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Inspiration at its best

Posted by (twitter: @ZephyrRaine)
Saturday, December 6th, 2014 8:33 am

Waking up

Posted by (twitter: @ZephyrRaine)
Saturday, December 6th, 2014 5:59 am

Aftera good 6-hour night I’m ready to work, here’s a ☃-y screenshot of WIP.



Have fun people, keep working!

☃ I’m in! ☃

Posted by (twitter: @ZephyrRaine)
Friday, December 5th, 2014 2:32 pm


Hello there!

I’m entering the Ludum Dare for the second time, all by myself for this one! (You can play our LD28 Jam here : Click me!)


Here are the tools I’ll use:

Prog. : Flashpunk on Flashdevelop (AS3)

Graph. : Adobe Photoshop CS6, maybe Illustrator if I’m inspired

Music & Sounds : Don’t know yet, I’ll probably check what you guys are using and figure it out (bouh! bad preparation!)


I’ll be streaming with some friends of mine who are entering the Jam contest, feel free to come and say hello : Me too!


And that’s all, I wish you good luck and can’t wait to see the awesome games you’ll make!


A Boolean Tale now on Kongregate!

Posted by (twitter: @ZephyrRaine)
Tuesday, March 18th, 2014 1:20 pm



The Ludum Dare is always a good opportunity to make some games, publish them and see how far we can go with them. For those who remember our LD-28 entry, A Boolean Tale (and for the others, too); we are happy to announce you that we submitted the game on Kongregate. Maybe could you pass by and tell us what you do think about it!

Play A Boolean Tale on Kongregate!

We are very happy to see that we are actually able to make something out of some little games made in a few days, and that’s also why we love Ludum Dare so much.


Pulled Frop.

Posted by (twitter: @ZephyrRaine)
Wednesday, December 18th, 2013 1:51 pm


A Boolean Tale – Post-Mortem


The christmas Dragon.

We have at last took some time to rest, this was more than needed. We also took some time to play and rate few of your games, some are awesome and we really hope they will receive decent rates because they deserve it. This week-end has been a very good experience, and we’ve learned a lot from it. We’ll start with what went wrong and finish with what went good, because we are mostly happy with the game and only have few negative points?

What went wrong :

The time gestion : This was a very rough experience. First of all, we received the theme at 4am here. We wanted to sleep being aware of the theme, so we planned to stay awake until the theme announcment, discuss about what we would do and take a seven-eightish hours night. We really expected the theme to be Corruption or Break the System. We had ideas for it. Good ideas. “You only get one”. At the start, it was like the worst theme EVER. We absolutely had no idea of what to do. We stayed awake for like one hour and a half before falling asleep on our keyboards. When we woke up at 10am, we had to discuss for one or two hours again to find the main idea, this interactive story thing. I had to make all the story map and elements in early afternoon because I couldn’t have been there in the afternoon, so Tobi could start doing stuff. W1nst0n and I barely did nothing concerning the code until first evening, LD had started about 24 hours already. The sunday day was supposed to be the last one, we were all working or having class on the monday, so it was totally out of question working this day. And this is where the nightmare began : on Sunday night, I went to bed at 5:30am and waking up at 6:30am, all the work was far from done, I didn’t have any ending nor all the routes. One hour sleep is really really short. I barely had some time to dream. Thinking about what I’d have to do all the day and actually starting working around 7pm : only eight hours to do it. Was short but doable. I really started to feel effects of sleep deprivation : almost on tears when coming across each and every bug, drinking lot of coffee, starting to call my variables some random names like “lol”.  But eventually we have submitted the game in time, so I was really happy, despite my nervous breakdown state. Next time I’ll really have to manage my time better, hopefully it was only 72 hours, but I have to take it easy and be careful with my health.

Sans titre-1

Calling your variables “lol” is never a good thing to do.

The code optimization : The whole project have like 1500 lines of code. There’s a lot of text in it since the game is an interactive-story, but there’s also a lot of useless code, and I didn’t comment anything, and I’m pretty sure there was a lot of similar functions everywhere. I really lost a lot of time copy/pasting or writing again and again the same lines. The game is far from being optimized, and at the end, while I was really stressed, I felt like raping my own code when I’ve coded the last endings for example. I really have to be careful about that and I should take some time to comment things out, it took me like half an hour on monday evening to understand what I did the day before. W1nst0n really helped, and it was a good thing to have some support over here, this way I could focused on bugs and such. Thanks to her!

