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Project Virtue – Ludum Dare 34 – 72hr Game Jam in Seattle

Posted by (twitter: @wulfdesign)
Monday, December 14th, 2015 7:36 pm

Seattle Indies arranged and put together an awesome Game Jam space at SURF Incubator as well as Sponsorship from Amazon AppStore for Ludum Dare 34.

Our teams concept for the theme of “growth” was “inner growth” and fighting ones inner demons…

Deciding to go with the seven deadly sins… and only having time for one level… we chose gluttony for the first deadly sin to attempt to defeat. (which is funny cause all of the awesome food that Amazon graciously provided for this years Jam participants)

Team Virtue…. well cause we needed an name of the fly and there is a supposed 7 corresponding virtues to combat the seven deadly sins…

We created all of our art from scratch with the help of an awesome classically trained concept artist and then converted into pixel art by our digipen graduate. We had also somehow manage to wrangled some local Seattle musical talent into our game dev circle… so we have all new music made during the 72hrs of the Jam as well… could really get spoiled with a team like this… only one coder/project lead/ on this run… so he pretty much did everything else on that front… kind of left me trying to fill in knowledge gaps where I could… like figuring out a Tiled2Unity workflow and get that set up and functioning between the coding and art assets.

link to uploaded game (by another team member), dev snapshots, concept art, and post mordem, posts hopefully to follow…

here is a initial level design test with some of the tileset and trying to figure out how to get from Tiled to unity…

level design test

level design test

FireVania – FireGuy – Connected Worlds

Posted by (twitter: @wulfdesign)
Monday, August 25th, 2014 3:15 pm

Team FireGuy – FireVania LD30 Jam Entry

Theme – Fire and Connected Worlds
Our team combined our local #HOGjam 30hrs game jam with #LD30 and #AmazonDev

Complete blog post here from RobbyZ

Game Engine = Unity3d
GFX – Main – Inkscape, Paint.net, Tiled (lvl layout)
GFX – additional gxf – OpenGameArt.com (icons/powerups) and Charas.net for player sprites.
Audio by: Tom Miller

Team FireVania
Art by: Larry James
Code by: Robby Zinchak
more code by: Shawn Featherly
Audio by: Tom Miller

Postmortem to follow…

Larry James
Wulf Design Studios

Forest World

Forest World

Fire World

Fire World

LD 30 – Connected Worlds

Posted by (twitter: @wulfdesign)
Friday, August 22nd, 2014 9:34 pm

I’m most likely attempting to combine the LD 30 – Connected Worlds theme with our local ‘House of Games’ Jam this weekend in Seattle at Amazon…

The HOG Jam doesn’t start till tomorrow at 10am PST so not sure how this is all going to work out.

Weather we go for a team jam or I try the solo compo…
I’ll find out in the morning if anyone else want to try and combine the two…

Could end up with some sort of Iron Chef like game jam…
You have these 2 themes and 24hrs to make something out of it…

we’ll see if I’m (or we’re) up to the task…


Stellar Delusion : LD28 : You Only Get One!

Posted by (twitter: @wulfdesign)
Friday, December 13th, 2013 8:51 pm

Ludum Dare 28
December 13th-16th Weekend
Theme: You Only Get One

didn’t really schedule time for this one
figured I’d take a look
to see what I could come up with
and if inspired put maybe 4-8hrs into it.

You Only Get One…
of what…?

after the last Ludum Dare in the Seattle area
we had a get together and showed off the games we made.
one in particular had a social, conscious theme to it.
to raise awareness and make a point, yet have a little fun.
kind of liked that idea, but how could I do that.

I’ve been involved in a few ecological, technology, and some non-profits the past several years.
and have a few pet projects that I think are important
that we should be working on globally.
game dev is suppose to be sort of a break from it,
but could any of these be made into a fun game in 72hrs?

3d Printing…. maybe…


Enclosed Self Sustaining Closed Loop Ecosystems… nope..

Asteroid threat to all life on earth,
or at least our civilization and higher life forms…. maybe…!

one planet, one chance, one life….
protect the earth from the asteroid threat…

Been tinkering around with Stencyl and rapid game prototyping a few months back with my previous LD27 entry.
and working/playing with a space adventure RPG concept the past year…
so can use some of the assets and experience I’ve learned from that to create a mini level
maybe in a few hours or so…
if not too complex.
so here goes.

