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Monday, December 12th, 2016 7:54 pm

a square robbery jerementor

Play A Square Robbery Here

You are a square. You have never amassed to anything in live until you decide to rob the most secure room in all the land.

This took me a long time but honestly, didn’t run into any issues. Which is a first! The gravity was big headache but ended up solving it with a few lines of code (legit 4) and was able to make a sweet platformer out of it!

Game Loop

  1. Walk
  2. Jump
  3. Change Gravity (When approaching walls)

Secondary Game Loop

  1. Avoid Circles & Triangles (They Kill You)
  2. Don’t Rack Up Deaths
  3. Use Time to your advantage when it speeds up and slows down

Tertiary Game Loop

  1. Get to the middle of the room to rob the land of their coins
  2. Collect the coins to win

a square robbery - jerementor

It’s a challenging game with time slowdowns, gravity shifting, madness and lots of jumping! Try not to die.

Let me know in the comments what you think. I plan on making a video on my channel for it tomorrow.

Best regards,


Play A Square Robbery Here

a square robbery - jerementor

Auxochrome: Postmortem – Please Rip my game to shreds !

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Monday, December 21st, 2015 1:21 am

Auxo Auxo2

Title: Auxochrome

Description: Time travelling action platformer where you play as a color retriever to collect chromosphores from enemies in land ruled by auxochromes!

Growing Theme: You start of small, can run fast and jump high, but as you eat chromosphores (pixels) you gain color and are able to then scale in size. Once you become as large as the boss, you are as strong as him, however you lose your speed and your jump strength which can make it very difficult to save the land!

This was my first jam and I would like to call it a success!

Things that went well:

  • Art
  • Theme: Growing (We loved the theme idea and came up with an idea relatively quickly)
  • Programming (There was a lot to program in 72 hours and for the most part we got everything implemented that needed to be there)

Things that did not go well:

  • Time management

I didn’t use my time well and rightly so. We only planned to do the jam the day of and even though the theme gave us an idea, we didn’t have much of a direction until we put the boss on the podium (and that was in the 11th hour). So, the reason I say time management is because I realized after I hit submit, that I forgot two super important things.

1. The small enemies were impossible to kill

2. The enemies didn’t scale

Oh and we didn’t have time to fix the broken SpriteFont sooooo we left it in there. But the things we left out and the reason why I am about to ask this quesiton is, the engine was a success the gameplay needs more. So with that said, if you could now:


It would mean a lot to me :) By ripping it to shreds you are helping me for the future version as to what might make the game more fun. Please let me know of gameplay elements I may have missed, story elements I can add or anything else to make it fun!

Things I already know to implement in the full version:

  • More weapons
  • Easier enemy deaths
  • Enemy scaling
  • More story to focus the world (to tie in the greyscale)
  • Everything else that goes with it being a full game (more levels, menus)

I am going to start a devlog on it soon but wanted everyone to play and if you could vote and leave a comment that would be great! We are going to start work on the full version in the new year! Thanks for reading and playing!



Game is shaping it up and I love it!

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Sunday, December 13th, 2015 4:53 pm

Hey everyone!

My name is Jeremy and together with my artist friend Trace we are making our first full game together and we couldn’t be more excited. We had wanted to make a game (as we had made some mini games) but then I realized LD34 Jam was in a few days and once we heard the theme we had an idea! We have worked ourselves into the night to get something really cool! Here’s a dev screenshot.


We have a lot left to finish but I am so happy with how this is turning out! I will make a  video as soon as it’s ready! We are using the Growing theme to make an action platformer/bullet hell!

Good luck to everyone else here! This is so much fun!

Best regards,





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