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Posted by
Sunday, December 11th, 2016 9:21 pm

I’m to tired to write about my entry, or add any fancy visuals (mostly because my game doesn’t have any).



Finished My Game

Posted by
Sunday, August 28th, 2016 7:02 pm

And… Here is it… ( For some reason, the site isn’t letting me link to the LD game page… I will link directly to the game instead.)



Also, check out the soundtrack to the song. I am pretty proud of it considering how little time I spent on it.



Post-LD projects

Posted by
Friday, May 27th, 2016 5:02 pm

Since this last Ludum dare, I have been focusing on new/better methods for producing my tracks, and it has been a huge success. My tracks have sounded better and more professional… Check them out here… And please follow me on soundcloud

“Go on a journey” Post Mortem / HAPPY BIRTHDAY ME!

Posted by
Friday, May 6th, 2016 3:58 pm

I will keep this post-mortem short because I don’t have much to say about my game…


Go on a Journey or something

What went right :

  • Nothing major went wrong
  • The bow and arrow mechanics turned out flawlessly
  • The music was turn out really well.
  • The gameplay was actually fun this time
  • Art wasn’t as horrid as usual


Want went Wrong :

  • For some reason, everybody didn’t quite understand the mechanics. Actually, the only person that said they didn’t was Jupiter Hadley, but she counts as everybody.
  • When voice acting, I was going for a annoying but funny voice acting… But it turned out just to be annoying.
  • The games difficulty curve was sorta sharp.
  • I ran out of Mt. Dew in like my first 2 hours.
  • And I just feel like the game was missing something.


I don’t know what it was… But I just wasn’t feeling it this LD. I think it was the theme, I wasn’t particularly fond of it. Overall, it was a good LD. I got most of what I wanted done, done. Next Ludum Dare, I will crush it, I can just feel it.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY ME!!! In celebration of my birthday, I released a new track on my soundcloud. You can listen to it here…

Progress after almost 12 hours…

Posted by
Saturday, April 16th, 2016 7:09 am

I have been up since 8 pm, and it is now 7am+. I am so tired rn xD.


I have most of the core mechanics finished, and know 100% what I want to do the rest of the game. I don’t have much to show for yet, nothing very pretty, but its getting there.


I’m really tired, check out this track xD


Forgot to post work details

Posted by
Friday, April 15th, 2016 7:28 pm

Primary program – Stencyl

Art – Pencyl

Music – FL 11 Producer edition : Primary plug-ins – Harmor, Sytrus, Gms

Inspiration – Cat posters

Drinks – Mt. Dew Kickstart, Gatorade

Food – Beef jerky, Candy, more candy, some more candy, chips, and chocolate (My body is going to hate me)


Only 30 minutes until I get to yell at my computer, screaming about how stupid the theme is!!! 😀

Shameful self-promotion, listen to my newest track!



Posted by
Friday, April 15th, 2016 3:12 pm

I am ready for tonight’s LD! Just went to the store, bought 20$ of snacks and energy drinks. Everything is set, I think this LD should go flawlessly. I even finished a last minute track in preparation for the LD.


My biggest goal for this LD, is placing top 10 in audio.

Another Pre-LD Test

Posted by
Saturday, April 9th, 2016 2:07 am

I just finished a massive pre-LD test track. I’ve been warm-up my skills to prepare for the upcoming Ludum dare. If I can manage to replicate this quality of work in less than 48 hours, I think I will blow everybody out of the water this LD. I spent the past week working on this track for a remix competition. I used this opportunity to further my skills for Ludum Dare while getting out of my comfort zone. Its defiantly the most complex advanced track I’ve ever created… Listen to it here.

Happy Daring! I hope to place top 10 this LD.

Pre-Ludum Dare Warm-ups / I’m In post

Posted by
Friday, April 1st, 2016 8:35 pm

Hey guys! I’m in for my 7th times! Last Ludum Dare was amazing, and I placed #16 in Audio and #60 something in Mood… But I tanked all the other categories. My entry was solely based on the atmosphere, and this time around. I am not going to make the same mistake. I want to focus on making a simple, addictive, fun game that is enjoyable to play. My goals this LD, are top 10 in audio, top 100 in fun, and top 250 in overall.


I’m in.


In preparation for this upcoming Ludum Dare. I’ve been working on some new tracks and new style. I feel like I am finally at a skill level that I can place top 10 in audio. Listen to my new tracks here…



Release a New EP on Soundcloud today

Posted by
Friday, March 11th, 2016 5:26 pm

Hey guys! I have some exciting news! I just released my new EP today. I’ve been working on the tracks for the past month and a half now, and I am excited to finally release them now.


