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Posted by (twitter: @zazzique)
Tuesday, April 21st, 2015 6:27 am

Hi, everyone.

I didn’t participated this Ludum Dare because didn’t feel enough confident, fresh and motivated to complete it, but want to share my idea, cause maybe someone would find it interesting or helpful for himself.

It’s side view. Platform is tablet or other mobile device, controls is your finger (but should work on PC with mouse pointer). You’ve got some kind of tribe village in the left of the screen and invader army forces coming from the right. Being some kind of shaman, you could use forces of nature to defend your village. You could make a wind by swiping in air, or even initiate a tornado with coil gesture. You could hold or merge clouds to make them storm ones and then swiping it down release lightnings and heavy rain. By holding and shaking ground you make an earthquake, and grabbing missiles you could turn and throw them back to enemy.

Little favored list

Posted by (twitter: @zazzique)
Monday, December 22nd, 2014 9:18 am

Have played about 50 games or more. Not all of them have been rated, but some are quite remarkable. So I decided to make a little favored list (in random order).


Common gameplay but great looking smart procedural art which nicely compliments the theme. And a pinch of humor.

Fabulous Escape

Great idea, the game is really interesting to play and explore despite some inconvenient in controls.


Great adventure platformer. Rich in every detail.


Perfect gamedev satire, which I love. Best humor so far.

There were few more, maybe even better then this ones and I just didn’t get the message yet.

Please suggest me some more (but not only your own))).

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