.


I hope you will enjoy it and you’ll definitely hear more from us more!


Ratings vs. Comments

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Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017 7:55 am

While the comments actually got me quite motivated to polish the game (and pursue the teamwork we did together), re-work some parts and pursue making it into something playable and more fun… then hit the ratings. Honestly, whenever I don’t like something on the game I comment about it – otherwise what even is the point of rating, as all of us should be pursuing the goal of making others and ourselves improve … and in this case, it was nothing but completely demotivating for any further game development.

Anyways, if you haven’t, feel free to try it yourself – http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-37/?action=preview&uid=86334

And here are the results:



One Room Factory LD37 Post-Mortem

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Tuesday, December 27th, 2016 4:01 pm

If only making games was as easy as making custom PCBs

This Ludum Dare was a really interesting experience for both of us. We wanted to do LD36 already together, but one of us couldn’t, so we had to wait for a LD37.



When planning a evening before, we really hoped for a “Small World” theme and were able to come up with an interesting game in matter of minutes. The other themes seemed lackluster, because they were often too limiting – and One Room was one of them.

When we woke up at Saturday morning and started discussing it, we didn’t know for like 3 hours what kind of game to make. There were several options (some of which actually appeared in LD as games – solving murder in one room, time traveling in one room, cleaning a room, …), but we couldn’t think of anything that doesn’t need a good storyline. We just knew two things for sure – we DEFINITELY didn’t want to do a room escape game, and we wanted fancy 3D graphics.

After joking about stupid ideas, we somehow came to conclusion that conveyor belt game located in one factory hall could be quite nice and went to discuss details more and decided on our PCB factory game.

The development

The entire game was developed by two people — one was focusing entirely on programming the game mechanics and logic and other one was doing mostly graphics, lightning and other visual things (he implemented Inverse Kinematics for a robotic hand from ground up!).

In the first day, we managed to implemented conveyor belts, robotic hands and basic movable objects for the transporters. This was a good prototype, and the game already felt like a fun! So we knew we were on the right track.

The second day was dedicated to modeling rest of game objects and programming the rest of the game. At the end of these two days (around 4 am) we had a almost finished game. It still needed some polishing and changes, but it was playable from the beginning to the end.

To make the game totally complete, we really needed that third day – but we were all busy with our real lifes, meaning we couldn’t make much progress, apart from just a few bugfixes and polishing fixes. But we think we still managed to do quite a nice game over the course of these 3 days!

The Good

We really had fun when developing our One Room Factory and shared many laughs over TeamSpeak when developing the game – one can only wonder if the game would be even better if we didn’t have to work remotely, but could develop in one room together as some other teams did.

Also, since this was a first LD for one of our members (and first released game too!), we definitely learned quite a lot. Not only from the actual LD, but also from the feedback we’ve gotten. It was definitely an enjoyable and fun weekend!

The Bad

The HW requirements are quite demanding. Also, based on the comments so far, the game is quite difficult to understand; we did a basic tutorial, but because of time constraints (having to work on Monday AND being based in Central Europe cuts a lot of needed time due to timezone), we just didn’t have time for a proper tutorial.

Combine this with the complexity of the game (and players not being familiar to conveyor games), this game seems to hard to understand for some people. So, to fix this, we are releasing a video tutorial for people who would still want to play the game!

https://youtu.be/f-zrgA1B4Pw (Don’t forget to turn on annotations)

The Future

Depending on how we do in the LD, we are considering to finish the game and release it – we are reading the feedback people give us in comments and it makes us really happy when people like the game! The most rewarding comments are from people who want to see the finished version (with a proper tutorial) – and it’s definitely possible it will happen! 😉

If you decide to check our game out, we will be happy for any feedback you will give us! If not, we are at least thankful you decided to read our post.

To try our game, you can do so here:


Vilem Otte
Pavel Kouřil

One Room Factory

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Thursday, December 15th, 2016 3:05 pm

Even though we didn’t make any post mortem so far (but there will be a post about it, once we get a bit of pause from our real life jobs – so most likely over the weekend). I’d like to proudly present first video we have recorded and published now.

Also, in case you participated in LD – feel free to share a link in the comments on the video, and I will give it a try over the weekend.

