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Escape from Planet 21

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Sunday, August 21st, 2011 5:56 pm

Wow, this server is clogged. I was going to post more than this but I’ll offload what I can to my server.

Here’s the lobby screen, which doubles as the instructions and more or less covers the story and theme:

lobby screenshot

The game was made in Unity. A third party GUI interface (GUIX) helped with what GUI there is. Models were done in Blender, textures and mattes in a combination of Painter and Photoshop, music (such as it is) in Renoise, sound effects with the Mac-implemented CFXR utility linked on this site. Scratchy graphics are accomplished with one of the filters built into Unity. The font is Laserjerks, by the excellent Typodermic foundry.

I’m just wrapping up bugs and polish at this stage, but this was super fun (it’s my first time).

More details and less lag are at our own site.

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