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In, but for a few hours

Posted by
Sunday, August 14th, 2011 10:26 am

Well, I might have a few hours that I can spare at the beginning of the LD. My entry is going to be very, very basic, but hey, might as well try to do something !

It’ll be frenetic as hell, but twice as fun. I’ll be using FlashPunk (I’m starting to really like that library), Photoshop, and probably bfxr.

I’ll try and find a nice simple concept and make it. If I manage that, It would be awesome but I don’t really expect to achieve much actually !

Good luck to all and let’s have fun :)

Post-Mortem “The Final War”

Posted by
Monday, August 1st, 2011 3:54 am

You can check out my entry HERE first if you want to.

So, I’m going to do here a brief debrief (I should get shot for such a horrible pun).

What went well :
Well, I finished it. I think that counts ! Otherwise, I’m really happy with having some standard animations, sound. I’m really happy with the explosions, I think they look cool and not TOO much off compared to the rest, it could have been worse.
I also find the game quite fun to play, it’s not “just an engine” like last time !

What I could have done better :
Definitely, I should have spent less time on the bullets. I’m relatively new to FlashPunk and didn’t know there was a moveTowards function, so i was trying to code it. It took me quite a while before spotting that function, and then I had correct bullet paths.
Also, on the side “not knowing my library”, I stuck for an hour on animations, that I thought didn’t work, but it turned out it was because I overrode a function, and didn’t use super().
So, basically, I should have known my library better.

What went wrong :
Not much actually. Maybe some loose ends with ennemy strategy AI, which is very basic, and little stuff like that… It’s also quite difficult to apprehend, and the hud needs some more work.

So, that’s it ! Over all, I’m very happy with what I entered. I hope you all enjoy my entry, and have a nice day !

The Final War, finally finished

Posted by
Sunday, July 31st, 2011 6:11 pm

And here it is, my miniLD#28 entry.

I’ve got to say, I didn’t expect to get it done in the end, and I overshot by a few hours… But it’s finished.
I did have some ideas given on IRC that could be very fun to put in, but I just didn’t have the time.

You can find it here : here

Good night, and good luck to those still coding.

The Final War – first demo

Posted by
Sunday, July 31st, 2011 5:50 am

Hi !

So I’ve been working on my entry since yesterday, and it’s really far from where it began.

I started by working on setting the game (the battlefield) then worked on the Soldier class, animations, sounds… I’m now working step by step on the available actions to the player.

Quite a lot has been done but I still need to have : scouting, flares, mg nests & orders that go with that, artillery strike, smoke drop, reinforcement call and maybe something else if I have time.

Go check out the current version (how to play is in the Help menu ingame) : Here

Let us march to War, fellow coders !

Posted by
Monday, July 25th, 2011 11:39 am

So I will enter the mini-LD too, and it will be my second LD.
I hadn’t planned to enter even after seeing the theme, but then an idea popped into my head just before going to sleep.
The sort of idea that sticks and that I had to fight to not get up and start programming right away ! 😛

Instead I’m going to focus on game design a day before so I’ll only have programming and art to worry about. I’ll really be wary of feature creeping this time round, it basically stop me entering a polished version in my first LD.

So, the game ! No title yet, and it will be about WW1, the video game’s less used World War.
Basically, it will be a top down strategic game, where you will have reinforcements in men/money each day, a night/day cycle, and access to a bar of possible actions.

You will not have direct control over your men so it will be purely strategical. Actions will contain in exchange of money, or men, the possibility to charge to the other trench, order a retreat, call in air strikes, send in a scout to clear fog of war, call in direct reinforcements, man/repair the MG nests, fire flares… All important actions that will have to be used smartly to gain the other trench.

It seems complex but actually will not be that much : fog of war will be in two layers, one over the ennemy trench at all time and the other over the ennemy half of the battlefield at nighttime (permitting sneaky attacks from AI.). Scouts will be able to clear those fogs (Scouts being only a lone man send out prone.)

This is the last thing I want to have : being able to change stance of your attacking waves and scouts : setting them to prone will make them try to sneak up to the ennemy trench (apart from the scout that will stay at a safe distance) and setting them to stand will make them up to charge or retreat quickly. Prone will of course make them more difficult to be hit.

Of course all of this is my first idea, it will be fine-tuned the day before and I really hope to make it happen.

