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Post Jam Version for Sinner Party

Posted by (twitter: @@zemmi_zemmi)
Monday, April 27th, 2015 5:08 pm

Play it here

Stuff that is different:

  • Has Audio, a lot of it as a matter of fact
  • Food is easier to pick up
  • You can point and grab at the same time
  • Throw trajectory is shown + more forgiving mouth collision
  • And of course some mysterious other stuff


After I copied the files to my portable drive the free space was 66.6 GB. Nice.
That it was already called fatty is merely a bonus.

Happy with how this turned out especially considering the jam was a confusing mess of aimless developing. Maybe I’ll write a post mortem, maybe.

Evolution of Dojo

Posted by (twitter: @@zemmi_zemmi)
Tuesday, August 28th, 2012 9:00 pm

Sorry about the stupid reference in the post title, couldn’t help myself. Also sorry about the text-brick post, I’ll make a cooler one when I have new things to show.

It seems some people are enjoying my game (yay!) but I’m not quite happy with it as it is far from what I wanted it to be and as they’re pointing out there are numerous things that could be a lot better. I will start working on a newer, better, shinier version of Dojo (I’m gonna come up with a cooler name too) right after this post but first an explanation of what I was going for and what I’ll probably change.

Original Concept
Luckily I just learned about the Fly Room, a fruit fly breeding room run by Thomas Hunt Morgan to study genetics and heredity. His original technique was pretty inefficient but I liked it, breeding flies in a bottle when he saw one with traits he wanted he would place another bottle on top of it letting them fly up. He’d separate the bottles when his fly got in and repeat, again and again until he segregated the one he wanted. I wanted to make a game with a similar idea, only hopefully more fun. It was to be about mass production and then segregation and feeding your lesser creations to the predator as fodder to stave off his attack, building up your super-being to destroy him.

Why I Didn’t Achieve This (yet)
I started with a push control, shoving your creations (students of your dojo) away from the cursor and when they collided they mated. I was hoping this would give a frantic feeling, which it seemed to, but unfortunately mating on collision made mass production a pain in the ass. As a result I wound up sticking to two children per couple, the population never grows your just stuck with what you got. The game still works like this but I think it would be a lot more fun if I got it closer to the original concept. Unfortunately I didn’t think of a good alternative control scheme until it was too late, that’s Ludum Dare for you I suppose.

New Plan
The controls will still use the circle indicator but no longer to push. Sorry to those who liked the push controls but I think it may be necessary to get rid of them. The circle will now be used to select every student within it and where you drag it to is their destination. If any students are in the destination circle the originally selected group will commence procreation with them.

As mass production will probably result in getting a lot of the goal creature I will likely make predators travel in packs so you need more to take them out. I’m also thinking about having jail cells around some levels that if the predators get to they free a different type of enemy so the player will have to keep on their toes and have a few types ready for action. Either jail cells or other groups slowly breaking into the dojo, if you don’t beat the first group in time you’ll have a lot more to deal with.

mottmatt mentioned having some way to asexually reproduce when you’re in a pickle. I agree, not sure what I’ll do yet maybe some sort of fertility idol or radiation chamber. Just wanted to let you know I’m thinking about it, hopefully I can get a good idea that doesn’t break the game. Oh, and I may simplify the three traits I have now to two if it becomes necessary. That should make it easier to read and when there are a lot of them not too painful to find the one you want.

Finally This Post Is Ending
I can’t say for sure when I’ll be done the new version as I’m getting busy right about now. Going to try and have something playable for those who are interested before judging ends so you can actually hear about it. Anyway, I shall return with a cooler post full of pretty pictures and more colorful wording when I have some stuff to show off.

A Real Lu-dummy

Posted by (twitter: @@zemmi_zemmi)
Wednesday, April 25th, 2012 5:48 pm

Alrighty, as those of you who have already played my game likely noticed, I made a lot of dumb design decisions. It was slow, hard to understand, and dumb.

I fixed some things, a preview:

As you can see:

  • Not nearly as slow.
  • The camera doesn’t move like it’s having a seizure cuz’ it doesn’t move at all.
  • You can’t birth children into the vastness of space as firing is now done by clicking on the target planet.
  • It only takes one click to empty the correct amount of dudes/dudettes to fill a planet, no more guessing.

I don’t expect you to rate based on this version as it was submitted way after the deadline, but if you play the original and think it’s dumb (it is) the fixed version my clear things up and be an overall more enjoyable experience. If there is stuff that still doesn’t make sense or you don’t like, feel free to comment and I’ll try to fix those too. Thanks :)

A Game to Make R. Kelly Proud

Posted by (twitter: @@zemmi_zemmi)
Friday, December 23rd, 2011 5:13 pm

Urine Trouble

a game about piss

You may be asking yourself “What could possibly be more fun than urination?”

Why urinating in public of course!

While you’re there enjoying yourself you might as well spread the joy and the warmth of the Christmas spirit,

Shower your friends and family in the golden embodiment of your giving and caring nature.

I do so honestly believe that if you drop enough of this liquid pleasure onto your peers they may even explode with happiness!

But why take my word for it when you can spread the Christmas cheer for yourself right over here

Dee Tea Arr Jay – A post mortem of sorts

Posted by (twitter: @@zemmi_zemmi)
Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011 11:14 pm

This man is not George Takei (although I do see the resemblance)

He’s still a cool guy though.

A game about being trapped by menacing, science-y boxes.

And escaping their cold, firm grip.

With the power of your electromagnetic bracelet! ( or at least that’s what I’m going with )

What I learned from this here Ludum Dare:

– Eating is nice, don’t forgot to do it.

