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Game submited to jam !

Posted by (twitter: @webravenz)
Sunday, December 7th, 2014 3:31 pm

Hi all !

We finally submited our game to jam tonight, you can see the entry here

Pick up one to three friends and defy them in this “asteroid” inspired game ! Gather them around one screen and one keyboard. Only one can survive, show no mercy … but please don’t hit your friends physically 😉

*May contain evil rocks*


Almost finished !

Posted by (twitter: @webravenz)
Sunday, December 7th, 2014 2:30 pm

Hi all !

Our game is pretty close to be finished, just some polish needed !

It’s about 2-4 players battle inspired by “asteroid” game ;). Some fun with your friends coming tomorow when we will post it in jam section.

Here is 2 preview pictures

ld31-preview ld31

More than 200 drawings !

Posted by (twitter: @webravenz)
Thursday, August 29th, 2013 2:33 am

There is now more than 200 drawings in my LD 27 game 10s drawing, great job everyone !

some are awesome :

Professor X by Mase http://10sdrawing.cmegnin.fr/#205


Pregnant Amputee Monster by Tristan Donnall http://10sdrawing.cmegnin.fr/index.php?page=2&cat=5#20

Titanic by Badger http://10sdrawing.cmegnin.fr/index.php?cat=9#80

Snake by Robin http://10sdrawing.cmegnin.fr/index.php?cat=10#64

and plenty others …. 😀

Done, let’s draw now !

Posted by (twitter: @webravenz)
Sunday, August 25th, 2013 8:46 am

Hi guys !

That’s it i’ve submited my game.

View the entry here : http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-27/?action=preview&uid=15961

And discover the game here : http://10sdrawing.cmegnin.fr/

The goal is to draw something related to a category in 10 seconds. There’s a gallery in the main page with all drawings.

What can you draw in 10 seconds (that’s really short) ? Find out and share your drawings

Usable beta

Posted by (twitter: @webravenz)
Saturday, August 24th, 2013 1:06 pm

Hi all !

We’re at the end of the first day, and I just uploaded a beta for you 😉

In my “game”, you must draw something in 10s in a given category (have to be extremely fast :D), and you can see drawings of all users. Go make some better drawings than me …


You can go to this url to check all that : http://10sdrawing.cmegnin.fr/

I work with html5, css3, javascript and paper.js

See ya !

PS : If you have categories suggestions you can tell me :)

Game done !

Posted by (twitter: @webravenz)
Sunday, April 28th, 2013 8:35 am

My first participation to LD is done. Was pretty amazing, I will sure do it again !

See some infos about my game and try it here


Round Box

Posted by (twitter: @webravenz)
Sunday, April 28th, 2013 5:03 am

Hi all,

It’s my first ludum dare this week end. I have’nt post yet so let’s start from the begining.

Yesterday morning I quickly found my idea : a minimalist arcade rythm game (sort of minimal guitar hero). I decided to use geometric vector graphics, so i choosed to use haxe nme, haven’t use it for a while but it’s ok.

at the end of afternoon I had a playable game, with minimalist but fun gameplay with 3 keys. Here is a screenshot :


more infos will come in the afternoon, I start to work menus and stuff … 😉


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