Good luck to all others that will be entering the mini-LD too ! :)

Take One of These – Postmortem

Posted by
Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011 10:32 am

So, this was my first Ludum Dare ! And also, the first “real” game I made. You can play it here first before reading this.
First things first : the title sucks. I didn’t have any ideas on it so I just took what first went through my mind.

You might find interesting to read this post describing the whole process. You can also find my quite uninteresting timelapse video here; not of much interest, as i mostly spent my time munching code.

The idea

The first think that occured to me, was that the theme wasn’t great, and that nearly anything could be fit into it. As I had wanted to create some rogue-like game, that being one of my favorite genres and in my opinion having a lot of potential. Of course I wasn’t going to go for some groundbreaking game, but I liked the idea of doing something like that.

So I decided that I would “mock” a little bit the theme by having a old man give you a random set of items, those items being stupid… Then you would have to adapt in the dangerous caverns where all the monsters awaited you without much help (I was thinking toothbrushes and stuff). Alas, caught up by time, I ended up only putting in “serious” stuff.

I wanted something simple to play, but fully randomized like the original Rogue so that if players wanted to go on playing they wouldn’t have to stop because I didn’t have time to make levels (which sometimes happened to other participants, which was truly a pity !). That also meant I could really take my time on the game engine, starting from scratch.


The process

I started by implementing a basic loader, that took me about 5 minutes. Then I started work on the map. First big snag and also enormous error, was when I tried using a two dimensional array in AS3. I had never heard of nested arrays so I then assumed for some reason it wasn’t possible, instead of doing some research. I started coding using a very long array. Let’s say that I lost 6hours total, when I discovered I couldn’t do much with this, found out about nested arrays and learned using them, and cleaned all the mess left by the giant array.

So I worked on the generation algorithm. Didn’t know anything about that, so I sort of improvised to imitate Rogue. The algorithm goes through the map, and sometimes starts creating a room of variable size. After that, it creates corridors between rooms… That’s where it sort of became hectic. Thinks started behaving wildly sometimes, so I ended up doing some wall borders then floor all around the area, that way I could stop working on it. I had already spent a day on this. I finished it with random mob and item spawning.

Then came feature creep. I thought, “Line of sight, why not ?”. Ended up spending half of day two on it with no result. Twas fun, but then I started getting nervous about finishing.

I moved on to the inventory system and item interactions. That was pretty straightforward, using different arrays and algorithms. It was quite simple and I think, one of the things I managed the best. You don’t notice it in the game (well, I think) because it works seamlessly and frustration-less. This took me about three hours, max.

Finally, I implemented fighting and mob “AI”. Not really AI, because I didn’t have time to do pathfinding or stuff like that. It’s less than 50 lines of code. It justs checks if the player is standing next to him to attack him, and if not, moves in his direction. And even that’s basic.

Then came features : luckily I had worked by being careful that most things were dynamic, so I could easily implement items/mobs. I was hard pressed on time so I did only a small portion of what I had in mind… That’s where graphics kicked in, pixel-drawing armor/swords/potions. Not much work of course.


The end of LD#20

I think I did really okay, and I might even polish this to get a solid, entertaining game. It’s more of a engine now than anything else, but it could be more. I hope you found reading this interesting !


You can check out the game here, and my 31hrs timelapse of me coding away here.

Sleep !

Posted by
Sunday, May 1st, 2011 3:13 pm

But first, I just uploaded my entry here. It’s not as I wanted, but it’ll have to do.

I added items, random starting items, fighting… Bugs still happen sometimes, didn’t have the time to clear them all.

Anyway, good night and good luck to all those still on it ! I hope you have fun playing my game. :)

PS : Sorry about the no web version. The “Windows” is a swf actually. I just didn’t know where to host the swf… If you give me an adress, I’ll edit asap.

A beginning...

A beginning...

Not much time left

Posted by
Sunday, May 1st, 2011 12:16 pm

So, my last available hours lie in front of me… Indeed, I have to get up at 6AM so I can’t really go until the 4AM end period.

Found a hidden bug in the item & monster spawner : it spawned only on the top zone of the world because i iterated a var and checked another. That done, it looks better (screen below).

To do :

*Mob/mob & player/mob collision

*Mob action (move;attack)

*User attack

*Start screen & end screen

*Implement a maximum of items & redo graphics

Here’s the screenie :

Green dots are goblins; let our blade taste blood !

Green dots are goblins; let our blade taste blood !

Inventory completed

Posted by
Sunday, May 1st, 2011 10:59 am

Now the inventory is fully coded.

