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I’m in

Posted by of Chaotic-Neutral (twitter: @voxel)
Tuesday, August 23rd, 2016 9:53 pm

Hi i am voxel i want to enter ludum dare i will make a game with graphics and sounds

Debugging Pal

Posted by of Chaotic-Neutral (twitter: @voxel)
Friday, April 15th, 2016 6:49 pm


When you encounter a difficult problem in programming, it’s traditional to explain it to a rubber duck to help you put your thoughts in order and ensure you understand the situation.

But: rubber ducks don’t speak gamedev. Don’t use them for debugging. They’re useless, really. All they’re interested in is breadcrumbs.

Instead, I highly recommend swamp boglins. They’re competent software developers with a deep understanding of the nuance of fast paced game development and don’t give a shit about bread.

Also if you fail to make a game they eat you. Great for motivation.


Have a good Ludum Dare, lest you are devoured by your inanimate debugging pal.

I’m in

Posted by of Chaotic-Neutral (twitter: @voxel)
Friday, December 11th, 2015 8:43 pm

Hooray! I’m in for my first* Ludum Dare!


voxels desk

Apple failed to get my laptop back to me in the promised three day window so I’m renting some desk space from my brother and using a machine cobbled together from the carcasses of various desktops machines from days of yore. Also the internet is 0.3Mbps up/down so consulting online documentation is going to be ‘a challenge’. Hue.

Good luck everyone :)

Multiplayer possibly working?

Posted by of Chaotic-Neutral (twitter: @voxel)
Sunday, August 23rd, 2015 1:47 pm

If I had anyone to test with I could give you tell if multiplayer is working :3

Started on art

Posted by of Chaotic-Neutral (twitter: @voxel)
Sunday, August 23rd, 2015 7:19 am

Player character looks a bit *too* much like Bub/Bob but otherwise progress is .. happening


Progress report 1

Posted by of Chaotic-Neutral (twitter: @voxel)
Saturday, August 22nd, 2015 1:36 pm

I always start on art far too early. This time around I’ve managed to resist the urge and am making decent progress on the gameplay. Looking at these videos though I could forgive you for believing that the art is already final :3



A message from voxel

Posted by of Chaotic-Neutral (twitter: @voxel)
Wednesday, August 19th, 2015 5:19 pm

Depending on whether I go 2D or 3D I’ll be using:

Haxe with OpenFL; Asesprite


Unity; Blender


Quiet sobs of failure under the blanket of shame

miniLD #59: Swapshop

Posted by of Chaotic-Neutral (twitter: @voxel)
Tuesday, May 5th, 2015 5:11 am


MiniLD #59: ends May 31st. Theme: ‘Swap’

MiniLD #59 is over! Download an archive of all the spritesheets here

Download this spritesheet:


Redraw it however you like but keep it 128×128 pixels. Use it to make any kind of game you want. Towards the end of the jam, we all swap spritesheets, which means you have no idea what your game will end up looking like! Ludumdare.com doesn’t have a tidy way of facilitating swapping the spritesheets, so I’ve set up a simple submission form at http://swapshop.pixelsyntax.com

More details:

  • If you can’t make a game, you can still submit a spritesheet for someone else to use at http://swapshop.pixelsyntax.com
  • You can draw your sheet however you like. I recommend 16×16 pixel cells, but you can do whatever you want. Just remember that if someone’s game expects 16×16 sprites and yours are a different size, things are going to look (hopefully hilariously) wrong.
  • Only PNG files are accepted for technical reasons (and the easiest way to get transparency working).
  • You can download a random sprite sheet (at runtime if you like) from http://swapshop.pixelsyntax.com/api/randomImage
  • I’ll post an archive of all the submitted images at some point, so your game can cycle between all the spritesheets or something fun
  • Submitted images get random filenames. If you want everyone to know that you made a given spritesheet, you can put your name in the spritesheet somewhere.

Usual miniLD rules apply, whatever those are.


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Posted by of Chaotic-Neutral (twitter: @voxel)
Sunday, March 22nd, 2015 3:37 pm

Started on the miniLD. My entry shall be known as ‘qong’ and win points for high levels of clever naming.

Initial mockup drawn in pixen:

First working prototype had a slight bug with ball spawning (click to view gif):

But that’s now a feature and a possible outcome of collecting a bonus during the game.

Game is mostly playable now with a win/lose state and some annoying sounds. A few physics quirks, mostly due to me abusing unity’s built in physics slightly (hard limiting velocities and paddle translations upset the collisions sometimes). Might add a tiny bit of polish tomorrow and submit :)

I’m.. in?

