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Finally finished the Game

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Monday, December 16th, 2013 1:16 pm

This was my second ludum dare and it was quite different from the last one.

This time I teamed up with my family. During breakfast I mentioned the theme and my 7 years old daughter came up with a game idea. Since I wanted to involve her into the game creation process she created most of the drawings seen in the game. I am proud that we where able to finish this project since there is usually not so much time on the weekend for programming when you have family and 7 year old children cannot focus on drawing the whole day.

Keep in mind that the graphics and game idea is done by my daughter when you try the game.


This is how it looks like when you draw your graphics on paper. The title sceen was however drawn by me…



Result of the Ludum Dare #28 Warmup

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Wednesday, December 11th, 2013 1:41 pm

I am finished for the warmup.


I started last weekend with the warmup, and did good progress, but did’t want to leave an unfinished game. Therefore I added some extra effort and ‘finished’ the game. You can find it here:


I think it is quite good for my skills and I like the result. It even has a tutorial. It is however not completely polished, but enough before LD#28 starts. Please use chrome to play. Firefox seems to have some issues I need to investigate.


I appreciate every comment on it either in this post, or directly in the submission page when you test it.

What I used:

* SFXR for the sounds

* My bass and ukulele for the music

* Audacity for recording and audio manipulation

* Lamedrop for mp3 generation

* Graphics Gale for the graphics

* Eclipse with Javascript plugin for development

* Chrome for testing/debugging

I don’t know if I have time to participate in LD#28, but would like to do so. When I am in, the template source I am using for LD#28 is the code I have written for the game. It looks like it is useful as a little framework with canvas handling, buttons, keyboard handling, level loading. Nothing special, but surely reusable parts in there:



Final polish

Posted by
Sunday, August 25th, 2013 10:13 am

I have done some extra polish to the game. Now it includes

  • A title music. An improvisation over the E bluesscale on my bass
  • A hint system using won points
  • points
  • Some more tunes

Finished for now

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Sunday, August 25th, 2013 6:29 am

My Game is finished now. I hope you enjoy it. I am pretty proud of the result although I wasn’t able to include:

  • The hint system in case you are stuck
  • Points (reduced by used Hints)
  • More Tunes

But hey, there are still some hours left. Maybe I’ll…

This is my idea so far

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Sunday, August 25th, 2013 12:15 am

Yesterday I sat on my sofa surfing on my tablet and wondered if there are any game creation competitions this year. After a short search I found Ludum Dare. I remember that I heard of it before. And yes, it is this weekend and still more than 33 hours to go! I browsed around the homepage and decided to participate.

10 Seconds is not an easy topic, but an idea came to my mind: A tune which is about 10 seconds long was cut into pieces and scrambled. The player has to arrange the pieces in the correct sequence. So I started this project and played a little tune on my ukulele, tested HTML5 Audio and so on. After a few hours of programming I was confident this could work. Below is a screenshot how it could look like.

A first impression how it looks like

A first impression how it looks like

At the moment I am working on the play logic. But I still need to create:

  • Title screen with level selection
  • Some tunes and cut them into appropiate fragments
  • A hint system
  • Maybe an inprovised title tune (not scrambled)?

I don’t want to get any musical copyright issues, so all tunes will be traditionals played by me on my instruments where copyight has ended long ago, but I think this would also be interesting with modern music.

I hope to get this running, since I like the idea very much.

The “10 Seconds” theme relates only to the length of the tunes. I don’t want to use it as time limit or otherwise, but I hope it is ok to fit the theme.

By the way it runs in the browser (HTML5 and Javascript). Probably not on mobile devices, but I will check this when I am done.

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