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Awesome and wicked rating system idea!

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Friday, September 19th, 2014 9:14 am

I’ve heard it mentioned more than once that Ludum Dare runs on the honor system. This works well for friendly competitions, but as the number of participants grow and the chances of making it to the shiny results page diminishes, will the competition remain friendly?

One idea is to keep the competition friendly and expand the amount of top spots through a percentile system (Sorceress’ idea).

Alternatively, I’ve heard some say they want the top spots to be prestigious and to not make it easier to get these positions. You can’t have prestige without cutthroat competition to make victory sweeter, so I present to you a cutthroat rating system. [drum-roll]

I described the current rating system to a lawyer friend. Lawyers are trained to be pessimists, so naturally my friend pointed out the potential for abuse by rapidly assigning low ratings in order to not only boost one’s own score but also gain higher visibility for one’s game through the default score. Apparently, the idea of honesty and good-will was lost in the conversation. My friend stated the most fair ranking system is that used in law school.

I haven’t been to law school, but from what I have heard, professors must give out a fixed percentage of each grade (A’s through F’s). This contributes to the tense and competitive atmosphere of law school where a difference between a pass and fail can literally come down to if one student had better punctuation than another.

Likewise, we can adopt a system where participants only have a certain amount of 1 through 5 ratings to distribute (in each category). When the person becomes sufficiently cool (by exhausting the number of votes) then a new set of ratings are made available, but still in the same percentages.

Of course a person will have to readjust their ratings for other games in order to give a rating that has been used-up, but we all want judging to be thoughtful and deliberate, right?

This means those who are star-stuck by the heavy hitters in LD will not have the ratings to support a surprise favorite and will have to readjust. Those that are too lenient will have to toughen up, and those that are too harsh will have to chill-out. The “shotgun rater” who rapidly assigns low ratings will quickly run out of ammunition.

Of course this will lead to may people giving and receiving the much-hated 1 ratings, but that’s the cost of balance.

This will manage those who distribute ratings unevenly, but what about those who rate randomly? I propose we make all ratings public. To protect the voter from retaliation, the name behind the vote can be replaced with a confidential ID. People should be able to see all of their ratings and query the ID to see that person’s voting pattern of all games. If the voting pattern seems random, then there can be a mechanism to report the voter.

I present this idea with much levity, and mostly for your amusement. I like how the current rating system rewards participation with feedback. But if you think this idea is super-cool, super-lame or super-radical let me know.

Finished my first LD!

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Sunday, August 24th, 2014 5:23 pm

I just submitted my game (Wraith Hunter)!  The last 48 hours have been an incredibly rewarding experience.  While it was fun to work on my game, it was just as fun to read about others’ games.  I saw many screen shots that made me drool; I can’t wait to try all the games out.


Here’s the link to my game:






I’m in!

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Monday, August 11th, 2014 11:51 pm

This is my first LD – I’m so exited!


I plan to use:

Engine: Stencyl


Sound: sfxr and Audacity

Hosting:  google sites for the game and dropbox for source


Happy coding everyone

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