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Working in something a bit big

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Saturday, August 23rd, 2014 8:13 am

Hey all, this time i started with a big idea, I will try to finish it before the 48h if not, i’ll try to get it to the Jam.

This is what i have so far:


Some kind of God simulator where you need to conquer worlds using your resources 😛

Right now all planets and resources are randomly generated but the system is not done.

If you ask for the genre it is strategy 😛

My thoughts

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Wednesday, May 21st, 2014 3:55 pm

Hello everybody! First thank you everyone for your time and I’m glad this competition exists.

I’m gonna talk about something that doesn’t have a word but it’s  really important.

There are a lot of people (like me) that tried hard this ld because we wanted to do the best game so far, experiencing some depressive ratings or something. I was really excited when I was gonna start making the game, and when the theme came out I started thinking ideas and doing something with them, and then, make the game, post it etc… My fault was, not when making the game, it was when I started thinking about the concept and when I was developing it with nothing special in mind.

What I mean is that if your game is wonderful, lovely, looks pretty good and sounds better than nothing, it doesnt mean that your game is gonna be better than others. Why? You would ask. Because most of us forgot the essence of making a game. What is a game guys? Something that entertains you! What if you make a game and you are centered in making nice graphics, nice musics but not nice entertain? The game doesnt work.

Let me put an example, my game.

It has more less good graphics and the music is not bad at all, the story is fine and the introduction is nicely polished. But what about the gameplay? It has a lot of bugs, glitches, less gameplay, but apart from that, it isn’t a game you will remember because it didn’t en entertain you at all. Why? Because that entertainment is missing!

Ey! You can only shoot and jump!

Ey! Why there is only one kind of enemy?

Ey! Why is it so lineal?

It’s boring, it could be fun, it could be pretty, sound great, but if you don’t polish what you do, If you do not develop it as you would like it to be, then it wont work!

Remember, its your game, you’ll always excited and happy with it. But, let’s see your game from another perspective. Is your game that good? Did you miss something that you would like to see in your game? Does it make you play it to the end or is is always the same? Is there any goal that the player want to reach?

So, the graphics, the engine, the sound are not what scores you. It’s your concept for everything, remember, never make a game how you dont wanna be, try to reach something you know you are gonna have a lot of fun and continue playing it, and that’s what the game is gonna pick up.

Let me put some examples:

I Wanna Be The Guy:

The graphics are from other games and they are supposed to be really bad, the music is not always good and it is pretty simple. Is it bad? Nope, it is fun because it gives you the feeling of “I need to get to that platform, damn, it seems nearly impossible, what the hell? Why that cloud killed me?” And that’s it.

Same for ludum dare games, i really loved the second place:

Ripple Runner

Why? Apart from the amazing music and sounds, the mechanics are lovely, they catch you from the start to the end, it’s like I can feel how the developer was feeling the game, and I can’t stop playing it until i finish a stage because I wanna know what is gonna happen and what is going to challenge me with those interesting controls and concept. The music helps a lot!

Same for other games from the LD and not LD.

Think about Portal, Antichamber, Minecraft, League of Legends, S4 League. Think about it! You’ll find out what’s going on, what is making you play a game and why people wont play your game, and then, with that in mind, you can find a way to put that feeling the next game and make your players happy!

I hope you understand what I tried to say, it’s a bit hard but never give up! It’s part of your way!


Congratz to everyone that made a nice game! Not only those from the first places, everyone that made a game in these 48h because making it is amazing!

See you guys!

Everyone learn something with Ludum Dare

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Monday, April 28th, 2014 7:58 am

Hi, i’m satisfied with my game, Amy’s Rescue, but that was after a long way of 48 hours.

What went wrong:

-When I started making the animations they didn’t work at all, I looked for an answer to this and i figured out that it was a bug, a bug that makes the animations not switch at all, then I figured out a way to solve it, it worked, but a bit weird. Maybe I need to find a new way to solve that.

-The physics 2D where pretty hard to understand at the beggining, I thought i couldn’t make objects not collide between them but it wasn’t like that, another thing I found in the second day!

-When I was close to the last hour of submission, I finished the level, and the game started to lag really hard, it was horrible! But somehow I could make an antilag in less than that hour and submit it in the last minute <_<

-I couldn’t make all I wanted, physics, bugs, weird problems, like a fade not working without reason, and more things slowed the project, if you look in the source, you will see a saw and a crate that I couldn’t make at the end. :/


What went right:

-This is the first time I make art like that and it worked pretty well! I’m used to make games in a team cause I’m in a big project and my mates make the music and art for me, but this time i needed to do alone and everyone enjoyed it, was surprising!