Stellar Delusion : LD28 : You Only Get One!
IDE – Build Environment – Stencyl (2.2)
Build with – new fry’s cheap ass Win8 laptop
Run Platform – Flash – Web
System – Mac, Win, Linux
Graphics – Inkscape, Paint.Net
Graphics source (other)- web (jpl, nasa).

we’ll see if I can muster getting something out…

Game Play – tbd (forthcoming)

Larry James
Wulf Design Studios

8:30 pm start
Game Play
Defend Earth from Asteroid Threat
Fly ship in space,
Earth, Ship, Asteroids have gravity interaction that pull on each other.

threat detection satellite indicates asteroid threat imenet.
HUD radar shows threat location,
fly to asteroid and safely deflect trajectory.
don’t run out of fuel,
don’t crash into Space Rockz!
don’t allow Space Rockz to crash into earth.
The Big One, meteor swarm, comet,

Mission One.
flyout and check on rock.
plant tracking beacon.

Trajectory Deflector
Gravity Tractor
big cadabooom!

Game ReName: Stellar Delusion – Space Rockz!

Game Assets Needed:
Ship (anim for thrust) – done from assets
Earth – NASA or JPL – need to do – done (WikiMedia Commons)
Sun – Done (Nasa)
Moon – Done (Wikimedia Commons)
Asteroid(s) – NASA or JPL – need to do (also render with POV-Ray)
Satellite (maybe)
Tracking Beacon (maybe)
Stars background

Code Needed: 2d Gravity for n-bodies (head hurty)

Scene – Earth, Moon (maybe). asteroid, ship.

HUD: distance to target, size, number, etc. fuel.
Radar: all on map.


ok, got Sun, Earth, and Moon images cut down and into useable form for sprites
took old 5 ship image anim stills and imported all into stencyl

add collisions, ship animations sequences, and thruster controls.
play around with game a bit take screenshot.
Screenshot 2013-12-13 22.11.06

need to take break and think where this is going..
having planets collision detection on (and not just a sensor)
hmm…makes it so you can actually land on them…(or an asteroid for that matter).
having them so they are immovable makes them a planet.
need to add localized gravity (this is the headache that will prob be difficult to work out)
post and take break for night…
unless I can’t sleep and really want to tackle gravity…

or background image…
The Milky Way panorama
here is a test one from
turns out AWESOME!


A bit more playtesting,
screen resize and screen shot.
Screenshot 2013-12-13 23.13.14

controls are arrow keys for left,right,foward, and reverse thrust.
no gravity yet…
planet collisions are on…
no asteroids yet…
considering it’s only 3hrs work not to bad start.
mostly spent finding the right images and editing them down.

10:30pm Sat..
didn’t get around to working on things more late on saturday.
grabbed and edited asteroid image from a JPL site and added to game.
collision detection now on for ship and asteroid which has a far larger mass than
your ship. slightly random starting velocity, direction, and rotation.
played around with actor placement. liking the new wrap around the inner solar system at the sun…
and no collision with the sun…
still need gravity…

(btw scaled collison bounds are not working correctly and I have no idea why…
so everthing must remain the same size for now)

12:45pm Sat night. done for the night.

9PM – 12am Sunday…
yep, gravity certainly was a pain. had to go back through some old code I did months back to figure it out.

got gravity functioning between asteroid and earth farily decently.
may have to tweak it later, but fairly realistic for radial gravity between 2 bodies.
need to add interaction between ship later if I have time.

as it stands it’s more of a gravity simulator and space flying demo that is partially finished.
(with pretty art assess)…

so guess the working name is still
Stellar Delusion – LD28 – You Only Get One… Planet!
game jam entry here

12am -2am Sunday night…
couple of hours playtesting,
just hanging around flying through space
and watching the giant rock tumble past the earth…
noticed distance numbers between planetary bodies where off a bit… dug through the code and fixed (half distance of sprites from centers calculation was not done right).
now shows negative distance meaning it’s crossing earth’s path…
getting some good ideas on where to expand from here…
hopefully more time to implement before end of Jam monday.
nite all.