You can pick up usable (U) misc items that change your stats. Once used, it disappears from the inventory. Actually, the “Cold Drink” gives the player 5HP and 1ST (Strength). They are of course included in the random item generation.

One little feature more, dropping. When going into the inventory, you can drop (D) an item if you aren’t standing on an item. Useful if the player starts overflowing with items (not probable but still useful get rid of unwanted gear). Dropping creates the item dropped and removes it from the inventory.

Now to do… Mobs. I’ll really cut this to the minimum.

Here are TWO screens :

Yum, cold drink

Yum, cold drink

Don't throw litter in the grotto

Don't throw litter in the grotto



Ready your weapons

Posted by
Sunday, May 1st, 2011 9:43 am

Pretty much like the armor : you can equip (E) one, sheath (S) one, look at one through inventory screen for description. Both pieces of equipement make your strength and agility better, so you can fight better.

Now, to Misc. Drinking potions and using misc items will make your stats better, or worse in a permanent way ! There won’t be random effects like Rogue though, I’m too short on time. As it is, it shouldn’t take much time to implement.

Then, mobs : mobs will be generated throughout the map, and as i’m missing time, will always do one of two things : if not next to the player, move in his direction; and if next to him, attack the player. This way I won’t have too much work, but it still means coding a new bit of the engine whereas misc is only pasting and adapting existing code. With luck, I’ll have time for more graphic work.

Here’s a screenie :

This sword is nasty.

This sword is nasty.

“Armor operationnal”

Posted by
Sunday, May 1st, 2011 8:55 am

(Use SC’s battlecruiser voice for the title.)

Armor system completely implemented. Player can pick up armor, check armor description, wear it and remove it. He cannot wear two different piece of armor at the same time.

Now, weapons.

Screenie :

Armors !

Armors !

Inventory system

Posted by
Sunday, May 1st, 2011 7:07 am

There is now an inventory system. Each item is linked to a sub-class of Item, Armor, Weapon or Misc (those are potions). This way I can create quickly items, it’s just about the engine.

You can look in your inventory, and access a simple description of the item with the associated number. The max number depends of your strength, and if there are more than 9 items on a page, you can turn the inventory pages.

Otherwise, I abandonned the sight system, it was taking me too much time and yielded unsatisfactory results. Still a certain amount to do, but I might be able to pull this off.

Here’s a screen :



Just woke up…

Posted by
Sunday, May 1st, 2011 12:14 am

… and had my coffee. I guess it’s time to plunge back into my horribly improvised code. 😛

I hope I’ll manage to get everything done.

Anyway, good luck to everyone for the last 19hrs, some projects are looking really good !

Over for tonight

Posted by
Saturday, April 30th, 2011 4:07 pm

1am over here, so i’ll stop coding and grab some sleep. I don’t want to mess up the sight algorithm.
Tomorrow’s objectives include :
*Item implementing and interactions
*Mob implementing and interactions
*Random starting set, with a guy saying “It’s dangerous to go alone ! Take this , this and this !” Of course, some of the items can be completely ludicrous, forcing the player to count on his wits to earn points (or those items could give extra points).
*Point system, not shown during game but only at the end. Different actions give different amount of points…
*So obviously, a losing screen

Still quite a lot to do, but I think it’s possible ! Anyway, HUD is implemented as is a text system. I can “feed” the message system and the player will read through the messages with the spacebar as they came. This will be useful for fights.

You can try out a demo here : https://rapidshare.com/files/460001144/BUILD1.swf

And a little screenie just beneath.

Good night and good luck to all !

Hud in game

Hud in game

Starting to look like a actual game

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Saturday, April 30th, 2011 1:20 pm

Implemented the player, extending a “monster” class so implementing monsters should be quite quick. When the player reaches a red target spot, the game generates a new world but the player keeps his status (not that there is much yet to see).

So, to come up, line of sight (not like rogue, no memory system, and quite limited) and a hud. Then monsters, I guess and basic interactions with them.

Here’s a screenie :

The player in the world

The player in the world


Posted by
Saturday, April 30th, 2011 10:17 am

I finally managed to make those bi-arrays work. So, now, corridor generation is working, though I do have to tweak it a bit, I’ve got to reimplement border generation, and then start the core gameplay.

I don’t think I’ll manage to finish but I’ll try, I’m so far behind…

Here’s a screen for you : the green square is the starting point. It’s chosen randomly in one room. The objective square (red) will be in randomly in another room.



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