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Found a flaw in my code

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Sunday, August 22nd, 2010 5:04 am

Well adding features for my game idea and codding found a flaw with algorithm for collision detection I was using. Sadly some features were dependent on some features of that algorithm so quickly switching to other algorithm is not an option aether. So spending time for now reading about similar algorithms and thinking on how to fix it or write a different one with similar structure. Considering that 14 hours are left that probably means I am out of LD18 :( Epic fail on my part 😀

Lunch and screenshot

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Saturday, August 21st, 2010 9:11 am

Here is my lunch, cola, bread and some Olivier salad


As for game/idea/progress here is a screenshot


Basically I am going for something top down with massive amount of creatures. Want to finish basic game mechanics and technical stuff today and spend tomorrow adding graphics and sounds and polishing it, may be adding some more features. Will see how it goes by the end of first day. On game mechanics front nothing special, did not got any particularly good ideas so going with what I got :)

Also setting is mostly undecided, initially wanted to go for insects but now thinking to switch to spaceships :)

Breakfast and ideas

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Saturday, August 21st, 2010 2:01 am

So here is my breakfast


As for idea, don’t have any in particular that I like at the moment. Theme seem to not inspire me to anything original with mechanics that were not overused already… Infestation games with zombies… Some top down arena survival games with possession mechanics. Or again top down survival games but with dodging and using enemies to kill each other. Mostly things I played hundredths of times already and making one more does not inspire me at the moment. Thinking hardly on what to do with theme like that.

LD18, I am in

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Monday, August 16th, 2010 3:50 pm

August LD is LD I never miss. Was waiting for it since beginning of summer :) This year I managed to take a 2 week vacation around it meaning today is first day of it. Starcraft2 kind of eat big chunk of it though :)

I participated in 6 LDs so far producing something playable only 2 times. Have bad habit of trying something technically complex and new for me which ends up eating too much of my time… Kind of doubt that this time will be different but hope it will :)

Tools? That depends on the theme and my idea for it. Probably Flash for assets and interface, Flash develop for coding + my own code  snippets but majority being coded a new considering my programming knowledge/style. There is chance that I will decide to use some engine/library depending on the idea. They include Box2d/Flixel/Flash Punk. But I kind of doubt that as I do not have good enough knowledge of them to feel comfortable with them. Same goes for Unity 3D, started checking it out few weeks ago but since then interest faded a bit + did not had much time for it. Still chances are pretty slim as I find 3D games to be a hard thing to fill with content in short amount of time.

Checked today an Alchemy port of Box2D from here, from looks of it it seems easy and fun thing, a WYSIWYG physics tuning that allows seamless Flash animation and Box2D physics combination. But only from the looks of it. Still things to learn and code to write for each separate case of such Flash/Box2D binding.

P.S I sure hope Swords or Swordfights wins 😀

Some glimpse of intent

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Friday, April 23rd, 2010 1:44 am

Hey there. I participated in 4 LD’s before and so far score is 2:2 :) Two finished games in some unfinished but still useful prototypes.

As for this LD, I am little bit sick right now + will be busy with some other things so chances of me producing some game are very slim but there are some. Depends if I will like the theme and will have some small casual idea for it that I can finish in half of time or something.

As for tools then as before Flash, may be some engines like Box2D/Pushbutton/Flixel etc but I doubt it as I am aiming for something simple.

Age Of Exploration post-mortem

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Saturday, December 19th, 2009 10:46 am

What went well:

  • Obviously I got good game idea :)
  • Physics turned out well
  • Game mechanic was fun
  • Interface turned out to be simple, not buggy, etc. For 12h spent it is weird :)

What well wrong:

  • Failed to make more complex graphics because most I tried made it lag fast
  • Made mistake of making game time constrained. Should have been some ind of resource constrained. Thing is that most fun is aiming probe well and exploring planet or even few in one show. Time constraint rather made you shot a lot of average shots instead of aiming really carefully which is bad.
  • Probably 1/3 of time spend was spent on things that did not work… Would have been good to spend it more on polishing core mechanics and game aims.
  • I added only a mouse-wheel based zoom. That was a mistake as Mac users have problems in Flash with that (tough I head Flash player release on 9 December 2009 should have fixed that, can’t confirm)  Also users playing on notebook without mouse had problems too…

What now:

  • Well firstly I think I will make one more version of it removing time limit and adding some “probes per planet” limit. Should make it more fun. May be I will try adding a little bit more graphical things.
  • As for large game based on idea I think I will but it on hold. Needs a lot of content and thinkering on technical sides of it(there are some). Exploring idea for enemies and war, AI, etc. I have some other game ideas that have less of such complications so for time being I will not make it in to a full game. In time being I welcome anyone to try and make their versions of the idea :) Just bother to send me a note/mail. Would like to see it  and play it :)
  • Need to add alternative to mouse zooming.

Longer version of how it went

Day 1.  Well woke up and read the theme. Started brainstorming for ideas and (more…)

Screenshot, progress, idea

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Sunday, December 13th, 2009 10:06 am


First screenshot of my game

So yeah here is first screen shot I am posting.You can see sun, two colonized planets, and 3 other planets that are not yet colonized + many moons :)


Unfortunately I am bit tired from long week + have many other things piled up from week so I had only some 8 hours to work on the idea… And it progresses very slowly :(  Also some technical parts of it gave me problems as I have pretty large maps that should be zoomed out/in a lot and still look well and do not lag… Ending up with pretty simple representation in vectors because of it. Also fog of war without lags took some time and looks very simplistic… Ahh… Anyways I almost finished minimalistic part and will probably switch to doing interface/start menu/game over/help screens soon.


