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Didn’t finish in time

Monday, December 14th, 2015 11:17 pm

But at least I made something semi-working. Kind of sort of.  Needs more rooms, enemies that aren’t just boxes, etc.

I aimed for both Two Button (+mouse) Controls and Growing.




Monday, August 24th, 2015 9:52 pm

I didn’t get my game done in time. I blame my tendency to jump right into making sprite assets first and staying awake until about 30 hours into the jam. (Tried falling sleep earlier. Didn’t work.)

At least I got something closer to playable than I did the last LD. I might work on it more.

I leave you with a couple screenshots of a small lich raising the beginnings of an undead army.

screenshot screenshot2

Lunar Year Relay – metroM tsoP 75# DLiniM

Friday, February 20th, 2015 10:44 pm
  • .dekil evah dluow I sa llew sa krow t’ndid scinahcem emag ehT
  • .ffo derehtils ti erofeb ti ta kool doog a teg t’ndid I .enihcam emit a fo dud ym morf degreme gnihtemoS
  • .spoO .emitecaps ot raet rehtona dedda evah yam I .denoitcnuflam yad taht niager ot yrt ot tliub I enihcam emit ehT
  • .emag eht no krow ot derit oot ro peelsa rehtie ti fo tsom gnidneps ,yad a tuoba tsol I

:gnorw tnew tahW

  • .etuc er’yeht kniht I .hguone llew tuo denrut setirps ehT
  • ).deretla enilemiT .seitluciffid lacinhceT( .dettimbus dna elbayalp emag eht tog yllautca I

:thgir tnew tahW

.em ot dnik neeb ton sah keew sihT

MiniLD #56 – Catch! A Fishing RPG

Wednesday, February 11th, 2015 6:24 pm

This is one of my only games so far and my first publicly released game ever. The theme I chose, of course, was fishing. My challenges were to use only 4 colors and to make a game that uses only 2 keyboard keys (“A” and “D” in this case). If my game makes anyone laugh (there are some awful puns here and there), feel hungry, or go “Awwwww :(“, I consider that a plus.

I also had a personal goal on the side, which was to make a game about a character who clearly has a disability, but not make the game specifically about that disability. Since the protagonist spends much of the game sitting in a rowboat and not jumping around or anything like that, I thought “Why not make this angler a wheelchair user?” The story arc, in the end, is (spoiler alert) more about hunting down a sea monster and avenging the loss of the character’s parents, while disability is incidental.

I guess it can also sort of be about learning to live on one’s own and a more general separation from one’s parents. Moving out is often considered a major part of adulthood. I’m not currently a wheelchair user, but I am disabled and have mobility issues, and the idea of living by myself really intimidates me. There are people with disabilities who can and do live on their own, but personally, I think I’d have a rough time. One of my biggest fears is losing my family and ending up alone.

But I don’t want to seem like I’m trying to be too deep about a silly Game Maker pixel game that involves smacking things around with an oar in Pokemon-style battles. It is very much that.

What I used:

  • Game Maker Studio Standard
  • FireAlpaca (and a bit of Paint Tool Sai, but mostly FireAlpaca)
  • Bfxr
  • LMMS

What went well:

  • I’m happy with the color palette I used. It might not be for everyone, but I like purples and sunset-y colors.
  • I got a, more or less, finished game submitted my first time participating in a MiniLD jam.

What didn’t go so well:

  • There was stuff I still really needed to fix after first release (stuff that didn’t exactly impair gameplay, but it’s a little weird to see, for instance, a door floating in front of a text box).
  • I rushed the music over the course of a couple days. Apart from sight-reading and transcribing a shanty for the ghost pirate battle music, I basically threw stuff together in LMMS and hoped it wasn’t too grating on the ears.
  • I had to do the battle system twice over and each time took about a day.
  • I could have done better on the end screen. I saved that for just about last, when I was really rushing to get the game done.
  • The equipment could have used more variety.
  • The sea screens also could have used more variety.

What I learned:

  • Parent objects are pretty convenient if you have multiple things that function similarly. Like text boxes. I should have realized this earlier on.
  • Either having a single object handle a bunch of menu functions is a bad idea, or I’m just bad at doing that. I could ramble about how the shop and battle systems used to work and how they work now, but I don’t want to stretch this post out too much.
  • I need better sleep habits. I was really excited about MiniLD and I’d keep on trying to code even while I was sleep-deprived, but that led to more slip-ups and subsequently having to debug.

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