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Game Over – Continue ? Yes !

Posted by (twitter: @Yacodo)
Saturday, January 24th, 2015 6:02 pm

Hi everyone,

We lost a player… we lost someone that loved the concept of LD since he knew about it.

We lost Silii, my co-op LD partner, a guy known for his good personnality at anytime, his humour and his happiness. He died in a tragic car accident in the morning of 01/20/2015.

“He was the Guy.”

The Guy that allow me to think we could do LD together, to progress, to experiment, to test our current capabilities and work around them…

I  know he din’t had time to post about his last solo compo, the happiness and satisfaction he got from it. Thanks to you guys, he made it to #20 in fun & #62 in innovation.

I don’t know if I will be there in April’s LD. But I will surely participate again, but before that, I have something to achieve… A promise I have to keep.

He was our Silly Guy. Thanks for everything you made him proud of.

Hide Them !

Posted by (twitter: @Yacodo)
Monday, April 28th, 2014 4:07 pm

Hello everyone, Silii and Yacodo here.

Here’s our compo for this LD. This one was not the easiest we have done.

First, I thought that minimalist was an horrible theme to play around, but that was until this week-end, we didn’t get inspired until saturday afternoon.

But this LD was the occasion to pursue on some research on game mechanics, it was really a great experience, we explored some mechanics like gravity and tricky collision (multi) that could have been implemented faster if I (Yacodo) had take the time to understand them before.


Sunday was our bugs solving day, as always, I almost depressed and was wondering why some collisions didn’t work properly but that was only about learning and think a bit more out of ONE concept.

Silii many times the graphics, the interface and the levels, game was pretty hard, we couldn’t even finish the lvl 2, except him.

PS by Silii : I won the game once ! Hurry up ! It’s possible !
Hi Guys, i’m Silii, i hope you will enjoy playing our compo :)




Restarting… in 3… 2… 1…

Posted by (twitter: @Yacodo)
Saturday, April 26th, 2014 5:56 am

Silii and Yacodo here,

We didn’t take part in the last one because we didn’t have the time for it. But we are back again… and we hope to do something more researched this time.

workspace silii and yacodo

Run or Splash.

Posted by (twitter: @Yacodo)
Sunday, April 28th, 2013 2:15 pm

Hello everyone,

Second entry as a team (Silii & Yacodo), but for some reason we have to stop today. It still a great pleasure for us : game finished in time.

Silii come up with our base idea for the LD (game design) and created the levels (He used his sister for some of them).

I had to take care of the game engine development and the “let your rage explode” for the team.

But that wasn’t the easier development in our point of views :

  • So many bugs, the foolish kind of bugs.
  • Our IPS wanted to allow us to remember that specific LD as : “The worst week-end of Internet connection of my entire life”
  • Skype drop call every time he can.
  • And that theme… God… that theme of the “What can we do with this ?”

So, we are still forced to take simple idea since we did not have so much experience in game development, but we still manage to create and provide something complete : huge different with our first entry.

Finally, here come our second game : Run or Splash.

We hope you will enjoy it, let us know what you think of it : good or bad.


Insert a coin to continue

Posted by (twitter: @Yacodo)
Friday, April 26th, 2013 3:27 pm


Silii & Yacodo here. We’ve taken part of the precedent LD and for us it was a really great experience and we learn a lot from it. So it was natural for us to retry it as a team. But as a huge challenger in the procrastination challenge, as since I’m the developer of the team, we didn’t take time to improve the last compo and the library I write for LD25.

Apart from that, I really got some trouble with my computer and had to switch back to an old netbook… (Wind U100-27), poor keyboard but still working and we couldn’t gather together so : The developer get a bad computer and the team work over the Internet and since we still think we are not really good in game making, it’s some kind of an exploit for us. So we are not sure about finishing a game this time. But yes, I put the damn coin and we are taking part of LD one more time.

HeroesFall – Incoming

Posted by (twitter: @Yacodo)
Sunday, December 16th, 2012 7:55 pm

So, we all remember old shoot em up game (Space Invaders and many others) ?

And with the current LD theme, most of competitors reinvented old game by switching player to IA and that basically what we’ve done.

As a first time, we choose something simple to create and we’ve learn so much from this experience (good and bad).

First of all, we cannot be prepared to everything and create a library for the occasion reveal to be a good idea (helping for repetitive tasks & others things).

And hopefully, we got great result on the first day, most of the game engine was created : really unexpected.

And second day : debug and improvement most of the day, in fact a simple collision bug make us loose time (4h…).

We got some feedback too, becoming the villain can be so disturbing when we recognize a type of game well known, so we had to create a tutorial for newcomers and thank to everyone for that. (That made me think, I got the same problem trying to play on some people compo. Hope people will think of game explanation).

Now we can finally concentrate on the game and maybe if we have the time today to make the first level really cool to play.

Our concept is simple (widely used on this contest : click to win !! [Hell yeah.]), but we want to make it more harder and less dependent on spam your mouse button, more strategic with bonus and other things. But the time is running.


So here’s a presentation of the game (used as a tuto) :



And if you want to give it a try : http://ld25.roboot.fr/. Don’t expect something enjoyable right know, but you can have an idea on what we are planning, just let your imagination do the trick.

Give us some feedback, it’s always a pleasure.


2 new players enter the competition

Posted by (twitter: @Yacodo)
Friday, December 14th, 2012 3:10 pm


As player we love game and it’s was some kind of a dream to create one for both of us.

This is our first time in a real game development, so we maybe won’t have time to finish it, but let make a try.

Silii is currently following a formation as a web developer and I”ve (Yacodo) learn to develop by myself.

Silii is going to handle the design part and during that time I’m going to do something other than procrastinate.

So we wil be using :

  • Photoshop (No, I’m not touching this, I swear) and maybe GIMP (when i need coordinate)
  • HTML5/Canvas/Lys (a first library and created during my training on game making)
  • Vim/SublimeText (Yacodo/Silii)
  • scrot/mencoder (I’m giving a try to timelapse, but it seems too fast)
  • nginx/ownCloud/git (releasing source on git)

Here’s our work environment : So yes, we are ready. Happy LD everyone.



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