I decided to name this EP Evolution because my style very much evolved in this collection of tracks. In this EP, I really opened up to other styles such as Future Bass and House, while still focusing heavily on head banging dubstep. You will see more tracks like these coming from me soon. I am still evolving my style, and will not stop until I reach perfection.


Also, another big thing today, I released another project today, is a competition with a fellow producer, where we were testing out our primary plug-ins to see which is the most powerful… You decide who won. Please follow me on soundcloud!


I cannot wait to apply the skill and knowledge I gained from producing these tracks into Ludum Dare. I’m going for top 10 in audio this time around.

Post-LD Projects

Posted by
Friday, January 29th, 2016 4:22 pm

Hey guys! I have some awesome new projects to share and some really exciting news! Today I released my newest EP and a track that I collaborated with D3ST1N to produce. Here is a update of some of what I’ve produced since Ludum Dare.


Psychosis is DEFFINATLY the best track I’ve produced yet, and it collabing with D3ST1N was just awesome. His style is so aggressive and fun, I had a blast collaborating. Combining our style was just beautiful. We both have similar aggressive dubstep styles, but yet our styles are so different. The combination was just amazing in my opinion. I really hope you enjoy listening to this track as I much as I enjoyed creating it.


Even more news!!!

I released a new EP today, featuring the song Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories

I had a blast creating everything in this new EP, Ghost Stories is personally my favorite track in the EP, besides Psychosis. I feel like it is the most complete and professional track I have created solo, and I just love the eerie feel :D. Please Check out my new EP!

Like and follow me… Noobstep

I just released this for a remix competition!…

Post-Ludum Dare work

Posted by
Friday, January 8th, 2016 4:55 pm

Hey guys! I had a great Ludum Dare, and I hope you did too. I reached my goal of placing on the top 25 in audio, so I’m really proud of myself right now. I want to share some a new track I have been working on. A lot of what I do in this song, I learned from Ludum Dare.


My newest track, Monster, started off as a test for a couple of chords, nothing big. It was all going great, it sounded good, so I decided I should expand this beyond just a test. I started working on the chorus, not expecting to do anything out of the ordinary. I actually created a rough-draft for the chorus that was decent, but then I stumbled across the most amazing, hardcore bass growl every created!!! I had experimented with bass growls in the past, and some were good, but never have I heard anything as insane and brutal as this bass growl! It sounds as if a monster is yelling at you though heavily modulated, already monster-like, bass growls (That’s where the name comes from). What I did to create this bass growl, was I created a very stupid audio clip of me saying random words, then vo-coded them using a pre-existing bass growl I had already created. After modulating the vocal clips, and vo-coding it through the bass growl, it created a mega growl! This growl is unlike anything I’ve every heard before.  Check it out for yourself here.

I hope you enjoy!

16th in audio! Thx guys!!!

Posted by
Monday, January 4th, 2016 10:01 pm

I finally accomplished my dream of reaching the top 25 board in audio!!! This time, I totally flunked on everything else, mainly because I didn’t care about the other aspects of the game, I focuses solely on audio, and how I could make this games audio stand out. So to set myself apart, I decided to feature in this game, something that hasn’t been done often before. I decided to revolve the game around vo-coded voice acting. I figured probably nobody else would have that in their game, and it paid off. My biggest regret this Ludum Dare, was I failed on the gameplay and the theme. I loosely based this game on the theme to allow a deeper story, which would give me a better frame for voice acting, but people didn’t see the correlation between the theme and my game very well. Next LD, now that I have accomplished my goal, I plan on focusing more on the gameplay, and having a good interpretation of the theme.

Here’s my game if you are still interested.


And here is my newest collection of tracks I just released!

Thank you so much guys for making my dream come true!

Hey guys, I just want to share some post Ludum Dare work. Since Ludum Dare, I have been working on my music in a new way, focusing more on structure. Here are the new tracks, these are all tests, but I like them…

Hey! Look! more shameful plugs!

Please play and rate my LD 34 Entry. DECEIT

Deceit (Post Mortem)

Posted by
Saturday, December 19th, 2015 3:16 pm

In this post, I’ll be going over what went wrong and right in my LD 34 entry, Deceit. Play it here. ( Hey look, a extra link! )


“Deceit is the story of a where a madman loses his memory, and the voices in his head take him over. The voices tell him to do stuff he doesn’t agree with, but he complies out of fear. You play as the madman, where you must follow the voices is this horror shooter game.”

