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Bouncecrab, Starfish Island!

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Tuesday, April 27th, 2010 7:11 pm

Behold, Bouncecrab, Starfish Island!

The game is sadly quite short, but I’m pleased that I managed to get something I could call a “game” at all :)  This is my first foray into actual game programming, written entirely from scratch using Standard ML and the Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL).  Special thanks to Tom 7 for his SDLML bindings.

The Windows version seems to have way-too-fast timings, but I’m told it is sort of playable.  Also, the latest release of the Mac version is statically linked against the GnuMP library, so if you had any problems with it before, please try again.

This past weekend was super fun!  Thanks, Ludum Dare, for existing! :)

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