Shadowz Adventure – Post Mortem

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Tuesday, August 30th, 2016 8:51 pm

Well, I was decided to participate from the start – and this was created actually in ~48 hours. And honestly, my second attempt on game development in very limited time (and hell, I’m enjoying it). So far I have participated only as solo person in jam, and this wasn’t any exception – I’m kind of enjoying doing some project on my own (while in work you almost always work in a team).

So… the game tries to do some kind of mix between Diablo and top-down shooters. The original idea hit me on Saturday morning here, which was something like: “Run around, shoot enemies, upgrade your gun … all from top-down view in nice 3D graphics coat”. The best development part was most likely working with AI – creating actually 3 behavior types (one that doesn’t care about anything, one that runs away and last one is aggressive one) was really fun, especially their testing (when after dozen of attempts you still wonder why AI does unexpected things), surprisingly the AI was also almost the first thing I have implemented, and the game logic came after.

My final things were graphics and AI, where I would be able to spend several weeks on this small project, polishing every single end of it (which is also why I always have to leave it as last, I wouldn’t have time for doing the actual gameplay left in case I would focus on audio-visual appearance first). While I have re-used some of my art from previous projects (which is perfectly okay for jam), the terrain textures were done in Substance Painter (thanks Allegorithmic for really great piece of software) and those took quite large part of my time. Nevertheless I’m quite proud on the programmers art in this one! So here is a shot from it:


Please, if you have a bit of time – give it a shoot!


Thanks for reading and playing! To all of who participated – keep up the good work. I’ve touched just few games so far, but just imagining the effort put into all of them is awesome! Keep it up!

My first LD – results

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Thursday, May 12th, 2016 6:14 pm

Well, I’ve finally read the results and forced myself to write something. For my first LD I don’t really think the results are that bad, especially when I had no idea how to split my time between development, testing and doing the graphics.

As for some of the percentages:
ENTRY - Vikoz (jam) - LINK
OVERALL - 33.6%
FUN - 55%
THEME - 43.4%
HUMOR - 31.9%
GRAPHICS - 14.8%
MOOD - 43.8%

First of all, I’d like to say big thanks to everyone who played the game – whether you enjoyed it or not. Second, I honestly consider a winner anyone who posted something, as making a game in 48 or 72 hours is definitely not an easy task. I’d like to comment on my score, it does indeed represent also how much time I’ve spent in various areas (I ran for the prototype, and then over-focused on the graphics – which can be seen in the results), so I even find them almost perfect in relation to the time spent on each of these sections.

Nevertheless, if time allows I’d like to participate also next time, and hopefully, taking some other guys with me, so we could drag something more complete over the finish line (and of course “beat ya’ all!” :D).

Vikoz post mortem

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Tuesday, April 19th, 2016 2:20 am

So, here goes my first Ludum Dare entry post mortem. I went for jam since the start, and to be fair I’m proud on myself finishing something in the given time scale. How it all began? I’ve waited off for theme announcement (which was 3AM here in Europe), and as I was quite tired after the work I went straight to bed right after. So, Saturday morning (technically almost 12AM), I’ve started coding up very first version of the game, coding movement, selection of minions, building selection and UI. The whole game core was created during the Saturday.

Sunday was a bit slower for me, I worked mainly on art – creating up buildings and units, and as I’m not really an artist, it took me huge amount of time – I’ve just spent evening on the menu. Monday, the first work-day of the week. I spent most of it in work unrelated to any game development, but in the end I’ve put up the ‘High Score’ logic and attached music and sounds to whole game.

In the end, well you can check out some gameplay video at: YouTube. Although you might as well prefer to Try It yourself.

For me, it is definitely a success. I wanted to participate in Ludum Dare few times already, yet I’ve never had enough courage to do so. And here we are, I have finished something – there were quite awesome ideas during the streaming on Twitch and talk on TeamSpeak (where I have a point for next time – do that in open community, not closed one -> more people can watch it & talk during it!) which could improve the actual gameplay, most of them didn’t make it through due to time scale.

Anyways for me it is time to give some attention to my girlfriend, as I’ve put her aside for the weekend!

Thanks everyone for support, participation and playing games!

Still work in progress, most of game mechanics are done – and as I’m running for Jam, it will most likely get there. A little image show follows.

I’m running for tower defense/strategy in Unity with (literally) tons of programmer’s art, that will put some pressure on player and of course winning the game is not an option, only losing faster or slower.

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