– When you do remember, read the cooking instructions

– Try writing a song or using music software before winging it in a competition

– I sure do make a lot of top down games

– Nobody seems to think my spaceman looks like who he is

Final Thoughts:

– I should make something not top down

– puzzles are usually harder to solve than to design

– stat tracking is super fun and super easy to put into a game

Let me know if you can beat my stats, I’m sure it’s possible. (<– not sarcasm )

Das Happiness in Das Sad

Posted by (twitter: @@zemmi_zemmi)
Monday, May 2nd, 2011 10:37 pm

Since my last post was so darn pessimistic with all those hardware malfunctions and what-not, I thought I would write a happier post about what I did well in Das Sad!

Wee Scope

First thing was that I managed to keep a small scope this time, hooray! If I didn’t have all those hardware failures I would have had oodles of time to make more audio, build some actual escalation, make a tutorial, and balance the whole thing out a little more. Next LD, providing absence of aforementioned issues and a similar scope, I should be able to make a exceptionally radical game for you guys.

2D Arrays are Exclamatory Adjective!

For this here game I taught myself how to use 2D arrays, super handy for grid-based movement  and collision. This here is the tutorial I used:


I ultimately used the grid system that came out of the array as a basis for… well just about everything else.  As you can see in the picture right over <—– positions where a dude was were marked with a 1. All I had to do for collision then was check if the position in the array I was moving to was a 1 or 0, if 0 reset my current position to 0 and the new position to 1.

If any of you have more foresight than me and say “But what if you move two side-by-side and the poor first guy sees the position is blocked even though it is about to be clear? What then?!?!” Well, I certainly stumbled into that problem and came out a better man.

What I did for that little issue was if a piece was moving to an occupied position, it would store that position in a Global variable. Then, whenever another piece moved it would check if the position it was moving from was equal to the Global var. If so, tell the other fella to go ahead and move, the way is clear.

Paths Everywhere

Next thing I did that I thought was pretty neato was the enemy pathing, all of which was based of the grid that came out of my 2D Array. It was rather simply really, I would initialize an enemy with an array of point values represented spots on the grid (as seen —–>). Then, from spawning the enemy simply moves from its spawn location towards the first point and as it exceeds it, increases a currentTurn variable. Then it will look for the next position at the currentTurn value index of the array filled with destination points.

The red path was drawn with basically the same approach, only with a few more conditions in there. At enemy spawn the path would set up one-by-one at a delay of what I believe was 0.05 seconds? Sounds familiar enough. Going one grid space each time, it would check if the current destination point was at the same Y location, if so it knew it was moving moving horizontally and would place the horizontal piece. Same thing for vertical, only replace “Y” with “X”. When it was spot on the destination point, it would check if the next point where above, below, left, or right of it and place the respective corner there to. Neat right? At least I thought so.

The Rest

That’s pretty much all the stuff that I thought was interesting enough to talk about unless asked or coerced. All-in-all I’m happy with how Das Sad turned out despite all the issues, probably going to try and take it a little further down the road.  Well, not take it down the road, but down the road do more with it. Oh, by the way, in case you were curious about the name: Well I was testing it  I lined up the A,S,D keys as SAD and I thought DAMN! I’m gonna call it Sad, then I noticed that backwards it said Das, and I thought JACKPOT! So Das Sad was born, as little sense as it makes.

I would also like to attribute much of my happiness to a wide variety of software and libraries that did not fail on me and was also free! FlashDevelop is a great IDE if you wanna make some flash games and don’t wanna pay Adobe. FlashPunk is a totally cyber-awesome AS3 library if you just don’t want to work too hard. SFXR, I believe I have Ludum Dare to thank for this handy little sound effect creation device. Also, Audacity, for being free and helping me convert .wav to .mp3! Oh, and graphics were done in Photoshop, not free therefore not as cool.

That was a pretty long post on what you probably already know. Oh well, I shan’t un-write what has been written.

Problems of Das Sad

Posted by (twitter: @@zemmi_zemmi)
Monday, May 2nd, 2011 8:32 pm

Since I ran into so many hardware issues this Ludum Dare, I thought I might take the time to go over them. Sort of a cathartic, stress clearing exercise I suppose.

  1. Slept a full 8 hours the first night and was excited to get going the next day, everything was going just swell until viruses struck! Not sure what it was, but it was blocking access to everything “cmd.exe is a virus” it said, “tskmgr.exe is a virus” it whined. I tried fixing it through Safe Mode, but all I did was make it worse, much worse. After I was through with it the computer wouldn’t even start properly… nice.
  2. Decided to waste my time formatting the computer, I forgot that my desktop PC is retarded. Once it was formatted I was unable to get the internet working again to download the various drivers/software I needed. I know, internet is easy, but my computer is just weird that way, I have no idea why it wouldn’t work. It found my network, said I had a great connection, but refused me service.
  3. Gave up and switched to my laptop, and guess what? Virus! I have no idea how, after working for a while I was looking up what a certain error code meant and BAM! Needless to say I was a little frustrated… so I may have thrown my laptop and I think it is fair to say that my neighbours have a less than respectable opinion of me after that. Reset my laptop to about a month ago, so I was ready to go.

I would say that I lost about an hour of my game (luckily I backed up frequently) and about 8 or so hours between my crashes, attempted fixes, fiddling, and formatting.

Lessons Learned? Back up frequently because you never know what’s gonna happen and check for viruses on a regular basis cuz’ Jesus that was unexpected.

Note: My friend wants me to reenact the throwing of the laptop and post it, so if I feel like humiliating myself tomorrow I’ll get right on that.


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