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My favorite games of this LD33

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Sunday, September 13th, 2015 6:08 am

Hello everyone!

This was our first ludum dare and we had a blast both making and playing games. I was really impressed by the diversity of the different entries and it was hard to choose which ones to feature in this post.

So here comes my 3 favorite games in no particular order :

The Monster Files

In this game you play as the detective and try to find the culprit in various investigations. As a Ace Attorney fan I immediatly loved the game. The graphics are neat and the humour in this game was very nice. The game also has unexpected twist when you discover the culprit but I won’t spoil the suprise : play it!


Werewolf Quest

A 2d platformer where you play as a Werewolf. While it seemed quite simple at first, it introduced interesting mechanics such as using the power of the moon through windows to charge power.


Mobs, Inc

Fun and polished game all round where you play as a monster who as to kill adventurers to get a promotion in its company. Everytime you get promoted you also unlock new abilities to defeat the adventurers.

(Putting the promotion gif because it’s so awesome)


I hope you will enjoy those games as much as I did!

As I mentioned before we also made a game :

Get out of my house!

In this game, you are the monster and everything could be fine until some adventurers invaded your home in order to kill you. Quick! Throw everything you can at them to kick them out! (ducks included)

As our first Ludum Dare entry, we were very satisfied with the end result but we will try to be a bit more ambitious for our next entries :p

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Thanks for reading this post and don’t forget to play games 😀

We did it : Get out of my house!

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Monday, August 24th, 2015 3:22 pm

Just published our submission for the Jam : Get out of my house!




In this game, your house is invaded by nasty adventurers and you try to kick them out by throwing everything you can at them before they kill you.

This was our first Ludum Dare participation and we had a lot of fun!

Our submission page

We hope you enjoy the game!


We’re in!

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Wednesday, August 19th, 2015 11:03 am

This is going to be the first Ludum Dare Jam for us and we are pretty excited!

Palapapaa and myself will do the code, Lysero will be doing the graphics and Nemix (Soundcloud) will do the audio if he finds time this weekend.

We will use the Phaser HTML5/Javascript framework like a lot of other people as far I could see :p


Good luck everyone!

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