-It’s the first time I make an IA like this and it was pretty fun to code, also the art, the feel of challenge felt pretty cool.

-Ludum Dare changed my way to think about my own games, I need to learn much more, and make better games. Thanks Ludum Dare! See you next time!


And you? What went wrong and right? How do you feel now? Share your thoughts!

Amy’s Rescue Entry

Finally Amy’s Rescued!

Posted by
Sunday, April 27th, 2014 6:24 pm

My game is finally finished, the first day was like “Oh no… everything is turning really hard and bad… bugs, more bugs…” you all know what I’m talking about. But now! I turned the game in something I really love! It’s my first LD by the way but not my first game, and not the last!

Here it is!

Amy’s Rescue.

Your ship blow up and amy fell in the entrance of some kind of Underground Laboratory, what you need to do is rescue her from the evil humans! Kill Em’ All! Ah yes, but you have only 6 minutes, if not, they will dissect her!

Do you dare to try?


Storyss (2014-04-28 at 02.53.40)ss (2014-04-28 at 02.50.49)

Here it is! : http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-29/?action=preview&uid=33996

End of Day One

Posted by
Saturday, April 26th, 2014 10:50 pm

Amy’s Rescue is mostly done, this was a long and hard way but it worked very well.

The Title Screen is finally ended, the mechanics are done and the intro is done too. What I need to do tomorrow is the Scenary and the final cutscene, and maybe some improvements.

I hope I can finish it before the submission ends.

Hope everyone finishes soon too.


Good luck!

Plinkie and Amy

Posted by
Saturday, April 26th, 2014 7:53 pm

Plinkie and Amy, their nave blow up and now Plinkie needs to save her from an underground laboratory.


Screen of the first cutscene :3



Half Way!

Posted by
Saturday, April 26th, 2014 3:26 pm

So finally half of the game is made, all basic mechanics (move, jump, shoot, physics, enemys, IA, death, effects, music..) and now its time to make the second part: The Gameplay!

So why not Take a look:


Amy’s Rescue, Your Spaceship blow up into pieces when you were going to land in The Earth and your girlfriend Amy and both fell in a different place. Amy fell in the entrance of some kind of secret laboratory beneath the surface. You need to kill the humans and rescue Amy in 6 minutes before they dissect her. In your hands a gun, because you are a cute alien :D!

A bit late but..

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Saturday, April 26th, 2014 7:19 am

Here it is! The first screenshot.


Collisions, movement and basic Tiles!

ss (2014-04-26 at 04.15.34)

Had lot of problems with animation and physics but now it’s working. Hope I can finish this :3

Time to add some enemys!

This time something special

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Monday, April 21st, 2014 4:04 pm

-Short Post <_<-

Hi all! This time there are a lot of nice Warmup games so I made my own but i wasn’t motivated enough to make something better so I decided to challenge myself in the warmup and here it is!! My second attempt, but only a wip :P.

This time I want to make something better than what I usually do so I made a Roguelike dungeon generator, it remembers me to The Binding of Isaac’s dungeon pattern 😛


ss (2014-04-22 at 12.53.26)


I show you guys this because I wanna give you some luck in this LD!

Guys, make the best games you could do and show all your potential! :3

Good Luck to everybody!

Lets Do It

Posted by
Saturday, April 12th, 2014 10:11 am

Hi all!

This time I’m gonna make something for Ludum Dare, I never worked in anything like this before so I hope I can do it well!

I can’t wait! I’ll try to be in the top 100, maybe i’ll be last xD! Haha!

I’m gonna be using the following depending on the theme:

  • Engine: I’ll be using Unity, i really love using it, maybe Multimedia Fusion 2 if I work with 2D.
  • IDE: If using Unity i’ll be with Monodevelop, it seems fine for me 😛
  • Graphics: Photoshop of course, maybe Paint Tool Sai too.
  • Sound: Audacity and Bfxr, may not be the best but it sounds great for me :3
  • Music: I’ll be using Abundant Music and GXSCC, maybe some reverb with audacity or something haha 😛
  • Source Control: I think i’ll use Github, that’s a nice place for it.
  • Distribution: Windows, and maybe Mac, Linux and Web before release.

Good luck to everyone!

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