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Ok… its no use… I wanna learn from my mistakes now!

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Sunday, August 28th, 2016 7:14 am

Ok… I do not feel like that it is fair that I ask you guys to help me review the code and figure out what is wrong with it… in short I am opting out of the competition and I was hoping that someone would help me with the code… not going to submit it… but I will supply a link to the netbeans project file right here:


For the future I wanna learn from my mistakes… take part in more Game Jams, finish a game… bla bla… you get the spin… plus I was not up to speed, a little rusty… and this is probably the biggest project I have ever done! So yeah that concludes my Ludum Dare experience… HAVE FUN YOU GUYS AND GALES!!! 😀

If you want to get in contact: wardana.sebastian@gmail.com

I dont want to do anything anymore…

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Saturday, August 27th, 2016 1:01 pm

I havent done anything in the meanwhile… but I am going to call it a day…seriously… no preparation going into this… its my first ld… my tries of creating something like a game do not even go into the tens, what did I expect… gotta squeeze a game loop in somewhere. But tomorrow… signing off… but definetely continueing on my quest and I am sure as hell developing this game further in the future… and learning different ways to make games too…

I am getting a pause…

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Saturday, August 27th, 2016 11:49 am

After at least managing to make a build without any major breaking error I am now faced with the challenge of figuring out why in the world the game wont draw the floor tiles, as a result I have an empty grey canvas… I tried resizing it by hand… ubuntu did not let me… those workflow enhancements just feel soooo good… curse me!!! for now ignoring it seems fine… I’ll get a little explorer going and that will stir everything up and then it will be fine… still need a game loop too… but I will try on my own for now and after a good meal its time for some crunching… I should have done that at 3 am in Austria when they anounced the theme, I was excited, I wanted to gogogogo… now I go!

whoa… all you guys are impressive!!!

Posted by
Saturday, August 27th, 2016 6:01 am

everybody is doing such an amazing job… you guys are great… this is my first game, with a few minor exceptions (like breakout in school)… i hope i can bring something to the table… i should have done more research and trying out stuff… the game gets convoluded pretty quick and I do not even have SOME working thing with a moving guy and he does things… ive never done SUCH a big jump… i am worrying all the time… but so far doing this all together and seing the others progress… i have never felt so empathetic when somebodies screenshot turns out just like the kind of games I wanna make and then your saying WHOA out loud in front of your screen with nobody there… uh ok, anyways I am slowing down in progress dont know WHAT to do because theres allways something but I am confident that I can do it on my own… still hoping I can enter the compo with something… fingers crossed… taking a pause…

How does this work?

Posted by
Saturday, August 13th, 2016 7:43 am

Hi… I was wondering how the hole thing with the game having its own site where you can post upgrades and such works??? Or do I just post those like this one and they get organised… can somebody clearify please…

I am in

Posted by
Thursday, August 11th, 2016 1:16 am

Hey hey… I am in… and totally human… I have allways been looking up stuff about game development and the Ludum dare seemed so out of reach… I have never finished a game… tried stuff… never amounted in anything… but I guess you gotta start somewhere… I hope I looked up enough stuff to get at least something going… still can though during the ld right? I’ll probably attend the practice weekend, one week before the actual jam -> this weekend… I am going to try it in Java, I am going to do all the Art in Piskel… IF I ever get to implement the art… then its going to be all harcoded… I am planing a simple canvas (JPanel, JFrame) set up… got something lying around… It had been a long time without coding when I slapped it together…  I do not know if it is working because I got sidetracked… time to revisit it! In any case… it is already well over bed time here, so you have a good night!

Oh yeah one question: Can I copy code from a website? Does that disqualify me from the Compo? Its just a class that allows me to load and play music asynchronisly and in a very easy way… planning on doing the music hardcoded, so… yeah, anyways heres the link: http://www.anyexample.com/programming/java/java_play_wav_sound_file.xml

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