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telecaster – exploration space game

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Monday, August 25th, 2014 8:39 pm


Telecaster is a game where you click Planets to Telecast to them in your Ship. Once abroad, various local effects occur that affect your mission. The goal is to acquire as many resources as possible in your exploration of all castable planets. 

Written in ImpactJS using an old template (Hence why this is a Jam) 

EDIT: (8-24-14 1:50pm PST) Way more to do, way more planets, better sprites, tons of kind-of-instructive text! 
You take your crew on an epic voyage through the telecaster, embarking on strange new worlds and frequently being sought out by the local wildlife. You are are a voyage to get as many Crystals as possible, they are required by your civilization to survive. If your crew dies, your fuel runs out, or your hull gets destroyed: You and your people lose. Winning is simply a trade off between the long sought out Crystals and the precious (but expendable) lives of your crew. Post screenshots of your high score with a brief bio of your Captain for a chance to be included in the next round of new planets! 


And also a reddit link!


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Monday, August 26th, 2013 9:19 pm

Well, my LD entry flopped…  I only had about 10 hours to work on it, and I’d like to think it looks pretty good for that amount of time.

I do intend on fixing Network Intrusion. (I wish I had named it Network Intruder and made a spin on Bed Intruder) I will keep fixing things outside of LD and post them to my ‘homesite’.

I don’t know if stuff links here, but below is the entry itself and my homesite:



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