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Friday, December 13th, 2013 2:34 pm

This will be my fourth Ludum Dare.

First entry was in Pascal.
Second entry in C.
Third entry in Python/Brython.

So, concluding the natural progression, this entry will be in JavaScript. Unlike the majority of people, it would seem, I have been really enjoying JavaScript so far, and I’ll be using it alongside the Phaser game engine (which I feel everyone should check out! It’s a brilliant piece of kit in my opinion). I’m not sure what other tools I’ll be using – possibly GIMP for graphics (if someone could suggest to me a program for GNU/Linux which is basically MS Paint I would be very grateful – what I particularly want is the ability to zoom with a pixel grid. It is something I am considering writing for myself due to my thusfar unfruitful attempts at finding such a program). I will probably also be using the audio tools recommended on the tools page should I get far enough :-).

Good luck to everyone participating! Hopefully there’ll be some great games and good fun for all =D!

NB/ I will be posting my source at github.com/xyrix. As I move through my house there may well be illogical commit activity going on XD.

Ludum Dare 26 complete

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Sunday, April 28th, 2013 9:35 pm

This marks my third Ludum Dare! You can play my game at ld26.xyrix.org if you wish to verify that this is at least 33% true.

I have to say, nothing in the previous to LDs I did compared to the stress of changing permissions recursively in the wrong directory on my server; logging out; realising I changed the permissions of my ssh key on the remote server and now cannot log back in; eventually deciding, yes, I must put up a new server from scratch; and then having my internet connection cut out for ten minutes. At 2.30am. With the competition closing at 3.00am.

Phew, though! Everything’s up and running, now :-). This marks my first website (I like to use the Ludum Dare as a learning experience). Overall I’m pleased with how it’s turned out, and am glad to have had my suspicions on web design at least marginally confirmed by this experience :-).

Sadly, I think I won’t get much of an opportunity to play and rate the other entries, as it’s straight back to work for the week and then off to Holland for a short break.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did! And hopefully I’ll be participating again in future LDs :-D!


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