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Another silly “I’m in!” post!

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Friday, August 23rd, 2013 5:51 pm

Hello there, all of you that go down this page of blog posts and skim this quickly. This is my…3rd? time trying for develop for Ludum Dare. Maybe this time I’ll actually get somewhere!

That’s really it for right now. I’ve got tools and stuff but I might talk about them later once I get the first development post up.

Might be in…still not totally sure.

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Friday, August 24th, 2012 12:22 pm

Hey there all.

This is my second Dare…at least I hope it will be. Let me just say that I’ve been spending the whole week attending to issues surrounding the death of a close relative. I had meant to do a decent amount of pre-work before this began, but understandably I just didn’t feel like it. Most of that is over now, though, so I’ll see if I can get something out.

Tools are simply Python for language, Pygame/PGU for main libraries, Eclipse w/ Pydev as IDE, GIMP for art, and if I somehow get to the point that I actually have time for it I’ll probably do music in a tracker of some sort, either Milkytracker or Famitracker. It kinda depends on the style of the game. I had thought about using AS3 this year with Flixel, but I haven’t used the engine in a while and haven’t had the time to refresh myself.

Anyway, good luck to all!

Ok., I’m out, but at least I learned something.

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Sunday, December 19th, 2010 4:08 pm

Alright, so I mentioned on Saturday that I would be sharing my game idea and development with my college Game Dev club. Well, it turned out that pretty much everyone had to leave earlier than was expected. In addition, I really had no clue how to delegate tasks, and thus nothing got done even in the period in which we were together. I don’t want to abandon this game concept, I just am unable to complete it right now. Yes, I could have been working today on this, but I also had cleaning work to do in my dorm, so I really haven’t found myself in a positive direction.

Still, I have gained a few good things from at least participating in my first Dare. First, I appreciate the comments and suggestions for my Librarian Leviathan game design from my game dev club. I was able to clarify a few issues and introduce new ideas for the game design as well as understand how to develop the game iteratively. Second, a good friend of mine came in quite late for it, late enough that I was the only one left. He’s an aspiring game developer like me, though his background is mostly artistic. From our conversation we were actually able to start designing an exploratory platformer that we’ll probably get some work done on over break. Finally, I now realize that I should definitely have some base code for the next Dare. There were a lot of tasks that needed to be completed that were general enough to easily be done before hand, such as having a simple tile-based level editing tool, organization by key components, and so on. I’ll have to be a bit more prepared next time.

Still, I’m happy to see that there are a lot of successes with this Dare, and I can’t wait to try some games out!


Finally starting actual development…and in Jam now.

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Saturday, December 18th, 2010 12:19 pm

First off, despite getting to bed somewhat early I managed to get up quite late. Thus, I really didn’t have much time in the morning to get to work, especially since I did have a bit of cleaning to accomplish.

This afternoon, though, stuff is getting done. I’m back on my college campus helping to lead our game dev club’s game jam. I went ahead and presented my Library Leviathan idea, and our entire team of 6 liked it enough to put our full effort on working on it today.

Thus, I must “downgrade” my game from a competition entry to a jam entry due to being a non-solo effort, at least for a part of the development time. Heh, I had nothing to do on Monday anyway, and this game is starting to look a bit more complicated than I thought.

I’d like to end with a few shots of the chalkboard on which I lay out most of the design for the team, mostly to show a bit of progress. I apologize for my terrible handwriting.

Good luck to all,


Getting started as a Librarian.

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Friday, December 17th, 2010 8:38 pm

Alright, so I went and took about an hour to think of a few good ideas, and finally got to something I would really like to focus on:

A time management game about being a librarian. Seriously.

Gathering information resources, assisting with the computer search system, circulating books, reading time for the kids…there’s a lot of little tasks suitable to put into a game. Plus, I like making stuff that’s a bit meaningful, and teaching people how one is able to enlist a local librarian’s help when, say, making a research paper would be a great thing to discuss.

So, how does the theme fit? Well, librarians help others in their discovery of knowledge. That’s the simplest way I can put it.

Note that I do have more written down than this, but I’m still going through some editing stages.

I’m also working on a random content generator, out of all things. That’s something I DID have base code for. Meh…shouldn’t take too long to do, I hope. Something a bit more mundane like that will give me some more time to think about how to express this idea.

By the end of tonight I hope to have my game design finalized, some technical structure laid out, then it’s off to writing more code. I like to be comprehensive in the planning stages. That can either be the best of me (making everything else a bit easier) or the worst of me (take too much time, not enough left for actual development.

Hoping for the best, for you and for me,


Hey, look, another 1st timer!

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Friday, December 17th, 2010 4:13 pm

Hi there everyone! Although I’ve looked at some past Ludum Dare games, this is my first time actually participating in the Dare. And honestly, I’m not really ready, despite being a 3rd year CS major that should know what he’s doing. But hey, it’s a learning experience, right? And a great way to celebrate the start of my Christmas vacation as well!

Anyway, here’s my tools:

Coding: C# w/ XNA 3.1 via Visual Studio 2008.  No base code, though.

Graphics: GIMP w/ a Fujitsu Lifebook Tablet PC. Probably won’t actually use the tablet features, though.

Sound Effects: sxfr, which goes good with…

Music: Famitracker. I REALLY like how this allows for pure NES music. No “8-bit” midi conversion, the real thing.

Time Lapse: Chronolapse. Just the screen though. The webcam built into the laptop is terrible, and honestly I really don’t like showing my face to the Internet. At least right now.

Considering all this, and the fact that I am a decent programmer and composer but a terrible artist, I’ll probably be going for a “retro” look no matter what the theme.

One more thing: I also happen to be the vice president of my college’s game development club, and by coincidence our last game jam of the semester is this Saturday. I told the group about Ludum Dare, so maybe a few will sign up or maybe they’ll be a jam game from the group. We only do 12 hours of work at our jams, so I wouldn’t expect much for Ludum Dare itself, but a lot of the time we do expand on the concepts we create. So, something good will come out of it no matter what.

Hope to have some good news at the end of all of this!


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