Posted by of Chaotic-Neutral (twitter: @voxel)
Thursday, December 4th, 2014 6:23 am

Basecode disclaimer

Posted by of Chaotic-Neutral (twitter: @voxel)
Friday, August 22nd, 2014 8:06 am

Some incomplete basecode that I might use is at https://github.com/pixelsyntax/ludumducky

Not promising to use it :)


Posted by of Chaotic-Neutral (twitter: @voxel)
Friday, August 15th, 2014 2:23 am

Voxel's desk

Here is my workspace. There are many like it, but this one is mine. As a veteran of a number of LudumDares, I have reduced my desktop objects to the bare minimum, each an essential ingredient in the fast food gamemaking frenzy that is LD. We’ll use CLOCK DIRECTION NOTATION for pointing out each object and describing it and its function. By the end of this post you will be a gamedeveloper expert*!


At 12 O’clock we have the computerised distraction device, used for viewing streams and twitter feeds of better gamedevs. I recommend you get one with at least two cables sticking out of it, as shown here.


2 O’clock is the MAGIC DIVINING CRYSTAL used to predict the theme back in the old days when it wasn’t predetermined by a secret cabal of shady gamedevelopers hiding behind the illusion of voter choice. Nowadays you require a crystal like this to prevent ectoludic energy vortexes sucking you into your own game around the 47.9 hour mark in the competition.


BARELY VISIBLE at 4 O’clock is a ninja stealth mouse the size of your head, used to click the refresh button at compo commencement to ensure no-one can load/see the theme on the website. Don’t go for anything too reliable, you’ll want to be able to blame your poor game art on this when you write your postmortem.


6 O’clock is a keyboard. Duh. You use it to ask for help in the #ludumdare irc channel. Remember to prefix all of your help requests with ‘ifire’ or ‘Sol_HSA’, the names of the two automated helpbots.


8 O’clock ALSO A KEYBOARD did I blow your mind? No. It’s a little keyboard, it only makes little songs. Perfect for a gamejam amirite? Without one of these you’ll be reduced to cheating and stealing your music like everyone else does. Even with one you’ll cheat and steal your music, but you’ll be able to deny it more convincingly.


9 O’clock is a notepad and mechanical pencil in case you want to write a letter to someone during the compo, explaining what a terrible theme was chosen and how you would have done so much better if only people hadn’t picked EVOLUTION again. Or write your last will, bequeathing your earthly possessions to me for writing such a helpful guide.


10 O’clock is a little USB hub. I don’t really know what it’s for.


11 O’clock is a knife. Used purely for self defence in the event of assassination attempts. You might think that’s UNLIKELY but this is LUDUMDARE we’re talking about here. Also if the dare is going REALLY BADLY and you hate your game and wonder why you even bother trying.. you can look at your knife and say ‘wow I have a cool knife, i can totally make a cool game’.

That’s all you need to know. Remember that success in ludumdare is all about having a nicely laid out desk and a computer with every game making tool known to man preinstalled. In fact you should spend the first 46 hours or so setting up your desk just like this, and the game will pretty much just make itself.

illudumati by bitslap


Posted by of Chaotic-Neutral (twitter: @voxel)
Monday, May 19th, 2014 2:44 am

[blatant self promotion warning]

An idea that came up for me during a few ludumdares combining a tile matching puzzlegame with anagram solving. I never did end up using the idea during ludumdare itself, but I did make the game, which is currently available for free so I thought I might share while I’m still in a good mood before the current LD results are announced and I go into depression/hibernation/the liquor cabinet:

GemWords is currently free for Windoze/OSX/Android from http://voxel.itch.io/gemwords

Winners don’t use potatoes

Posted by of Chaotic-Neutral (twitter: @voxel)
Monday, April 22nd, 2013 8:42 pm


While you’re all going gaga over this LDs hilarious joke theme I think there’s a serious message that needs to be shared.

Also I’d like to point out that I’m currently on a lot of really strong painkillers which may have influenced me during this.

I’m in .. a snowstorm

Posted by of Chaotic-Neutral (twitter: @voxel)
Friday, December 14th, 2012 6:59 pm

So I’m temporarily relocated to the top of a mountain and it is snowing, I am very tired and I will probably not have Internet, not to mention I’m supposed to be here to interact with the humans that live here on a permanent basis, but despite all that I’m going to see if I can cobble together a quick entry so that my close friend Devlin is not disappointed by my absence.

Also I just wanted to write an I’m in post and contribute to the server load at this most critical of junctures.

In for all future events

Posted by of Chaotic-Neutral (twitter: @voxel)
Monday, August 20th, 2012 2:58 pm

This is some Dickensian level writingmanship here, yo


Please accept this as written declaration of intent to participate in all future Ludum Dare events, thus precluding the need for excessive repeat notification of my wish to participate in the finest of 48 game making competitions, Ludum Dare.

Pee money

Should the rules change at some point in the future to include the tollage of an entrance fee, or the anti cheating system be upgraded to require urine analysis, this declaration still applies. In preparation I have stored a cache of urine soaked money in a plastic bag at waypoint zulu.

Waypoint Zulu

Kindest Regards,


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