What went good :

– The story-making process : If it was really hard to know which type of game we would do, once we kew if were going on an interactive story, things were really really easy. I just asked Mario to give me some ideas, he suggested the stealing-cake thing and to include some poop as well as other stuff. From there, everything esacalated like crazy. In two hours or so, I had all endings and routes and choices. Everything was done and the story map was fully operationnal. I really really really enjoyed making this story, It feels a little childish but I really find it fresh and funny.

ld28-001 copie

The whole story on a paper sheet. Watch out for spoilers.

The gameplay : It is the first time I do a gamejam with some team members. If you take a look at Sharkinacho, my last Mini-LD entry, I did everything by myself and it was really hard to get everything done in 48 hours, from graphics to music. I used to do aim for hard-to-code gameplays , with several things not going as planned and such. Here, the theme was really helpful in order to find the gameplay. One choice. This choice-making gameplay is both simple and efficient. It was really easy to code, once we did one choice and one cinematic, it was really just copy/paste of coordinates and typing down choices and text. This way, it was really easy to take some time improving the way it looks.

The graphics : We’ve found Tobi after asking a knowledge of mine. He’s German while the rest of us are French. At the beginning, we had some troubles understanding each other, but quickly, things got easier. When we’ve found this three colors per scene and only half an hour maximum to do each of them, things were way more easy and I really liked Tobi’s style. It was a great experience, and it would be a real pleasure to work with him again.

The music : That was a real challenge. Monk’ did the two musics of the game in two hours. Indeed, he had a lot of work and still, we are quite happy with it, as always, he made good stuff, and I really hope he’ll have more time on the next jam, because it’s always a pleasure working with him, he is awesome.

Last one thing. This is our first real game ever, even if it’s for a jam, we put great efforts in it. Those jokes, this story, making this music, those graphics, even coding and giving to our variables names such as “lol”… All of this, it is what we like. This is what we like to do, and this is want I want to do as a living. Only sleeping 10 hours on 72 hours is not a problem, because rest of the time is not even working time, this is funny time. We wanted to give you something you would love playing as much as we loved to make it. And we succeed. Our game received good comments. Those are the first comments we’ve received for one of our project. We just wanted to thank you, this is really awesome. You are really awesome. This Ludum-Dare is as well.
Keep doing and playing games, we’ll be glad to take part in the other Ludum-Dare, and if you want to play our game, you can find it here :

A Boolean Tale

tl:dr : We love you,

Pulled Frop.


At last!

Posted by (twitter: @ZephyrRaine)
Monday, December 16th, 2013 6:52 pm
Screen menu

The title screen!

Here we are.

When we started this, I was firmly convinced that we would have to cut some features and really make things simplier (and shittier) than planned. But finally, the game appears to be better than we thought at the beginning. No need to say we are very happy with the outcome. There is probably a lot of things we could have done to improve it, but this game contains everything we could have wished in a game : cake, chili-flavored condoms, and even a LoTR reference. We can’t wait to know what you guys are thinking about A Boolean Tale.

Anyway, we hope that you will have as much fun playing it that we had doing it. It was a very fun and intense experience, and the outcome largely rewards the time and work we’ve put on it.

Now, we will take some well-deserved sleep (the one hour sleep before doing class last night was really awful), and of course playing and rating as much games as possible. It is really awesome to see how many games can be made in such a short time. We wish good luck to everyone rushing their submissions in this last half-hour, and we sincerely hope you are as well satisfied with your game.

Below our some screenshots of the game so you can make yourself an idea. Oh, and of course, you can :



Screen choiceScreen death


Best job interview ever!

Posted by (twitter: @ZephyrRaine)
Sunday, December 15th, 2013 7:20 pm



Does it look familiar to you?

Posted by (twitter: @ZephyrRaine)
Sunday, December 15th, 2013 9:58 am


Only one choice, what’d be yours?

Posted by (twitter: @ZephyrRaine)
Sunday, December 15th, 2013 6:50 am


Going crazy

Posted by (twitter: @ZephyrRaine)
Saturday, December 14th, 2013 10:49 am
Story is taking us long time!

Story is taking us lot of time!

Okay, Ludum started hours ago but we hadn’t code anything yet. But we have fancy graphics and the story will be great, as you can see below, it should be quite developed. Can’t wait to play your games.

With all our love,

Pulled Frop.

Aaaand we are in!