As I wrote yesterday I went with space exploration theme based on my older idea for a game. It basically is based on single game mechanic of lunching rockets in a solar system with more or less real gravitation physics.

I picked this theme because it scales well and seemed as minimal part of it would not be that technically complicated. Well I was little bit wrong… Anyways at max this idea would give me kind of civilization+rocket physics combo. You have mother planet from which you can lunch satellites to find new planets and explore their environment and territories, then prepare colony ship for some territory on planet surface (say ocean or mountains or something) and start lunching probes trying to land them on the territory you want. When successful you lunch colony ship on the same trajectory, if you miss you loose the ship, if you hit you get new colony which you can then expand getting new lunch site + resources + experience etc etc. You can expand the idea in any direction like adding meteorites, aliens, etc…

And idea minimum would be some more casual game where you need in short period of time to colonize as many planets as possible without any resources/ship types/experience and level up complications. Well in the end I am going for this minimum :( Other things to do and damn how slow and unproductive I am this time :( Spending hours on some things worth 15 minutes…. Well at least I will have something playable this time.

Well back to work.

Long morning of exploration ideas thinking

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Saturday, December 12th, 2009 4:36 am

Well in this LD I promised my self to keep things technically simple as usually I spend some 70% of time trying something new. This time I want to reuse some old code/idea and try to keep it smiple.

Well first thing that come to my mind was to reuse this experiment Alone In Darkness So some dark caverns exploration with a twist of not seeing much all the time. Other then that traps, treasures and stuff… Buuut I don’t think that it is such a good idea… Lot needs to be done technically and probably making graphics for it won’t be so simple aether.

Another direction of my toughs was space exploration and I think I will go with that. I had idea for such game for a long time but it is too complex for 48hours so I will be cutting that idea down to simple elements for next few hours and trying to gather some prototype code together too see if has any promise at all. Wish me luck while I wish you all luck with making cool games in next 1-2 days :)

LD16 plans

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Monday, December 7th, 2009 6:52 am

Well will try to participate. Last time went experimenting with some ideas and was not able to finish a game in time. Rather ended up with some toy.

This time I am not shore how much time I will have and how creative my mood will be so probably if I will try making something it will be simple/small with intent to finish something.

As for tools as usual Flash AS3 + my code, probably will not be using any libs except for may be some Box2D in case theme and game idea will need some solid physics.

I am calling it a day…

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Sunday, August 30th, 2009 3:55 pm

Well it is almost 2 o’clock of night here and I need to go to work tomorrow… And still not game :(

Here is my last result:

icon3So idea was pretty simple after I finished with tuning up my experimental water physics… Game would be called something like A.W.C.A.F.I.T or Asteroids.With.Caverns.And.Fuel.In.Them. Idea is that spaceship traveling trough space sometimes stops at asteroids and tries to got fuel from them. Game mechanics are kind of simple. You need to use rotation of asteroid and gravity to bring fluid to place you dig a hole in it.

So as things are now I will not be able to finish it (at least at a level of quality I want) in time so probably I will stay it at that and finish it properly later this week.

For those who are interested in progress here I assembled all 4 versions of my development here. Good luck to everyone who are trying to finish now.

Water Caverns progress

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Sunday, August 30th, 2009 7:00 am

Well since my last post many hours before not much changed… I mean I spent pretty many hours testing some ideas I never got testing with how to simulate particle collisions without checking each colliding particle pair. Those were weird ideas and isn’t it 48h compo a place to test weird ideas 😉 Well some idas worked, some did not but here is result I am stopping at. Have spent too much time at it anyways already:


So now I will go eat something and will be turning it in to a game as it is only a toy right now. Considering not much time is left it will be something really simple… Should have been at that stage yesterday and not today heh :)

JayIsGames, Cavern+Exploration, Progress

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Saturday, August 29th, 2009 8:29 am

Well I remembered that JayIsGames is running another casual game desing competition with theme Explore. It is only for browser-based platforms so it may not be of interest to everyone but to some it will.

Breakfast + workspace

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Saturday, August 29th, 2009 6:00 am

Well here is my breakfast some Solomon sandwiches, Cola and few peaces of Melo


First progress

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Saturday, August 29th, 2009 3:59 am

So it is caverns huh… Before the compo started I was thinking that this theme is not so bad, but it is kind of hard to think of something original where caverns is main point of the game… All originality will probably come aether form game mechanics or from wondering beyond cavern theme but staying in caverns :)

Well anyways. Have 3-4 ideas and will probably be testing them together today. Then will decide which to finish/polish tomorrow.

So far here:


This will be my third LD

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Wednesday, August 26th, 2009 8:11 am

Hey guys. Participated two times before and hoping to participate this time too. Not shore that I will finish with something playable tough.

As in previous times will be using Flash. May be some open source physics engine depending on the theme like Box2D. Also may be some of my code libs for user interface and may be physics. Nothing special tough. Doubt it will have any sounds or good graphics as I am no musician or designer but may end up using Photoshop or this srfx(for first time) everyone  is talking about here. Probably will need to test it out on Friday before it all starts.

Crystal Towers Timelapse

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Thursday, August 14th, 2008 5:14 am

Well no video :) Just some time scale of how things went. Well times are not precise but close.


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