What went right :

  • One of the greatest things that went right, its people loved the Voice Acting in this game. I am a Dubstep producer, and I have 2.5 years or so of experience with audio. As every Ludum Dare, I try my hardest to do something, audio wise, that sets the game apart from the rest. I feel like the Voice Acting throughout was a VERY nice touch.

There was a lot put into the Vo-coding ,and it was very complex! I couldn’t even fit 1/5th of it all in a whole screen!


  • Another thing that went right, was the art and atmosphere was amazing! I am NOT a artist in the slightest! I am probably the worst artist here, but somehow I managed to make some pretty neat stuff.

I guess It was a lot easier to draw when u have everything so dark you can’t see anything.


  • Another thing that went right, was the gun mechanics turned out great! The guns accuracy varies, and the machines gun just felt so smooth. I love the guns.
  • I didn’t have any major glitches that broke the game, but I did have to take away a couple features I wanted due to just not getting then to work and running low on time.
  • I felt the overall feel of the game was complete. This is probably the most complete entry I’ve turned in for a LD.



  • THE BIGGEST THING THAT I DID WRONG! Was I made it where you have to click on crates to open them! For some reason, people are getting SERIOUSLY ticked about this. I did this because if I programmed it to open on collision, it would likely repeat the process in the millisecond it takes to remove the crates collisions. I didn’t want 5 pistols spawning, and you are able to kill all the monsters in 1 hit.

I did this to keep the game from breaking, but people seriously hate having to click stuff… Its weird…

  • The next biggest thing that went wrong, was I messed up on the movements. When you collide with a wall tile, It stops your x movement completely. Apparently, people do not know how to time a jump, and they cant make it over a tile… Idk, I think I got used to that, an didn’t even notice anything was weird, but some people cant put 2 and 2 together and figure out how to time a jump, it is really easy.
  • Another TERRIBLE thing that went wrong… even though I spent 15+ dollars on snack food… I ran out of them on the first night.

I had like 1 beef jerky stick that I had to proportion out to last 30 more hours XD.

  • Let’s see… Another thing that didn’t quite go my way, Is I never had a opportunity to create some sweet dubstep due to the reason, it just wouldn’t fit the theme of the game. I did have some REALLY SICK audio effects! But no Dubstep.

I had to replace where I normally put my dubstep, with dark ambience.

  • Possibly the most painful thing that I did wrong… Was I went for a more metaphorical interpretation of the theme, but people just didn’t see it well. I did this last LD, and it turned out great, but it didn’t cope well with me this LD.


Overall, I had a blast this LD! I learned so much about the structures of a song. Because of having to create ambience and background effect, I now realized how important the stuff in the background are to the overall song. I also learned, NO MORE METAPHORICAL INTERPRETATIONS! Next Ludum Dare, I am going to stick 100% to the theme, and focus more on the gameplay than the storyline. I’m super excited for the next Ludum Dare, and I can’t wait to apply what I learned in the next dare! This is probably the most fun I had participating in Ludum Dare, so I’m excited to keep it going! Goodluck with your games!

Check out my entry here!!!

Check out my sound cloud page!




Posted by
Sunday, December 13th, 2015 9:47 pm

I’ve finally finished my game! Deceit! You can play is here…

D 1


Deceit is the story of a where a madman loses his memory, and the voices in his head take him over. The voices tell him to do stuff he doesn’t agree with, but he complies out of fear. You play as the madman, where you must follow the voices is this horror shooter game.

I put a lot more effort than I ever have into this Ludum Dare game! This is defiantly my most advanced and complete game I have ever submitted during a Ludum Dare.

MY NAME IS TANNER DANIELS, AND I AM A 16 YEAR OLD DUBSTEP PRODUCER, AND THE AUDIO IS VERY IMPORTANT TO ME! PLEASE VOTE KINDLEY IN AUDIO. This game features advanced vo-coding and vocal time and pitch manipulation. Creating all the vocals and such were incredibly hard, and you won’t find this form of vocal-editing in ANY OTHER LD GAME!I spent a lot of time on audio.
I am not a artist, and I am amazed I was able to accomplish what I did, the lighting is once of the biggest things that brings my game together.
I had a lot of fun working on the gun mechanics (even though they were a pain). I am super proud that I accomplished creating a automatic gun!!!

I am super excited about this game and I really hope you enjoy the game!

Lets get top 25 in audio this LD! (I reached #26 last LD…)


My soundcloud page

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