3pm – 6pm Monday.
got in a couple more hours before the end of the jam to add failure to protect from impact alert, and restart scene…
would be nice to add… close call in a particularly close planetary shave… or minor, and major impact depending on how bad the hit was…

now off to the post Ludum Dare 28 Meetup to show it off and see what everyone else did locally.


Ten Seconds of Thrust! – Post Mortem

Posted by (twitter: @wulfdesign)
Wednesday, September 11th, 2013 4:57 pm

Finally getting around to doing a postmortem on Ten Seconds of Thrust!

It is my first Ludum Dare 48hr Solo Compo Entry.
(though I’ve participated in a couple of group game jams and they where a BLAST!)
I would have to wait until a 90deg day in Seattle to write this…

I’ll prob have to clean this post up later (or not).

Pre-Game – Strategy and Intentions

  • Rapid Game Prototyping Knew I didn’t have much time to participate so choose tools that i could get something done solo in little time.
  • Low barrier to Entry – I  like the concept of getting something out quickly to showcase a technology and lower the barrier to entry for people who would like to be creative…
  • Ubiquitous to create and play –  I’m also using older computer systems so wanted it be playable on almost anything within the browser.
  • Wanted something Visually appealing and interesting play
  • Playable and posted in time allowed


  • InkScape –  awesome and powerful. free vector drawing package (svg) ported to most systems (also exports to png)
  • Stencyl – drag and drop code blocks like MIT scratch, good for beginner (or rusty) programmers. exports game to flash (free) and others (paid).
  • Linux Desktop – free os, with lots of free tools.

Theme Vote and Time

Not my first choice on a game theme…

forgot I had someplace to be on Friday evening so, either cancel it or just go into it knowing I’d only have a limited time to work on things… hence working with tools that can produce something quickly…

I’ve done this before… just not with a game… I can pull this off….

(see Thought to Thing in 1hr or Less) and (Thought to Thing in 2hrs or Less)

I didn’t even know what the theme was until Late Friday evening.

The Good

48hr Solo Compo  – the good distilled…

  • Total creative control
  • success (or fail) due to your own efforts
  • spend as little (or as much) time on something as you decide
  • no obligations other than to yourself (and those who may play it)

This has possibly turned into…

Rapid Game Prototyping with Stencyl and Inkscape in 8hrs or less…

and now the ramble about the game…

Theme and low time actually worked to an advantage… not knowing what the theme was until late Friday night.

having to brainstorm and make a decision quickly and on my own actually worked well.

I really couldn’t even get to a computer to work on things during a good portion of the compo but that wasn’t much of an issue early on. I could see the game play and some of the basic level design already in my head well before sitting down at a computer. so most of the game ended up being (virtually) pre-built before I was able to sit down and actually create it. however, eventually you have to sit down and goto work on things.

also knowing I’d have limited time in front of the screen helped me to work with the limited pallet so to speak.

prior commitments kept me from spending too much time in front of the computer and forced other activities like… take a walk, fix dinner, visit with friends…

having played around extensively in Inkscape and some in Stencyl (particularly in tile creation)… made level design, layout, visualization pretty effortless and fun.

after finally getting down to the coding bit… it eventually all started to come back (I’m multi year rusty at coding). was almost as much fun as doing the graphics…

got a lot of positive support from GF on tackling (and finishing) my first Solo project… something to show others at our local after LD27 meetup. and talk about at PAX Prime the following weekend.

The Bad

The solo compo can be a lonely endeavor…

Really missed the group dynamics in game creation.

  • No one to bounce ideas off from
  • coming up with everything on your own
  • no show off what you doing (and get their help/feedback).
  • no one to take up the  slack when you are short on time (or talent).

granted I got some feedback from GF… she would have loved to have helped… but nope.

Time crunch, lack of sleep…

couldn’t sleep well Friday night… so had to sleep in on Sat to catch up and be functional. so had a couple of hour to work on things before next time commitment and actually see the sun… got a couple hour in Sat before noon doing graphics, but really didn’t get to working on game until late Saturday night… and only for a couple hours at that.

