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The room for the night terrors is taking shape

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Sunday, August 23rd, 2015 3:39 am

Night terrors room

Because of running out of time, it seems that for me this Ludum Dare is more of an exercise in lightning and shadows than making a complete game. Oh, well, such is life.

The room is a little spartan still and more good hideouts for our monster need to be added, but I’m getting there. Hopefully I will get the first person monster working soon. Then I will add the capability for it to shuffle around the room, tap-tap-tap the window, squeak, and of course hide inside the cabinet and under the bed. The game (or toy as it is) is made with Blender Game Engine.

Faster Than Alien : Game submitted

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Sunday, December 7th, 2014 5:12 pm

Faster than Alien intro

The game is not entirely ready, but it is submitted nontheless. I’m not entirely happy with the AI or with the control system of the alien spawn in the 3rd phase of the game. Also, for the game to have some depth, there should have been more spaceships and more human units (esp. marines) to explore and hone your alien tactics on.

Also the game is very ugly, but I’m not artist and I simply did not have the time to do serious pixel pushing or 3D-modeling. By minimum the sprites should have walk cycles to all 4 directions, but this time it was not a priority, and therefore, it did not happen.

I’m was quite happy with the tool of my choice: the Jypeli-library. I only encountered one problem caused by the game framework and even that was circumvented quite easily. Coding the game in C# was a breeze, but creating assets takes really much time. Even when I decided to use only minimal placeholder graphics. My respect goes to you fellow LDers who have created really professional game assets AND a game in so little time.

The game consists of ~1000 lines of C# code, 20 or so sprites, few sound effects generated with SFXR. I effetively worked around 12-16 hours, and I estimate that the time was distributed 10% ideas / 40 % coding / 40 % assets / 10% updates, chatting, etc. I have captured the process, so expect timelapse in few days.

Have fun playing and beware the bugs:



The queen has built a nest

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Sunday, December 7th, 2014 9:05 am

There has been progress in my quest to build a single screen aliens simulator (Faster Than the Alien). The player controlled alien spawn grows and becomes a severe threat to those space dwelling hu-mans trapped in the same spaceship with it. When the alien finds heat and makes a suitable kill, where body can be dragged (read pushed)  there, it can start nesting and become a queen. An alien spawn hatches and starts to wander in the ship.

Faster than aliens

Alien queen has built a nest.

What still needs to be implemented (in order of importance):

  1. Spawnlings can go trough grilles. Adult aliens can break them.
  2. Moving bodies leaves blood trail (now there is just a pool of blood where the kill was made).
  3. Seeing blood makes the humans arm themselves. For now they just continue to wander aimlessly and run away from aliens. This means humans need a waypoint navigation system, state machine etc. nasty and complex game subsystems.
  4. Only the queen can be controlled directly. So a method to control newly born aliens is needed. At the moment I’m thinking about pheromones.
  5. Music & SFX.
  6. Balancing.
  7. Better graphics and animations.


Faster than aliens

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Sunday, December 7th, 2014 2:16 am


Time to give a sneak peak to my game. I draw inspiration from the first Alien movie, FTL and 90’ies game Space Hulk. You play as the alien spawn and try to breed (as that is what aliens aspire to do, right?). Unfortunately for the unlucky spaceship crew, this involves taking captures and defending the nest and territory. There will be some casualties for the AI controlled hu-mans, but that should not become as surprise to them – after all, all these dangers are listed in fine print on your contract with the megacorp, remember?

The game happens on a spaceship that fits on a screen. The player starts as a alien spawn born out of a first hu-man casualty. First you have to run and hide until you have grown enough you can try to take an human captive to be used as a host. At this time the humans will probably find out there is something fishy going on, so beware those flamethrowers. Dragging the unwilling host for your offspring behind you, you should find a warm spot in the spaceship to build a nest and start to reproduce. Nesting means you can no longer move, but fortunately you now have alien soldiers and alien drones at your disposal. It is time to be the insectoid mastermind that takes control of the spaceship before the hu-mans destroy your nest or initiate the self-destruct mechanism.

What I have:

  • A spaceship where you can walk around. Built from tiles and loaded from a resource file.
  • A player controlled alien spawn that grows to be a full grown alien.
  • Hu-man crew that wanders aimlessly. If it sees an alien spawn, it tries to catch and kill it. If it sees a full grown alien it will flee in horror.

What I still need:

  • Ability for the full grown player controlled alien to take captives, find a warm spot and build a nest. And indicators for these.
  • A state machine for the hu-man AI as the game relies heavily on interesting behavior of the simulated spaceship crew. Information propagation is also needed so that the first sighting of a full grown alien makes the crew to arm themselves.
  • Game ending conditions.
  • Sound effects.
  • Better graphics produced using Blender if I have the time (probably not).

I will probably not make it as I do not have too much time and the AI stuff is always prone to be more complex than expected. But I will do my best!


“A Cat With Only 1 Life”, status after 1st day

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Saturday, December 14th, 2013 2:49 pm


The first day is done for me. I managed to do around 4 hours of game dev today (from 18:00-22:00 local time). Installation of tools took some time and being a family man, 4 hours is what I had so the progress was limited, but this is where I’m at.

The idea is to build a game of a cat with only 1 life (when everybody else around him has the typical 9). How he still can beat the others is something that you will see day 2… (hint: cats are stooopid, but the cat with only 1 life has to be smarter than the rest).

The tools used: Visual C# 2010 with JyPeli game programming library. Paint.NET was used for drawing sprite graphics.

What was produced in that 4 hours was 10 or so sprites and ~250 lines of C# code. (and then I spent another 1:30 to prepare the timelapse, screenshots etc., but where is the fun in LD if you do not share?).

If you are longing to see more of my process, see the timelapse:

What if they never stopped building IT?

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Monday, April 20th, 2009 6:58 am

What if they never stopped building IT?

What I learned with this LD is that 12 hours is not enough to develop a game, at least for me. For first day the competition my only progress was that I had the idea for a game in the theme of “Advancing Wall of Doom”.

My toughts during innovation followed path quite similar to this:

  • What is the best known wall of the world? – The wall of china!
  • How it may cause DOOM? – Of course it would have caused DOOM for all mankind if the chinese people hadn’t stopped building it! Sooner or later it would have covered entire face of the earth!
  • The construction material for the “uber wall of china” would come from other human made constructs (cities and protective walls in my game) . The player tries to protect his cities by building his own walls (inferior to “uber wall of china” of course). Too bad that the hard working chinese workers can also use steal protective walls for building material, thus making the construction of their WALL OF DOOM even faster.
  • The gameplay would have been an hybrid between Amiga game Masterblaster (the advancing “spiraly” wall) and the game classic Rampart (building your own walls using wall blocks not entirely different from tetris). The gameplay should be rather hectic and emphasizing on intuition rather than logic.

So what did I manage to complete in 12 hours. A lot, if you look back:

  • I managed to set up dev enviroment on my secondary Ubuntu Jaunty box, consisting of MonoDevelop, SDL.NET, GIMP, Audacity, ffmpeg and others.
  • I got a world with advancing china wall, (for now) invisible chinese workers, dwindling cities and basic wall placement rules.

I’m missing:

  • Protective walls for players and mouse controlled way of placing them in Rampart style.
  • Animated chinese workers who carry bricks from cities and player walls to their own wall.
  • Score counting. Every tick with cities gives you points, when all the bricks from the city have been stolen to the chinese wall, points are no longer gained.
  • Menu, hi-score and some sort of winnablility.

Perhaps I will complete game project later this week. Well see.

Video of the “toy” version of the still incomplete game (not playable or winnable):

Timelapse of my 12h:

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