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Making of The Legend of Light

Posted by
Saturday, August 30th, 2014 6:00 am


I would like to share something that I used to make the game:

1. Tiled2Unity
Making 2d tiled base game in Unity is not so easy, because you need a map editor to design the level. I personally prefer this one, since I can design the level in Tiled, and then use Tiled2Unity to export a level prefab into Unity. Most importantly, it supports most of the features of Tiled, it can generate polygon collider for the level, it supports customization likes prefab instantiation or rendering order…
So, I highly recommend anyone who want to make 2d game in Unity should give it a try.

2. Prime31’s character controller
I think it is the best non-physics 2d character controller component for Unity.

3. Particle system
The game effects likes the rays, hit spark, explosion, and even the rapid swords thrust are created by Unity particle system.

Here are some of my thought in making good looking particle system:
– Use random value instead of constant will make it looks more realistic and natural.
– Decide the shape for the effect first.
– Use bursts for one shot effect like explosion or hit spark.
– Adjust the “color over lifetime” so that the particles will fade in and then fade out, which will look smoother.
– Use additive shader can blend the particles nicely.
– Sometimes you may discover some cool effects “accidentally” by playing with the values of different particle modules.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone for playing and commenting my game. Thanks and here is my entry’s link.

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