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ACSII-version of my “Solitary Traveler …” and game tips

Posted by (twitter: @n00rp)
Friday, December 23rd, 2011 8:24 am

Today I’ve experimented with the tiles and made an ASCII tileset. I like the result and want to share it:

It isn’t original game, not only because of tileset – it also has reduced difficulty, so i won’t add it into my LD#48 entry. But you can download it here (jar, must work on all platforms)

More detail description and tips:
– there is 9 underground levels. to descend just step into hole
– to ascend step on the rope and press Enter
– you can drill (Spacebar) non-solid rock that blocks your way
– to collect fuel (green diamond), drill it
– you can carry only 10 fuel units. visit your ship (step into the center of the ship) to unload it.
– do not drill fuel block if you can’t carry anymore, cause it will just dissapear (there is more than enough fuel inside the planet to collect though)
– your drill charge (Z) reduces, don’t forget to recharge it in time, because sometimes quake can block your way to the rope
– you also can kill monsters with your drill (only if the drill has some charge)
– screaming monster (yellow face) hit’s you every your step (even if you just run into wall), even if there is rock between you and this monster
– if there is more than one screaming monster around you, be attentive to your energy and restore it in time
– you restore your energy by eating food (Shift). don’t eat if your energy is full – that will be waste of food
– radar (Ctrl) shows full level map. don’t press any key if you didn’t finished looking. to use radar again, you must visit the ship.
– you can walk on lava, but it harms you
– don’t forget, that you can walk diagonally
All this tips is also actual for the original game – link to the entry

If you have any questions, ask here. If you won, please let me know. (Cause I can’t =)

Ported my game from C# (dotNet) to Java

Posted by (twitter: @n00rp)
Monday, December 19th, 2011 11:25 pm

What was changed:


Except music doesn’t stops after your first move (you can disable music from menu – Escape, M).

Link: http://db.tt/lJQCjhry

My entry: http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-22/?action=preview&uid=8581

Windows users with Java installed can also play Java version (just click on the “Linux” or “OS/X” link, save and run with double click) . Actually, this Java port is recommended for all, because original dotNet version sometimes crashes at start.


For those who hate my game for its difficulty:

I’ve prepared version with reduced difficulty.


– energy doesn’t decreases while walking

– drill discharges more slowly

– quakes are not so frequent and powerful

– aliens won’t hit so hard

– scream hits you only when walking, not while drilling

Link to download easy version: http://db.tt/lFszdbli

I’m done. Solitary Traveler On A Far Planet :)

Posted by (twitter: @n00rp)
Sunday, December 18th, 2011 7:03 am

Link to my entry:


And here is the video (choronolapse captured screen every 30 seconds for ~33 hours). Nothing really interesting, just fun:


I used Sharpdevelop (as planned), MSPaint, Photoshop, Cooledit (most sounds I’ve recorded with my voice, some was generated with tone/noise generator and then edited) and Reaper for music.

Some tips: Beware of green aliens, they are most dangerous thing in this game (causes 5 pt damage). Screamers can be dangerous too, if you ignore them. They will scream and harm you until you kill them. Or you can run away from them. Don’t forget to restore your energy with food (it is chocolate bars actually). You can use radar only once. Don’t move and try to remember what it shows. To use radar again you must recharge it in the ship. Quakes are dangerous too, they can bury you alive if your drill is discharged. You can walk on lava, damage – 2pts.

I’m in (first time)

Posted by (twitter: @n00rp)
Friday, December 16th, 2011 6:17 pm

I will use SharpDevelop C#, .Net 2.0

hope, this is not a problem, cause 2.0 is preinstalled in Windows XP Service Pack 3 and newer versions (Vista/7) if I’m not mistaken

for content creation I will use:

mspaint for sprites (if there will be any)

mtpaint (not sure)

photoshop (not sure)

cooledit for sounds

reaper for music (if there will be any)

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