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Rat King my excuse to learn flocking

Posted by (twitter: @AntonPantev)
Tuesday, May 6th, 2014 1:12 am

Here are some screen captures of my Ludum Dare 29 game:





I was underwhelmed by the theme for LD29, so I decided to use the 48 hours as an excuse to learn the flocking algorithm that those mice are so eagerly demonstrating.

For those who aren’t aware its a movement algorithm that helps to simulate flocks of things (in this case flocks of mice). I know my game AI knowledge is pretty¬†weak so I’ve been meaning to teach myself more and Ludum Dare seemed like a good opportunity to do it.

The game is super simple. You control the white mouse (the Rat King) and you hope to influence the grey mice to go to the left side of the screen where they will be safe. If a grey mouse exits the screen on any other side then they are lost. Also yellow enemy mice will pop up from time to time and start killing your grey friends, so defeat them before they cause too much havoc.

This is also my first game where I created the art as well. Sadly the little art that is present took up most of the 48 hours for me. I wish I had time to add in a visual clue or effect to let you know that the left side of the screen is the goal for the grey mice. But I’m glad that I was able to make any art at all, since I’m well out of my depth with art.

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