Posted by (twitter: @ZephyrRaine)
Friday, December 13th, 2013 5:35 pm

This is it. After few years of watching every possible Ludum Dare, we are finally taking part in one. Our team will be made of MonkIsToC for music and Sfx, tobi for graphics, and Winston and I will handle programming stuff.

We’ll be using:

– Flash with FlashPunk <3

– FL Studio and Sfxr

– Photoshop

We won’t be able to use the whole 72 hours, it will be more of a 50-ish hours jam, but I’m sure we can get something good at the end of the week-end. Final round themes look quite interesting, we are very excited about it! Not sure if we will complete the No-Kill challenge but, meh, ain’t that much of a big deal, I guess.

Anyways, we wish good luck to everyone taking part in this Ludum Dare, and we hope that you’ll have as much fun as we plan to have. We are already looking forward for some authors’ games work, some of you were awesome in the previous LDs.


Many love,

Pulled Frop.


We need you!

Posted by (twitter: @ZephyrRaine)
Sunday, November 24th, 2013 8:12 am



We have worked very hard this week-end, it’s awesome to have a team who will follow you even if you change the deadline from 4 months to one week. Whatever, this week of work will eventually lead to a playable demo of our current project, One more rainy day. We will need several testers in order to improve the game, and above all : track bugs!

If you’re interested, please visit our blog : Click here!


Many love,

Pulled Frop.


Sharkinacho Post-Mortem

Posted by (twitter: @ZephyrRaine)
Monday, November 11th, 2013 7:01 am


It’s been one week since I submitted Sharkinacho to Mini-LD #46 and One game a month. After some feedbacks and sleep, here’s the post-mortem.


What went wrong :


This has really been an exhausting week-end. It was way too short, I started on friday at midnight, planning to finish on sunday evening. Unfortunately, it didn’t go as planned AT ALL. I had to spend the whole sunday night rushing all the game. And I had to go to class in the morning, which was a disaster. All of this is due to two things : first of all, I started with really big ideas : I planned to make 31 mini-games and I ended up with 4 unfinished ones. I should have known that I’d eventually run out of time. I also had to start over the whole project once or twice, which had got me loose a lot of time.


Also, I ain’t very good at all in graphics and music making, those shitty elements took me hours for nothing… I think I’ll do next jams with some friends of mine, because I really ain’t skiilled enough. But it was very fun to do the full-voice music stuff, even though the result was a little bit disappointing, the game wasn’t that fun or dynamic, and I wish I had some better gameplay ideas.


The biggest problem of this development process was the lack of beta-testing : turns out the game was way too hard, and I had to lower the global difficulty. I’ll need to have some people nearby for the next jams, therefore I won’t have to change the code afterwards.


What went good :


The how-good-the-game-is/time-wasted-on-this-project ratio is pretty meh, but, at least I’m glad I finished it, even if it’s in 56 hours instead of 48. From all those years of watching Ludum-Dare events, I know that failure can happen a lot. I also had some good feedbacks and I can’t wait for the next jams I’ll take part in. I learned a lot of that Shark Jam and I’m glad of some little ideas I came with, dancing shark is gold imo. I’ll just have to take care of the time flying by, next time. Maybe will I do some detailed schedule and see what I can do to improve the games I make.


Click here to read the entry!


See y’all.




Posted by (twitter: @ZephyrRaine)
Monday, November 4th, 2013 10:52 am

sharkiSharkinacho in space!!!!!1

I’ve spend all night coding this game, and at last, here it is. Let me introduce you to Sharkinacho!

It  has been an incredible experience. I’ve been struggling for hours, but, I had a lot of fun, and I’ll do whatever I can to take part in the Ludum Dare which will occur in December.

I’ll later on post a What went good/What went wrong about the game making process, I’m just waiting for some feedbacks from the game… and some well deserved sleep.


I love you all, I can’t wait to play your games.

Zephyr Raine.

12 hours left, panic mode!

Posted by (twitter: @ZephyrRaine)
Sunday, November 3rd, 2013 4:05 am

sharkToday is my birthday!


OK, this is going to be tricky. But I can do it, right ? I had to start everything from scratch twice now. I got some parts of the game working, but I really need to improve graphics and do some music. I think I’ll do everything with my voice, I don’t have time or talent at all to do stuff on any software. Anyways, I still don’t have a name for Sharkie and I went a little bit crazy last night. I’ll be glad to sleep, tonight.

Love you all, keep doing awesome games.

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