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little survival thing

Posted by (twitter: @@ZakChaos)
Saturday, April 29th, 2017 3:53 pm


made this last weekend, did not finish. thought id post it here anyways

Wooo Hoo! LD #32 here I come!

Posted by (twitter: @@ZakChaos)
Saturday, April 18th, 2015 1:32 am

Pretty productive night!

(images are animated gif’s so click them to see full play through)

Made basic little animations, for jumpin, crawlin, and runnin round:


And spent the rest of the time making a funky little intro:


I know it’s gonna be a busy weekend, But I am really looking forward to making something enjoyable anyways,

see ya tomorrow,


Metrom tsop ym. (Reversed desreveR)

Posted by (twitter: @@ZakChaos)
Tuesday, February 24th, 2015 9:27 am






Well starting things at the end and going backwards seemed to give me a lot of energy, while time management wont probably an issue, I will probably get bogged down toward the beginning.

What went right:
Writing a post mortem before the game, really helped me focus on goals, and allowed me alot of introspection.
Doing the project from a backwards perspective was a great way to make me legitimately plan my game, I usually work in this process:

  • 1: I hear theme,
  • 2:brainstorm for a couple hours, eat a sandwich.
  • 3:start drawing sprites, and making a basic little prototype
  • 4.run low on time
  • 5:cram a buncha music an sounds in real quick.
  • 6:make a crappy title screen,
  • 7:out of energy, do a verrry weak attempt of screenshotting, and presenting.

Sooo, for this project turning that process on it’s head was a great experiment and will really make me look at the whole process in depth.

What went wrong:

  • didn’t give myself enough time at the beginning,
  • slacked off more than i probably should have,
  • not enough sandwiches.
  • I should have taken more steps to prevent things that I knew probably would have been done wrong.


Thanks for taking the time to read,  I look forward to playing your games, see you at the starting line.



Wooo Hooo! One more jam game under my belt!

Posted by (twitter: @@ZakChaos)
Monday, December 8th, 2014 12:35 pm

Though, I really thought i wouldn’t have time to finish a game this weekend, I still managed to squeeze a little something cool out,

You negotiate a level filled with traps and conveyor belts,and little pushy guys. As you collect all the “globs” the level resets adding difficulty, as well as increased score.


I had alot of fun creating a simple little system, which could be easily modified to add additional challenge.

I’ve added high score tables via gamejolt,


You can play the full screen ludumdare version here:


and the gamejolt version with high scores and such here:



Looking forward to checking out a lot of your games,

Thanks so much for creating more awesome games for me to play!

Thanks to ludumdare, for being such an amazing and great event!




To Past Successes and Future Failures!

Posted by (twitter: @@ZakChaos)
Wednesday, October 9th, 2013 12:23 pm

It’s been a little over a year now since i’ve been making video games. Though, in one way or another, I’ve been makin em far back as I remember.(I can still remember some of the rule sets I had for my legos, and chess modifications. )

Last October, I read about the october challenge, and though not ready for it yet, I pored through all of the resources available to me sayin, one day, one day. that day came several months later, after I decided to work on a game for a month straight, and to put it
on a market shortly after. the result was a touch based android game where you kept your finger on the screen, dodging blades and collecting coins. I had a good 10 levels, and spent some time polishing it the best my beginner gimp skills allowed. I began by submitting it to the google play store, thinking i’d put it up for free, then if people liked it I could simply raise the price higher, I later learned that wasn’t the case, and learned a lesson there. “You cannot raise the price of a item on the google play store, only lower it.” But I didn’t stop there, I submitted to all the market places I could find, “amazon, opera,slide.me, and several others.” most of the markets, I learned, don’t give you the greatest exposure. It was then i read something about samsung’s 100% indie program and began the process of submitting with them.

I began my communication with 100% indie’s customer support, and they were very responsive and helpful with getting my game published. However, I was used to submitting my game and having it show up instantly in the market place, The submission process took a week,I got my app back rejected, with a report telling me that it wouldnt be supported by a list of tablets, I almost quit, but I didn’t. I loaded up the website to resubmit, and only submitted it for the devices it would support. I waited another week, I got my app back, rejected. this time the message was that the game was broken due to the fact that when a finger was removed from the screen the level quit. I almost quit, and shelved the game. But I didn’t. Due to this being a gameplay mechanic explained in the opening screen, I sent them an email explaining the confusion, and yanno what? A coupla days later, my app was approved, and copies were (by my standards) “Flying off the shelf.”
I felt a feeling of success nothing in life had made me feel, though I didn’t quit my job quite yet,(that would come later.)
I felt like this could be something I wanted to do full time, though over the course of several months, sales plummeted
leaving my grand total around $40 …$40!!! I had set out to make one dollar, and I smashed the goal. But all too quickly,
It wasn’t enough.

The months rolled on, and eventually tensions mounted at my employer, I found myself quickly unemployed. No problem I thought to myself I can fund my family making games, (Can I?). several little jam games later(1 took 3rd place and won me 25$!), october rolled around, and I thought to myself, ok. Time to do something serious and commercial. Working with a little prototype I developed, I started putting together “Super Pixel Ball” A cross between Marble Madness, and 2d platformers, with slippery marble controls, you make your way thru levels while avoiding obstacles. I’ve got ten levels done so far, and as with my previous release I’m releasing it free/pay as you want. the plan is to keep it that way thru development, then when it’s finished I suppose I’ll survey the players to get a good price point. The first day I announced it I got a couple preorders, So I can say my october challenge this year has been completed, but that would be lazy, So I made 40$ on my first october challenge, I hope 100$ isn’t too high
of a bar to set, only time will tell!

