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Post Mortem – Captain Bearbeard

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Friday, April 24th, 2015 3:24 pm

Hey people, it’s been a few days since this LD has ended, and only today I managed to gather enough energy to do a Post Mortem. I’m gonna try not to make it too TL:DR;

Killin' some !

For a first game jam, I’m really satisfied with the result we got, knowing the little we are capable of. We’re just two average IT students who have seen nothing yet.

I’m struck by the awesomeness I see everywhere here at this LD. There are so many ideas, so many styles, tastes and levels of quality. I’ve never seen such a thing. So many people creating stuff all over the world at the same time, for fun, and not being ashamed of showing what they did. This is so cool asdfgjkfhgghh

Our game may not be better than the average, but we had fun doing it. We were laughing like crazy when drawing the sprites, testing the parrot’s AI, and finally hearing the sound of our dying pirates. And what’s more, I learned AS3 by the way ! (coming from a rather C/C++-ish background).

Here is a reconstitution of what our game looked like at first day’s noon  :

Boing boing

Boing, boing !

Two happy hitboxes playing happily with physics.

About this, I’m proud of my M.U.G.E.N background, where it was usual to define blue hitboxes for the “vulnerable” area, and red hitboxes for the attack’s area. Also note the little axis in white.

I think these are fundamental conventions for any kind of game involving combat, and I will always keep those in my pocket.

Hey, you can toggle those hitboxes as well as some debug infos by pressing G while playing our game. But don’t tell anyone ! 😉

There will be no “What went wrong” section because actually nothing went wrong. I’d rather say it like this :

What could have gone better

-> We didn’t prepare at all. I knew about the warmup weekend and stuff, but couldn’t gather enough time to truly prepare. We paid the price : My pal planned from the beginning to make the game’s soundtrack with LMMS, but we couldn’t add accordion samples, which would have made it more pirate-ish y’know. We ended up searching for free music on the internet. Sob.

-> We spent too much time on the graphical assets. Seeing the bucket-filled background, you’d believe we are kidding, but actually no. This is our best. I spent too much time on trying to make a classy GUI, and my pal did the rest alone. But to me he did a great job.

-> I thought we’d had time to make a title screen and an ending screen ! Also one type of enemy present in the game was supposed to be throwing knives at you, which would really have spiced thing up.

As of now you can just rush through the level by making two big jumps and hoping to reach the honeypot before running out of life.

-> The code is unmaintanable. You know what I mean.

During this jam, my pal hasn’t seen any code. It’s not that he can’t code. It’s that I didn’t want him to face that giant spaghetti bowl.

-> We didn’t take photos ._. I thought about it two times, and forgot immediately two times as well.

Positive stuff

-> We had no problem finding our idea. It popped out, like, after 20 minutes of brainstorming while having breakfast. We first had something like Baguette-Man in mind, but then we remembered our love for bears and pirates. And also this. If you guys have played Kingdom hearts 3D you can see what I mean.

So our idea was a bouncy pirate bear. Any questions  ?

-> Yuchi took care of the bear’s design by drawing the very first sprite (the idle one). I thought it would take time to get it right (a pirate bear!), but he proved me wrong. Only a few minutes and minor tweaks in the color palette were needed to make this cutie. And since, the sprite hasn’t ever changed.

-> The development conditions were perfect. The Flex SDK and FlashDevelop work like a charm together. It’s easy to embed images or sound in AS3 files. The API is simple and does the job. It takes no more than 2 seconds to compile and test each change. This is unthinkable with C++ stuff.

-> We were 100% at it. No distractions. But of course we still ate, slept, and we did go for a walk.

-> We’re proud of what we’ve done. The more I tell myself things could have gone bad, the happier I am of having something playable and quite funny.

-> Again, it was lots of fun participating to such an event, and it is very rewarding.


I’ll always play, rate and comment entries from people commenting on ours, sooner or later. It always depends on the time I’ve got, but be sure of one thing :

I will play your game.

Good luck to everyone, and see you in comments (and maybe next LD, who knows ?) !

You can check out our entry here : http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-32/?action=preview&uid=50232

Introducing Captain BearBeard

Posted by
Sunday, April 19th, 2015 4:52 pm

Hey people, thought I would do that cool “Here’s my progress so far” post.

This is a screenshot of Captain BearBeard, our entry for the Jam.

Basically you’re a peaceful bear that seeks a honeypot in a ship full of nasty pirates that want to kill you. See the small parrot up here ? He probably is the most difficult enemy to handle.

But you don’t fight like a regular bear. You fight by bouncing with your big belly. Because, well… it’s unconventional.

Currently the game runs well, the gameplay mechanics are ready and tested. I hope it won’t feel laggy once uploaded on the web (it’s a Flash game).

You can already see some features are missing, and the scene feels quite lonely. Soon the bear and pirates will be animated, and the user interface ready.

Good luck to everyone, and may your game be as cool as you want it to be !

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