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Scrolling around the map

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Friday, December 5th, 2014 8:29 am

scrollingNow able to scroll around the game’s map with the arrow keys – still need to do background (ie floor/walls) textures but it’s looking pretty good overall. It even has a quasi-smart renderer that will only display objects that are in frame.

Pulling apart Cat Planet

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Friday, December 5th, 2014 7:44 am



catgalaxyReal thing on the right, my improvised overview map on the left. (Doesn’t yet show lava/hazards, which is why it looks like the floor drops off in the bottom-left area.

Sprites and sounds grabbed OK, and now the map displays pretty well.

I’m mucking around pulling apart chuchino’s past LD entry Cat Planet. Don’t have any huge ambitions for it, besides building a C# engine and maybe adding some kind of multiplayer.

As previously mentioned there’s a live feed of this work in progress if you don’t mind a bit of swearing and alcohol consumption.


cat planet cat planet cat planet cat planet cat planet

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Friday, December 5th, 2014 6:04 am

Hey all!

Got a live stream up of me building a new engine for the assets from someone else’s LD entry from ages ago – Cat Planet:


Due to time zones (I’m in Australia) and life factors I’ve started tonight (Friday) and am going to finish early. It’ll still be 48 hours but in the interests of fair play I’ll enter it as a jam entry with an understanding that it’s not an effort to “seriously” attempt the challenge.

Yet another completion post

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Sunday, August 24th, 2014 3:17 am

I think I’ve done pretty much everything I want to do on my project now – there’s still a bit of time left but all the key mechanics and systems are in place.

Check it out:

Started out answering the question, “what would Scorched Earth be like with orbital mechanics?” 

Rapidly degenerated into a realtime shooter because bending attacks around planets is way more fun in realtime. 
Enemies and attacks curve around planets’ gravity fields realistically, and you can teleport between them yourself (hence “connected”). 


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Sunday, August 24th, 2014 1:49 am


Fully playable, you can win, you can lose/die, you can fight and kill enemies. Sound, physics and graphics subsystems all working perfectly.


…I’ve run out of things to implement. D:



Looking good

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Saturday, August 23rd, 2014 7:45 am



Very happy with how it’s coming out so far:

  • Simple custom audio mixer working AOK (no limiter yet though – enough sounds and it’ll clip)
  • Sound effects for every major game event (shooting, attacks hitting stuff, being hurt, etc)
  • Simple custom orbital mechanics for attacks & enemies working perfectly
  • Simple particle effects system working perfectly
  • Able to destroy enemies
  • Enemies come in waves, after you beat each wave another bigger one comes, until you win


My only problem is that a screenshot doesn’t look very impressive – when everything is still you can’t see the orbital physics and it just looks like a bunch of triangles and circles. I’m not much of an artist but I might consider my hand at whipping up some sprites for enemies, players, and shots.
Also there’s no HUD of any kind yet, so it’s hard to work out what’s going on if you’re playing it for the first time.

Considering adding a particle field to give a better sense of space (background is unmoving plaid).



Progress and direction

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Friday, August 22nd, 2014 11:30 pm





Started out asking the question “what would Scorched Earth be like if the two players were on different planets?” Seem to have changed direction because shooting at stuff with orbital mechanics is just way too much fun to leave turn-based. Probably going to turn it into a planet-based shmup – use these paths to transport between planets, defending the star at the middle from the marauding hordes.


“Joining in” post – kind of new to this, kind of not

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Sunday, August 17th, 2014 4:38 am


This is my first LD, game jam, or anything like that. I started out producing small pixel art games with The Games Factory maybe 15 years ago, and gradually climbed the technological ladder. About halfway through this adventure it reached the point of being more about the technology than the actual games, spending almost all of my effort on large graphics engine projects with little interest in actual gameplay. Also spent the last few years doing fairly serious sound design/processing stuff.

As of this year I’ve realised I’ve regressed about the important bit and know nothing about designing actual gameplay anymore. Getting into Ludum Dare is an attempt to come full circle and rediscover fun.

You can find a sampling of my current work here (no game work though! Okay maybe one example [NB. Uncleared samples/images — I’m aware that you can’t do that in the competition]).

Fan of:

Captain Games. Beef War.

Old-school Mac games.

MOBAs, before DOTA got to them.


Believing that big chunky pixels are a viable substitute for putting effort into your art (big chunky pixels are fine, but doing it well takes effort too).

C++. My primary language for a half-decade. Comparing it to C# is an exercise in diminishing returns.


Language: C# on MS Visual Studio 2010

Libraries: OpenTK, NAudio, maybe ODE if the need arises (do people still use that?)

Graphical: The GIMP.

Audio: FL Studio 11, Goldwave, various mics/interfaces

Code: Haven’t excluded the possibility of recycling a few old fragments of code for things like signal processing or API wrappers to save time. I’m not terribly worried about winning the actual competition, so if that disqualifies me it’s no big deal.

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