I’m amazed how much I’ve learned in such a short time, and will continue to keep pressing on with my delusions of grandeur of being a full time self sufficient independent games developer. I’d like to share with you just a couple of imb portant things I’ve learned in the last year on being profitable.

1: Don’t Give up!  : No matter how many times i’ve felt like it in the last year this insatiable addiction to keep churning out games is unstoppable,It only stands to reason that if at any one of those times I had quit making games, then i would not be 70$ richer as I am today.

2:Ask for money. You will never make any money as a game developer if you don’t sell your games right? There are a great number of markets out there, go out there and submit!

3:Talk to people. There are SO many opportunities you can find by just gettin out of your head and talking to other like minded gamedev folks, also good friends are worth > $$!

I’ve been trying to make games commercially for goin on 5 months now, and more than anything in the world, I’d like a
paying job as a game developer, sometimes I ask myself, “Do I have a snowballs chance in hell?” . Well as most people tell me,
I probably don’t, but i’ll be damned if I ever stop tryin.


Thats bout all I got for now, please post any other tips for becoming a lucrative game developer in the comments :)

Dont get Cut! Free on Google Play:


Don’t Get Cut! 1$ on samsung app store:


Super Pixel Ball Free(web Version) on gamejolt.com:


Super Pixel Ball Pay as you want :


Lock N Key! for #charitygamejam

Posted by (twitter: @@ZakChaos)
Sunday, November 25th, 2012 11:22 pm

got this game done just at the deadline, and overlooked a very simple error that caused me to stress for the last 5 hours lol, figured it out, and have the game submitted! enjoy, and I look forward to checking out everyones games!


Arrow keys,

*Wanted to use gamepad, but unfortunately my usb gamepad wouldn;t work with chrome :(

Play Lock N Key!


Thank you Ludumdare! / Devlog / Demo

Posted by (twitter: @@ZakChaos)
Friday, August 24th, 2012 10:24 pm

Thanks for another excellent inspirational competition, the last 4 hours have been a blast, and I know theres lots more to come.

All controls work, mouse, touch or arrow keys.

Click the above image to check it out, runs on Web&Mobile

Devlog is As Follows,


6:00, Evolution Huh, Awesome!
6-7, dinner, think eat, take care of kids,
730: sit down and work/research
745: started on amoeba Sprite
8:00 basic movement, animation
8:30 Wrote this,
8:38 got back to work,
9:00,bubbles effects finished, working on touch controls.
9:30,touch controls finished,
10:00, dropping globs added, with animation,
10:20 posted demo and this devlog to ludumdare

Not off to a Bad Start if i do say so myself,


Hit me up on twitter, i’m really interested in checkin out your creations!


MINI LD 36 Entry: RGB

Posted by (twitter: @@ZakChaos)
Sunday, July 15th, 2012 11:37 pm


The Adventures of a bored platformer character as he makes an exciting discovery.

Spent most of my sunday hammerin it out, definately one of the fullest games contentwise i’ve finished in a JAM.

I had a blast making it, and hope you enjoy playing it.

Arrow Keys move, Up Jumps.


Click Here To Download (Win/PC)

Roof Jumper!

Posted by (twitter: @@ZakChaos)
Wednesday, June 20th, 2012 12:03 am

Click here to Download Roof Jumper!

Thanks again Olav for the awesome dare minild!

As every Jam i’ve done, and often heard said: I didn’t get to finish it as much as I had wanted, but I learned alot.

Spent 6-8 hours over the course of two days, puttin things here and there, had a blast with designing something as simple as possible, with self imposed dares.

I DARED to :

-Compose a simple platformer where you only run and jump

-Use a very minmal pallete of 4-5 colors.

-used only 2 different platform objects.

-implement a secret cheat code. (“SREBMUN”)

-disregard deadlines, and make the game a day late, and
release it two days late.

-Collaborate with good friend @KhyleDean

-Use Music I didn’t make myself for a change.

Had a Blast with it, and learned lots of new stuff, and more importantly, got an idea of what I need to learn, and what I want to learn.
Thanks again for runnin the comp,and thanks for all the people participating,
always lookin to the next one.

The Tower of Annoyingness’s

Posted by (twitter: @@ZakChaos)
Sunday, May 20th, 2012 6:55 pm

Dunno if i missed a deadline or somethin, (Was there one?)
Finished my goofy little tower experiment into something playable.
spent about 4-5 hours with construct 2 which i had never used before, and made this:

Play The Tower of Annoyingness’s

Mini LD rocks!

Posted by (twitter: @@ZakChaos)
Saturday, May 19th, 2012 9:39 pm


So it began, As an added challenge I decided to use a program i’d never used before, learning construct2 has been very simple, and i’ve had no problem adapting their tutorial into the concept i have, so far.


I have the very beginnings down, but am getting tired, Heres how it looks so far:


Thanks for putting on this mini jam, ive had a blast building, learning and socializing!


– @ZakChaos

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