The Ugly


GF was very supportive in my tackling a solo project… however… she just started new job, so she required TLC. poor communication and scheduling on my part (the game jam is THIS weekend?!). all lead to way too much stress. even without the solo compo or jam it would have been a difficult weekend. and afterward fallout from poor sleep schedule, life stress, etc. … getting too old for this.

my great push to finish the game (just before the deadline) involved having to hack together the timer countdown code… I really need to spend more time in the Stencyl code base to figure stuff out… and not on such a crunch… maybe a few hours a day. don’t leave things like this till the last min… or Ten Seconds… as the case may be.

oh… and so bloody exhausted that literally botched the after LD27 show and tell… almost didn’t make it due to melt down stress.


ToDo Differently

  • Practice more with Stencyl Coding (hr or so a day till awesome)
  • Schedule more time
  • concrete communication about plans with others
  • do jam instead of solo
  • spend time after compo to polish game (and post)
  • have others playtest during jam/compo

Done Right

  • Tool Choice of Stencyl and Inkscape
  • publish to web
  • waiting a bit before code/build
  • honed Inkscape skills before hand.


Done Wrong

  • no laptop availability
  • time and personal commitments
  • not  enough code familiarity to write w/o extensive research



p.s. as a side note… would do the tiles (and collision detection) differently… I’m prob the only one to find the bug… but collision blocks need to be bigger to keep from allowing your ship to sometimes pass through the wall and end up behind… (would require and complete level and graphics rebuild).

Ten Seconds of Thrust…

Posted by (twitter: @wulfdesign)
Saturday, August 24th, 2013 11:17 pm


I’ve only had a couple of hours to work on the game today it’s not too bad.

got a basic tile set and sprite created…

basic tiles, sprite, and level setup...

basic tiles, sprite, and level setup…

good thing Stencyl is pretty easy to import an set these things up or there would be now way I’d have anything done in time…


onto the game engine…

several hours later…

ok, have basic level with ship and physics…

but now it’s 4am…


don’t see getting everything i’d like to get done before deadline


Main rocket thrust countdown timer…

integrate storyline into game…

(Solar Flare 3min away… due to fuel leak you only have 10 seconds of  main engines burn…)

rescue yourself and the ship, as many crew as you can, and get under ground before you all get irradiated…

here is the basic level, tested with collision detection and physics working…


sleep now… and try and do a couple of hours of finishing touches tomorrow before 6pm Sunday deadline..



LD27 begin and idea gen

Posted by (twitter: @wulfdesign)
Saturday, August 24th, 2013 3:24 am

Theme… 10 seconds…

engine valve stuck…
only 10 seconds of thrust.
or 10 second of air…
10s to land…
10s till splat…

back in time 10 second do over…?

space / lunar lander

jump, etc. burn time, etc.

count down… 10… 9… 8…

also 10 s turns… like speed chess?

series of 10 second levels..
how many can you get through…

each builds on or leaves off from the previous.

alt idea
how far does light travel in 10 seconds? or sound? or anything else take place in that time frame…?
10 seconds for observer vs. 10 seconds realative… (speed).
how u make that a game?

10 seconds freefall = 1600ft at 32px per ft = 50 tiles.
or 489m freefall in 10s…
yea, not liking those sort of dreams…

going with lander / gravitar like clone.
10s fuel max…
power up grab to refuel… to get to next waypoint.

basic level…
take off & land w/ fuel.
alt lvls power fuel up.
add cool stuff after that…


    ^   xxxxxxc     x

long day & late start so
off to slumber land for tonight.
will work on graphics & gameplay in morning after some sleep.


LD27 First Solo Comp or Jam

Posted by (twitter: @wulfdesign)
Friday, August 23rd, 2013 2:16 pm


done a couple of jams and they where a blast!

a little nervous  attempting my first solo comp or jam

Tools (tentatively)

  • IDE / middleware : Stencyl
  • Dev system: Linux (or fallback to PC)
  • Graphics: Inkscape, Gimp (fallback to Photoshop or paint.net)
  • Platform: Web (Flash)
  • Audio: if have time…??

trying the Comp and will fall back to Jam rules if need be.

have some other stuff that I want to do this weekend so we’ll see how this goes…



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